Validation: An Empty Pursuit

JourneyIf there is a deep desire in our being to be ‘validated’ by someone, some organization, or some network, it will never be enough. If we keep doing this, as followers of Christ, we will soon discover that Christ Jesus is not enough for us. We will continually look outside ourselves for affirmation of our identity.

Validate: to recognize, establish or to validate worthiness.

Validation is a shallow endeavor, trying to find ourselves in the eyes of another. Do they see us? Recognize us? It’s quite an empty pursuit.

True peace, real rest, focused identity comes first and foremost in Christ and Christ alone. He then joins with others in a true unity with those who already see us in the Spirit.

Don’t try to be seen, recognized, known – we already are. Wait on His divine connections, open doors, and lighted paths. It’s called unity in the Spirit, and that is purely orchestrated in heaven before it manifests on earth.


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