Look No More – You’re In!

No Place Like HomeSo often we look for a home, a place to settle, somewhere to fit in, to be seen……totally unseeing that as a Christian, we are IN Christ. He is our abiding place.

People rush here, there and everywhere trying to fit in and be part of something that will identify their purpose. Many seek associations of various kinds to justify their life and their call.

Look no further than Jesus and you will find the WAY in the Spirit that He calls us to walk. No matter where we go or visit, the simple realization is that no man calls us, promotes us, or sustains us in life. It is Jesus alone. So often we wait for the right ministry, network or person to give us some measure of affirmation and it is basically a waste of time. One can get what they desire if they cry out long enough, don’t we? We may find that we get what we really don’t want.

Our identity, purpose, calling…everything is In Christ. From that point Holy Spirit leads us in relationships with others to affirm and to form community with, often flowing forth in ministry.

I don’t identify my life, my being by any outward alignment but by an inward alignment – first in Christ and then with people He connects us with. It is becoming quite simple to me day by day by day.


In Christ,
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