Prophets in the Deep

cropped-cropped-photo2.jpgProphets in the deep. What does that mean?  I”ll need a few blog posts to write about this revelation that is forming within the depths of my heart.

Instead of starting at the beginning of how I received this word and work my way forward to a clear conclusion, I will do just the opposite. I will start with my conclusion and over the next few posts work my way back into the revelation in seed form. This will take you back to its conception and help you birth something within you as you listen with the ears of Holy Spirit.   And…it will take a few posts. (I will break some rules of blogging that say I should keep it short, sweet, attractive and conclusive, giving answers in 10 steps how to conquer, rule and be successful.) I hope and pray that you follow along and that it ministers greatly to each of you this week.

Prophets of the deep. Those in the deep waters, far away from any point of reference except Holy Spirit. Sometimes I can’t see any land and I am a bit lonely and tired. Time wears me down and the message forming within me is going nowhere except to the skies above and the water below. So, I don’t want to wait anymore. No one can hear me out here. What to do?

I catch a wave into shore, hoping to join in the flow of the latest prophetic conference, movement or network. I convince myself that I got it wrong by being ‘out there’ and the current cutting edge ‘thing’ is where I need to be – to belong, to be covered. That is where the action is. So I go.

In doing this, I don’t see it yet but I am ignoring my own inner witness encouraging me to just stay just where I am… the deep.

Yet here I am in the midst of the action. Meeting after meeting. Conferences and more. Yet I look inside myself and long for the deep. My heart can’t relate to what I hear or what I see in the organized gathering. I miss the deep. Did I make a mistake? Yes, but thank God for His grace.

This is actually where I find myself right now and those who have ears to hear the Spirit will understand this. I came back to shore thinking that the deep lasted too long, was too lonely and was without constant affirmation. So I caught the wave back to shore and find myself here, in a place that I thought I needed. Yet, God graces me and shows me my mistake and calls me back out…again. He is forever patient with me.

Rivers of Eden GlobeHow did I find myself in the deep waters to begin with? Well, by the hand of God (though I know that I know many would disagree with me about this, believing that it circumvents the rules of proper prophetic protocol, encourages lone rangers, and a few other things). But I will say again something I strongly believe. There are prophets in deep waters, loving God, loving God’s people, yet unable to sync with the current atmosphere of the church regarding prophets, networks, words and more words, etc. etc.

Prophets of the deep find that there is no way to stay afloat for very long…out there. Treading water can be tiring at times. There comes a choice to go back into shore and accept the status quo or stay in the deep and be drawn down into the reality of the deep waters. I opted out and came back to shore to join up. Mistake. Now I see and I release myself to the deep with greater passion, purpose and humility.

What exactly is the deep?

Is it some mysterious message or revelation that sets us apart? Is it some new teaching that will draw others to us, eyes wide open, gazing in admiration at us and our anointing? Is it a place that is temporary while we wait to be drawn back into the mix where we can also build conferences and write books about the deep?  It is none of that.

The deep is my abiding place in Christ. The joining together of the true church into its center, Jesus Christ. It is the gathering of people within the deep waters where we step out and away from the current format of church as we know it, and go beyond into the uncharted waters of Holy Spirit, gathering with one another in community within a new form that cuts deep into our hearts.

That which draws us into the depths of the waters, is actually not a new revelation or a new teaching. It is actually something greatly missing from the current expression of church. And it is not some ‘thing’. It is actually a person and that person is Jesus Christ in full revelation of the New Covenant and all its glorious realities.

Every prophetic word brought forth from the prophets of the deep finds its source in the preeminence, glory, and revelation of the person of Christ. These sounds are sourced in Christ Jesus. He forms the hearts and fashions the words so that what is sounded forth draws its beginning in Christ and its ending in bringing glory to the Son of God. In the process, these words of the deep bring us into an awakening….a deep awakening. Not the catchwords of revival, breakthrough, acceleration…but the glory of being In Christ. He is who forms us, knows us and it is He that we speak in words of spirit, life and truth.

For those with ears to hear, I am turning the ship slowly back into the deep waters to write for those with ears to hear and hearts to understand. Something awakened within me this weekend after years of writing and seeking and trying to find…’s like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Those red shoes have always been able to take me where I wanted to go. But, I did not see it and kept searching, endlessly searching.

Christ in me – enough, more than enough.

If I wanted to, I could go back and delete or rewrite some blog posts but why bother? They serve as a way of looking at my journey out of movements and methods and churches that subscribe to prophetic words that make me feel like I have to strive to reach and to grasp something to get to the next step. He awakens me to His reality and it seems to have taken a long time. But…that’s okay. Stick with me okay? I am seeking a community of believers that are formed or perhaps we will form (Marvin and I) that will focus solely on Jesus Christ and go deep into His revelation. More coming. These words don’t even scratch the surface of my heart today so I pray with every fiber of my being that you are understanding what I am saying in this process……..freedom yet now we face the great unknown.

If there are those out there wanting to comment, please do. For others with deeper questions, please write me on the contact page.

In Christ,
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12 thoughts on “Prophets in the Deep

  1. Do you have any insight into operating in the courtrooms of heaven? Robert Henderson, Ian Clayton and others are teaching about this type of intercession is for today?

  2. Sailing the Oceans, Challenging the Deep, leaving but arriving and while treading water in the deep knowing that a huge remnant is walking the waters with you right now!
    Above all, trusting that the given and spoken Word is released, carried by the Waters, doing what it was send for!
    Just some thought that I send without editing 🙂
    Love you guys!

  3. In the deep, i sometimes feel that no one is hearing or even listening. I can see some of those in the shallows that seem to be moving and that lures me to the conferences or meetings only to realize we have already been there and done that. I realize that I do not long for a revival of what We had (many times that is what is happening at the conferences and meetings) but instead i want a deeper revelation of Jesus Christ. That deeper revelation I can only get while I am treading water in the deep. Beginning on Friday night (3/4/16) and ending after meeting with some awesome brothers and sisters this weekend, made me realize I do not want to go to shore again. I will continue to tread water in the deep with Debra.

    • Oh my goodness Marvin! My friend and I have had the same feelings of trying to go to meetings and God moving, people saying things and we would say, “We got this years and years ago!” But, we didn’t want to be in pride because we have both suffered with identity crisis in life and really try to stay humble. However, the truth is, we really did experience this stuff and then in the churches years ago, we got abused and then we left. We have tried and tried to go back, and now are trying yet again. Just hearing you say the same thing really helps me feel less silly about thinking that, indeed, we did experience this long ago, and we did hear these things long ago. What happened?!? What happened to us is we tried to be submissive to leadership in the past and got abused. We stayed because we didn’t want to be accused of being insubordinate. We really felt the Lord lead us out in 2008, and we went through hell feeling called out, yet feeling guilty at the same time. Moving forward, we are trying to push back in, but its hard because we still suffer from feeling like we must have been wrong to be out of church for so long. I cannot tell you we did everything 100% correct during our time out of church. Now coming back in, I find people saying they are doing things in a new way, yet, I still see people preaching, lining people up in lines, people falling when a man touches them, giving words that are to the leaders mostly, virtually, the same thing. We have been hearing for such a long time that this is a new season, we are in transition, we are birthing, accelleration, prosperity, jubilee, and so on and so forth! I believe and I want to see! I don’t want all of this to be another year that we heard stuff and it didn’t happen, What about all those other years we heard all this and it didn’t happen? I am not a doubter, but, I only think if I am feeling this way, how much more an unbeliever or baby Christian would feel! God, we need to see you, feel you, taste you, experience you! We really need YOU to be our strength, joy, provision, ,and everything you say you are! Help us! What’s up with all of this?

      • Donita…………..such beauty and truth coming forth from your comments. It is discerning and right on and we are all in this journey together. Again thank you so much for sharing a part of your heart in humility and grace.

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