A New You! Jesus Is Not An Add-On

Now we look inside, and what we see is that anyone united with the Messiah gets a fresh start, is created new. The old life is gone; a new life burgeons! Look at it. (2 Corinthians 5:17 Message)


We are NEW creations. Never revealed in time but new creations in the earth with Christ in us. New – I buy a new car, an upgrade from my previous model. I call it new because it is new to me in time. But it really is still a car so how new is that? Same basic characteristics – tires, steering wheel, engine. It looks different from my old car but it is a car. Drive a Tesla and people may look your way but basically a Tesla will still serve the purpose of a VW in getting you where you want to go.

This new that Paul talks about in 2 Corinthians is a totally new ‘new”. It’s the Greek word Kainos which, when we actually think about it and look at it closely is quite an awesome revelation.

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. (2 Corinthians 5:17 NKJVS)

Kainos – New – new in quality; unique; novel; unusual; innovative.

According to Crowder in the book Mystical Union:

“God didn’t just add the new you on top of the old you. He replaced the old version with a totally new version.”

TeslaThink about this. When we come on the scene, we are new. People should not look at us as simply an upgrade in an earthly life with the add-on of Jesus. If that is the case, why bother? If Jesus is only an add-on there is little power or purpose in that. If I’m poor, down and out and win a Tesla driving it through the streets of LA, people may look at me because of this expensive car but the person inside driving is still the same – nothing’s changed but the addition of the Tesla.

A new creation in Christ – it’s not an add-on. We are new creations able to be in Christ and to do all that Jesus says we can do. Lay hands on people in the power of heaven and see the lame walk, the dead raised and the blind see? Yes. Operate as eternal beings in heavenly wisdom, seeing what others can’t see and knowing what others don’t know? Yes. How about transcending time and space and stretching out in that place in the Spirit, truly exploring places in the Spirit led by Holy Spirit in faith. Yes. But that is something to explore at another time.

2470168022_1fc91cce26_z (1)Think about this. We are new creations operating out of a new eternal order, in Christ, never seen before. Christ is in us, Holy Spirit leads and guides us, Father loves us – our connection in heavenly places is secure. This is new, and not seen anywhere until the infilling of the Holy Spirit after Jesus ascended to heaven. Remember, He told us He would never leave or forsake. He told us that He would send us Holy Spirit. Jesus kept all those promises and waits for us to know that we are new.

So now what? How to see this? What to do with this? First of all this revelation has to be securely planted in the foundation of our lives. Once we get it and truly know it we realize that we are citizens of another kingdom. In the world but not of the world. We can search out the deep things of God in the Spirit. That is ours in Christ.

But what if you feel so earthly today that searching out the deep things actually is not that appealing because, let’s face it, life is dealing you some harsh blows. Children out of control. Depression setting in. Not enough money to pay the bills. Discord. Confusion. Disunity. A long list of life’s realities follows you wherever you go.

Despite all of this, you are still a new creation. Feel like it? No? Just believe it in faith. So many of us have been taught this verse with religious connotations. We have the knowledge of the verse in our heads but no experience how to rise up in our hearts. We can give lip service to quote this verse but the reality of its true meaning in our hearts is simply not there when life hits us with all its chaos.

Here’s reality about being new:

Fear no longer grips us and holds us. Anxiety no longer rules and reigns in our lives alongside worry. They may be reality but there is a higher reality in which we have righteousness, peace and joy in life despite outward circumstances.

Purpose and destiny calls to us from the heavenly realm to walk in this world with a new focus to flow through our new lives. It is heavenly centered manifesting on earth. Through the power of Holy Spirit we connect as eternal beings in Christ fully formed in our identity as being from another world.

This does not deny the fact that we still feel pain, still encounter trials and persecution. We are in Christ. We have to operate in revelation with the aid of new spiritual senses –how to live in the earth with eternal perspective. Our spiritual senses consistently reveal to us how to operate in another realm while in the earth. That is how I live my life in the power of Holy Spirit. I am a new creation. In Christ, you are a new creation. There truly is so much to say about this. But, let’s start here.

In Christ, you are spiritual. I am spiritual. It’s time to be so heavenly minded that the kingdom flows through us in power, bringing life into dry places. Bringing hope to the lost. Bringing joy to the depressed. Living eternal in Christ right now, bringing healing wherever we go. It starts with me and it starts with you right now. New…..in Christ. Spend some time in the presence of the Lord and ask Him to reveal this to you day by day.



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