The NOW – Very Important to Holy Spirit

3294247795_7a63d3d340_zWhile here in Poland, I keep hearing Holy Spirit say to me:

“NOW is very important to me. The NOW.”

The ‘now’ keeps me present in seeing what Holy Spirit wants to do in and through me at any given moment. NOW comes with a seeing in the Spirit. NOW keeps my eyes open to see and then to move in the Spirit – to SEE what the Father is doing and to DO what the Father is doing.

NOW cares about the people at hand and to minister grace, healing, restoration, destiny, purpose……..……NOW looks at those around as God SEES them. Prophecy flows in the NOW to those whom the Lord is looking at with eyes of divine love. He points them out and says, “Prophecy to them NOW and take them into their FUTURE through words of love, hope, grace and mercy.”

4090457358_0ae38fd2c8_zMinistry is so good on this trip. Many are getting encouraged and many are being challenged to move in adventure and journey in Christ. Yet I can also see that I am changing in great and glorious ways. Ways that are not easily definable yet. Why? Because I am focused on the NOW, pouring out and serving people in different and unique ways. Isn’t that the heart of ministry?


In Christ,
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