Creative Flow – Exercise Discernment

creative-sparkChristian experience is a spiritual sense, taste, or relish of the goodness, sweetness, and excellence of the truths of the gospel. And no tongue can express the satisfaction, which the soul receives, from a sense of Divine goodness, grace, and love to it in Christ. Matthew Henry Commentary

But solid food belongs to those who are of full age, that is, those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil. (Hebrews 5:14 NKJV)

If we truly want to step into creativity, then we must go beyond the confines of religious exercise, which lacks the essence of Holy Spirit direction. Creativity conveys Kingdom reality, focusing on Christ alone. Holy Spirit manifests flow and direction. Christianity moves within spiritual senses – tasting to see God is good, engaging with Scripture visually and even at times smelling the very fragrance of Christ as we encounter His glory.

In my own life, through prayer, fasting, study of the Word, and worship, I exercise my senses to discern good or evil. Discernment is key to know the difference. Maturity brings discernment. And in discernment, I walk in a broad place of freedom and expression, led in Christ through Holy Spirit. Visions, revelation, prophetic dance and song are interpreted in the Spirit through those trained in the experiences.

MatchYes, to engage in imagination or creativity, many will fall prey to error and practices that do not focus on Christ. But, that does not mean that we stay in a narrow place of fear, unable to walk in a broad place in Christ Jesus. It is discernment that has been tempered through use, that give us the knowing between that which is of God and Holy Spirit and that which is of the flesh. Without creativity, Christianity becomes a static one-dimensional reality that flows through the mind alone. Without creativity and maturity, Christianity is chaotic and off-center, resting in emotions and feelings. With both the mind and the heart engaged and informed, Christianity is alive and organic, ever flowing in new fresh ways in Christ.

I choose to walk in that broad place, trusting Christ in me, not of myself, to lead and guide me in creative ways, innovation, and informed imagination. To usher in Kingdom creativity, flowing through people, we step out in faith, one step at a time.


In Christ, Debra

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2 thoughts on “Creative Flow – Exercise Discernment

  1. I am so confused when people talk of creatively! I feel led to do flags and blow my Shofar and want soooo much to do creative dance ( feel maybe not enough breath and stamina for this but.. if God wants me to do it He will find a way !!!) How do I even begin. Have done flags but just let God direct them I closed my eyes and let it God have his way. Rebuke set me down and now even tho be told to do them have a hard time with it. Shofars are not permitted in our church and would def need teaching for the dance. Confused confused confused!!!!

    If God wants me to do it it will find a way)

    • Hi Judy! First of all, don’t be confused for confusion is not of God. Creativity is our personal expression of Christ in us – in the context of a gathering (flags, painting, dancing, etc.) or even in the context of us being at home in worship, art, business decisions. Simply put it is how God made us ( our bent in life, our passion) and then how do we express that passion for His glory? Each of us are individual and created in His image for His glory. Yet, the church over the years seems fit to put us in boxes or make us somehow robotic – in and out of services, etc. The creative expression in you is meant, by God, to flow out of you but the problem you face is not being allowed to do it in a certain environment in your church. I would be safe to say that would not change so you are facing a situation: be content to just sit and wait or leave to find another place. Only you can make this decision. Remember in Scripture in the OT where the prophet asks “What’s in your house?” That is all I keep thinking so you have to trust God to make a way for you to express. Love you lots and thanks for sharing.

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