Stay The Course

quotes-on-adventure-2Marvin and I are on our way to Poland. Thought this post flows in nicely with all the previous posts on deep waters. Enjoy!

Garris Elkins

Stay the Course

Your faith has provisioned you for this journey. You are like an ancient mariner who has sailed his ship out onto unexplored waters. You have been told the earth is flat and the edge of the known world is out there just beyond the horizon waiting to be the dark epitaph of your folly. Faith compelled you to set sail despite all the warnings issued on the departure dock by your shore-bound advisors.

Stay the course! What you saw in faith awaits your arrival. There will be times when you question your original compass heading. You did not make a mistake when you obeyed His voice and set this course. Do not yield to the fear that will surely come during long stretches of open water or by the wind and waves of violent storms.

You are approaching the point of no return. There is something raw and beautiful that takes place in that moment of the passage. When you cross the point of no return hope will begin to flood your heart. You will come to realize all the warnings spoken at your departure were not true. Your survival during this last leg of the voyage depends on your continued belief that the promise is still alive and waiting for your arrival. Hope, inspired by faith, will be your only trusted navigator for the remainder of this journey. Listen for the words of hope and trim your sails with faith. You are about to make history!


In Christ,
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