The Power of Imagination Captured for the Cause of Truth

“Lewis demonstrates the power of an imagination which has been captured for the cause of truth.” C.S. Lewis – His Life & Thoughts Terry Glaspey

16094430832_535298c313_zLewis’ imagination flowed through His work. The fantasy and beauty of Narnia manifests the eternal truth of Jesus Christ in the flow and form of the movie. The power of imagination is wonderful. It takes me to a glorious place in the Spirit where I find myself entering into the story. Isn’t that what it is all about? I enter the story and my life narrative is transformed. .

“He presented many of the classic themes of Christian doctrine in a new and imaginative way. Lewis has created a world believable in its own right, and yet has illustrated Christian themes in that world in such a way that they seem fresh and unexpected to those reared in the “Christianized’ Western culture. They have a reality all their own.” (Glaspey- C.S. Lewis-His Life & Thoughts 49)

I get it. When I read this paragraph, my spirit leapt inside. To speak in stories, experiences, or parables undergirded with Biblical truth and eternal truth in creative ways. That’s it for me and that is what is forming in Rivers of Eden. We seem to be on the edges with just a bit of understanding but Holy Spirit is graciously guiding us in the right direction.

When we ministered in Kenya, we created an environment in Holy Spirit that seemed to resonate with the glory of eternity. I spoke words of spirit, life and truth. I moved outside the context of teaching from a formal, predictable stance. I knew what I wanted to convey and trusted Holy Spirit to capture the imagination of people for the cause of truth.

The words pulsed through the atmosphere and ushered in a heavenly glory. The words formed a reality of their own right before my eyes. The kingdom was in our midst. I did not have to explain it for it revealed itself through the creative expression of Christ in me. The words opened up the people’s spirits and when they surrendered to eternity, Jesus ministered to many.

Old Book FlowerI demonstrated the power of my imagination, which was captured for truth, Jesus Christ. You see, sometimes the beauty of the Word is often displaced by our own ability to always want to make it make it understood or meet the needs. Leaders take it upon themselves to micromanage the Holy Spirit and to orchestrate the flow in their own wisdom. The atmosphere is then stripped of glory and the people are stripped of their imagination. I don’t try to analyze the spiritual atmosphere or try to meet the needs of the people. I prepare, pray and mediate and the flow in Holy Spirit. I want to just surrender to Holy Spirit and allow myself to be a vessel of glory.

When I watch the Narnia movies or read the books, I do not engage with them through only through my mind/intellect. If I did that, I would miss the overarching beauty of story. I allow the words and images to touch my imagination. They take me into a place where my heart is then engaged to see Christ and to know Him. That is what is needed today in the Body of Christ – to allow people to engage with the beauty of Scripture in ways that require courage on the parts of leaders to go off the grid of tradition.

To capture the imagination for the cause of truth requires us to be brave and courageous. Released from fear of man, may we write and speak from a sense of identity, infused with creativity in Christ. May we flow outside the boundaries of what only our mind can comprehend to places in Holy Spirit that open up wide vistas of spiritual experience in Christ. May we flow in word and spirit so that the reality of kingdom is alive in Christ in our midst. Creativity abounds in Christ.


In Christ,
Debra Westbrook

Rivers of Eden Ministry

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