Flowing With Holy Spirit In Kenya

Marvin and I are having a glorious time in Kenya – healings, deliverances, and a beautiful prophetic flow in the midst of God’s people in prophetic song and preaching. As Holy Spirit leads, we move out in a clear direction. The Spirit creates a path of light, love, revelation, grace and so much more. It is exciting times in the Kingdom of God!

Kenya Singing

Glorious, beautiful, wonderful adventure in Christ in Kenya. We are so happy to be back here. I know that it is a new day and all those years of wilderness training of breaking and trials is now being manifest in and through our lives. Our focus is Jesus Christ and Him alone. May He receive all the glory from our lives in this season.

May each of you reading this today, be blessed in the knowledge of Christ Jesus so that you know the depth of His love for each of you. May you seek His face so that His glory is manifest in your life in marvelous and exciting ways! Shine!

DebraLove in Christ,

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