Launch Out!

flowing blue waterChristianity – Christ – in me, in you! He is exciting, creative, adventurous. A life centered on Christ, the journey is into the deep – very deep wells of revelation, knowledge, visions, dreams………..

As the deep called to me many years ago, I surrendered to the flow. Catching the current, I flowed out but still found myself at times looking back to shore. Was I going in the right direction? It seemed that all the ‘action’ happened on the shore. The glistening conferences with iconic leaders drawing people right and left.  The sound of voices raised in praise, shouting declaring, proclaiming, and dancing. They seemed to be having so much fun. They seemed to be ‘in the know’ and ‘in the flow’.

If it weren’t for the call of Jesus to come out to the deep, loneliness would have pulled me under. I determined to stay focused on Him, even when times were extreme, filled with doubt. What was I doing here?

Over time, the waters of the deep became my home. Clear vision and keen hearing wrapped me in the reality of Jesus Christ. He opened up a new realm of possibility in the revelation that flowed into my life.

The glorious riches hidden in Christ beckoned me to go deeper still. As I dived into the Living Word, I lost myself in the revelation of His person. He held me together. He sustained as the bread of life. After all, this is Christianity, the person of Christ. Paul understood this. The early church understood this. Why don’t we?

Through the lens of Jesus, I then looked towards the shore. This time, there wasn’t a bit of longing to be in the mix or on in any prophetic cutting edge flow. My life lens is centered and focused on Jesus Christ.

crossTo launch out into the deep carries its own reward.

It’s cold out here and unpredictable. I can’t touch bottom and at times I can’t even sere the shore. There aren’t many points of reference except Holy Spirit.

Launch out and trust for the reasons soon to be revealed. Jesus wants you to know Him. Not about Him. But, to know Him. Holy Spirit carries you on the waves of revelation of His person. That is Holy Spirit’s focus – Jesus.

Even in reading this you may be wondering many things.

What does she mean?

What is she talking about?

This my friends is a sure sign that you may be taken in by religion or the current tribal language of any number of topics the church preaches on that take the place of the reality of the person of Christ. That’s okay. In the deep, there is a purifying of vision and a clarity of language. Launch out!


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