Transcendent Worship – Heaven’s Way

When worship becomes entertainment it ceases to be worship. Failing to engage the spirit, music then captures the soul realm, activating the emotions and falling far short of true worship. True worshippers worship in spirit and truth. How much of what goes on in churches today is true worship? I would surmise very little.

Tumult of LightTrue worship takes place in an atmosphere where control and manipulation is absent. There is no need to hype anything up. It is not a spectator sport where there is an audience taking it all in. True worship is where an exchange takes place and heaven manifests on earth. Leaders lay down their agenda and give full control to Holy Spirit.

True worship interacts with eternity. Worship flows from heaven to earth with accompanying signs and wonders, healing, restoration, renewal, and so much more. Worship is transcendent and flows in a transcendent sound.

Transcendent – to be above, independent of the universe and time; superior or supreme; going beyond ordinary limits; surpassing or exceeding; to outdo or exceed in excellence, elevation, extent, degree

Worship is spiritual – in the spirit, of the spirit, through the spirit. Holy Spirit flows through people, ordinary people who submit their mind, will and emotions to a heavenly interchange taking place in their midst as people gather.

Worship is filled with sound. Sound is accompanied by light. They flow together – sound and light. A transcendent sound emanates from heaven flowing into the earth realm from the throne of God. This sound, accompanied with light, is filled with His glory.

Burst of Light in GreenWorship electrifies the spiritual atmosphere, pushing back the powers of darkness. There can be a violent upheaval in sound that brings deliverance. There can be soft, gentle whispers and tones that captivate the heart and bring inner healing.

An eternal sound can’t be duplicated or processed through fleshly striving or attempts at human perfection. As people worship, the atmosphere is pierced with light, life, and glory.

When I visit churches, I find myself asking, “Where is this sound? Where is heaven manifesting in our midst?” God keeps showing me to look at His people. His sound is being birthed through a people, not a program. It is being birthed through a people, not a program, but a people filled with His glory.

When people of like mind and like heart come together, they bring forth the very sound of the Lord, Christ in them, the hope of glory.

The Lord is bringing forth a people who desire to come into agreement with His heart and bring forth His sound in the earth. It is quite simple. It is not a manufactured sound. It is a sound of the heart’s cry to know their Lord. And it is a sound that will bring the movement of the kingdom into our midst in greater and more glorious ways than we can imagine up to this point.

True worship is here, right now, as Christ in each of us explodes through hearts on fire to know Him and to experience His life in creative and glorious ways. May the church catch up with this sound that is capturing a people to know their God. May there be an intense dissatisfaction with song services that engage the flesh but never touch eternity. May we each arise today with a song in our heart that flows through our mouths into the spiritual atmosphere, touching the heart of the Father. There is so much to say about this but this is just a nugget of prophetic truth for today.



In Christ,
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