Sound Bites

Listen GrafittiJesus continues to speak to me about sound, prophets of the deep, and prophetic sounding in deep waters. In the process of this word forming in my life, there is a time to speak and a time to pray, worship and receive understanding of the Lord’s heart concerning the word. I am still processing the depth of the word that is being worked in and through my heart. I hope to post this early next week. In the meantime enjoy the blog posts from this week to think over so that God may reveal more to each of you.

As for now, keeping in the flow of sound, I read this by Garris Elkins on Facebook. It’s very good.

The Malnourishing Effect of Sound Bites

If you continually feed on the manufactured sound bites of politics and religion and consume them as reality, you will develop a malnourished intellect. Only a diet of unfiltered truth has the ability to transform your thinking. At first, truth is not the most obvious option. It can be shrouded in the noise of public discourse and missed by those who make choices without discernment.

Be careful what diet of information you chose to consume. In your journey, when you need strength the most, only God’s truth, not a sound bite, has the ability to feed you the spiritual nutrients needed to move you forward.

Evaluate the diet of information you are allowing to feed you soul and direct your steps. It may be time to change your diet. Once you have created a new menu invite others to the table and let them taste something new. Be merciful when they take their first bite. Truth can taste strange to the palate of someone only familiar with a plate filled with sound bites.

So much to say about all of this as we walk it out together.

DebraIn Christ,
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5 thoughts on “Sound Bites

  1. Sounds and Frequencies! Pondering on the depth of this messages and your connection with the Continent of Europe! The disturbing sounds that flood our nations, the lack of Symphony in the Body of Christ… So much there, but let us give Him our ear: Isaiah 50:4 “The Lord God has given Me the tongue of those who are instructed to know how to sustain the weary with a word. He awakens Me each morning; He awakens My ear to listen like those being instructed. 5 The Lord God has opened My ear, and I was not rebellious; I did not turn back.”
    Love you guys and will mail you soon!

    • Thanks Rob. I am also praying and seeking and have not forgotten at all. There is much stirring within me that is sending me out of the shallows and into the deep. God will reveal to us by His Spirit how to do this, flowing out of the depths of our being. Love you guys too and I know that Europe is deep deep in our hearts and I will not give up that passion to be established there again in God’s timing and in His way.

  2. This word really got my attention.  I want to hear more.  The Spirit of God wants to take us deeper.  I called you to see if you all were for sure coming this weekend.  I left you a voice message with some details.  Sure hope you and Marvin can come and share more with us about what God is revealing to you about sound.  Deep is calling out to deep.  Love you both!Pat

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