Holy Spirit Adventure – Look for the signs!

IMG_6588Sometimes I settle when God is saying “Hold on. Wait. Patience. Don’t take the first thing that comes your way.”

I may settle out of fear when nothing is coming my way that I can see.

I settle into lack, thinking that I don’t deserve anything better so I should take what is right before me. This is as good as it gets.

For any number of reasons, I settle for something less than what God has for me. What excuses do you use to hide fear, or lack, or anxiety? We all have them, in abundance.

We looked at over 10 houses to rent in Texas, not counting all the neighborhoods we drove around looking for rental signs. I discovered that there was a fight going on inside of me. The internal conversation went something like this.

“You know, Debra, the rental market is moving soooooo fast that unless you choose this one the next one won’t be quite as nice and then you will be STUCK without one. Or worse, homeless……..do you like that word?”

Or it can sound something like this.

“Debra, stop being so picky. Compromise a bit. You expect way too much.”

That’s just two examples of the never-ending story that stirred in my head.

7711866066_9ffdaf3078_zTruth – God very often withholds a bit to see if I am trusting Him to lead and guide me, despite what I see. Yes, the rental market is moving fast in Dallas. (All those darn Californians moving out this way. Haha!) And, yes, there is a chance that if I don’t pick what is GOOD right before my eyes, what will come next is NOT SO GOOD and then I am STUCK.

What I am still learning, after years of doing this, is that God always has something beyond good. He always gives me perfect and excellent, for ME. Of course, it may not look like what I initially think. It may not fit my plan. But, when it’s God, there is peace, there is joy and all the pieces seem to fall into place.

Here’s how we rented our home, our beautiful, excellent, perfect home for the next year. I am writing this to each of you to encourage you to journey in and with Holy Spirit. Life is too short to dwell on anything that has no eternal significance.

Day 4 of the search – long long days, one crabby woman, one tired husband and a French bulldog that did not want to be in a car anymore.

Ten houses or more later and each one seemed just not right. Not big enough. Way too big. No back yard for Chlo-girl, our Frenchie. No fence. Wrong neighborhood. Right neighborhood but boring. Too much traffic. Each one seemed lacking.

Was it really? Lacking? Not right? I should say it another way. Each house would be the perfect home – for somebody. But….not for us. I wanted ME when I looked at the home, when I walked through it. I wanted to know that this was THE one. That is how I live my life. It proves to be interesting. It always shows God’s faithfulness to me in the details.

One realtor looked at me, after seeing just one house he showed us, and said. “You know, you have to compromise.”

(Translated to my ears: I want to make this deal. Just pick this one.)

I just looked at him and said nothing. He had no idea about my life over the past few years. This time there would be no compromise. Trusting and waiting on God was the theme of the trip. God led us here. He guided us through every detail. He does not stop halfway through.

So one day, one long day, we drove to the last house on our list, the house that had been forgotten on a sheet of yellow lined paper, hidden way on the bottom of a list of many houses. There it was…..we knew…………we simply knew.

While waiting for the realtor to show us the inside, we stopped at a park to walk Chloe. We started to talk to a couple, a God divine connection for that moment. They spoke with heart about their Christian walk, their fears at this time in their life and the fact that meeting us was ordained by Holy Spirit for that day. She kept saying, “I know God wanted us to meet today.”

God whispers, “Debra, I have your back. Do you catch the signs? Always look for the signs.”

After getting their contact information, we went to see the house which was near the park. Bam…….all fell into place AND the great thing – the owners (bless them Lord over and over) completely redid the house inside – new floors, kitchen, all appliances, washer dryer AND gardening service. I saw the house and I saw ME, creative, alive and ready for a new adventure.

Thank you God for preparing our way in a continuing Holy Spirit journey….so excited about what is next. More to come.


In Christ,
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2 thoughts on “Holy Spirit Adventure – Look for the signs!

  1. Dear Debra! I was so amazed when I read this! Not only is it fun to get a glimpse of your journey, but what you write in this post is an incredible confirmation in our own situation. Just the other day I wrote to a friend in Canada:

    As you know we are in a similar housing situation and our house has now been on the market for more or less 2 years. And since almost 6 months we are surrounded by packing boxes in our (other) apartment ready for a new place to live closer to Stefan´s office. We absolutely trust the Lord for a solution, but we still need to see it manifested and to be honest we, just like you, have grown weary in the process.

    With this as a background I (Hillevi) just wanted to share the Lord sent me on a mission to Brussels last week and being in a context like “a fish in the water” I got an energy boost that was beyond comprehension. It was totally unexpected and God opened doors in the political arena I´m still grasping over. I came home to the same situation, but I percieved it in a totally different way.

    Monday night this week Stefan got a call and our situation turned in an unexpected favourable way which means, if everything falls into place, we will have increadibly much more freedom to choose the place to live instead of being just referred to one place (which have limited the range of possible accommodations to move to)

    This made the whole process MUCH easier and this happened just by a phone call! So we agree with Elisabeth´s “suddenly” and also agree with Peter´s powerful prayer of breakthrough and alignment!

    During the past almost 6 months there has only been a handful of possible homes to rent, the market for rentals are not like in Texas 🙂 , but like you we have had to turn them down one by one for different reasons. This has not been easy when your home looks like a storehouse and you are just longing for a place to call “home” and your husband spends almost 3 hours a day in the car commuting back and forth. Last week we put out an ad and we had some answers. But they did not feel right either and during the weekend I started thinking maybe we are to picky, maybe we need to compromise…even though I know and expect God has the best for us! And then your blog post came in!! Hallelujah! And these words so very much confirmed what I carry in my spirit: What I am still learning, after years of doing this, is that God always has something beyond good. He always gives me perfect and excellent, for ME. Of course, it may not look like what I initially think. It may not fit my plan. But, when it’s God, there is peace, there is joy and all the pieces seem to fall into place.

    By your words I got renewed faith and hope to expect a house beyond good! Thank you for sharing,you are a blessing! Hillevi

    Date: Sun, 13 Dec 2015 13:02:53 +0000 To: hillevi.fahlquist@hotmail.com

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