Short and Sweet Today – Life in Christ, The Greatest Reality

Peace in ChristThe problem of chaos and complexity in our daily lives, in this nation, in the world can be deconstructed down to one overarching reality – the simplicity of Christ. As we pursue answers to problems, chase new movements, try to analyze trends, our mind can be bogged down in the mire of confusion.

Let’s face it…what we are seeing around us right now is confusion and chaos on a massive scale. The more we try to define it or capture it and place it somewhere on a list of what we understand, we soon realize that there is no understanding to it all.

That is……apart from Christ in whom all is held together. There is a simplicity in Christ that opens a door to creations’s reality. Meditate, think on Jesus and what flows from that is glorious reality. The power of the blood. The finished work of the cross. And….so much more.

To bear down into the simplicity of Christ so that His life is lived in and through us opens a wide door of life in the kingdom where the answers are not as important as the simplicity of knowing Him and the power of resurrection life lived through us, quickened by the Spirit right NOW.

Some thoughts to encourage today. I can see that many are mired and brought down into the reality of an abiding confusion trying to steal peace, joy, and the action of faith movement. Jesus is the way…………His life in us is the way into living in the world but not of the world. We live actively, passionately dreaming but never in denial of the condition of what is around us at all times. But……this chaos is not IN us. I am in Christ, hidden in God in Christ.

Dream again and dream big, not in the reality of the limited nature of the world around us. Dream again with God in Christ in a limitless life that resides in each of us, the power of the Kingdom and the power of His resurrection, quickened to us in the Spirit to live, to dream and to move in faith into areas that open up to us in Christ. Jesus is the way. Think on that today.



In Christ,
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