Mary, Did You Know?

In this week of Christmas greetings, transition is taking place in my life. This song by Pentatonix is so clear and so crisp in its sound…….my desire for 2016 for me and for you?

Silver BellsMay we rise up into the sound that God has redeemed inside each of us, the very deepest part of us, that part where we commune in deep intimacy with Him….the secret place. Your voice, my voice – unlike any one else’s – unique, clear, resonant with heaven. Hidden away in Christ,  He formed you, knows you through and through. It is the outflow of that intimacy that produces the clearest of sounds, the clarity of a voice that is destined to praise Him with all of our heart, our mind and our soul. That is how this video hits my spirit………the clarity of sound that rises up into worship and praise, like a silver sword piercing the heavenly realm.

Merry Christmas!
Debra & Marvin Westbrook


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