Beauty – Inside Out…A Prophetic Insight For All of Us

Beauty EyeBeauty in its outward form is always accepted, while beauty in its inward form is mostly rejected.

One is enhanced by the eternal. Do you know which one? Can you see?

Beauty flows out from an inner womb of transformation to BE….just to BE.

Yet, worldly heads turn with eyes open wide at what can easily be seen, their vision grafted into perverted perceptions and worldly distortions. They see but don’t see. They chase an illusion to try to obtain what is unobtainable. Ah, to be beautiful! To be seen! To be known is their cry.

I have another way for you today. Turn your focus in another direction with eyes of perception to see what can only be seen in Holy Spirit.

Holy…..Spirit. Not the spirit of the world. The Spirit of the Beautiful One – Jesus Christ.

Holy Spirit orchestrates beauty as an inner reality in Christ. Inner lives adorned and transformed from the inside out. Gaze upon the One who is beauty – Jesus Christ.

Though outwardly rejected in His time, He inwardly reflected heaven’s glory for those who would truly see. A life ravished by the violent apprehension of the cross, beauty marred and distorted yet necessary to bring us into glory…into beauty as sons and daughters. Do you see?

Beauty in our identity in Christ, destined to also go through the sufferings of the world – its rejection, its provocation, its disdain, its contempt toward us. In ascribing its own definition of beauty, it fails to see what is right before their eyes. How often the world hurls insults at our lives in Christ.

But then our revelation of resurrection. There’s always a resurrection for those who desire to see and to be.

The inner revelation of our eternal beauty is worked out in the midst of darkness and oppression. We rise up right in the midst of this darkness as a Bride, clothed in glory with heaven’s beauty.

Now. Not someday. Now.

Beauty DistortionGetting past our own limitations and our own imaginations, we begin to truly see ourselves from within……in Christ. And in this, the world soon loses its hold on our identity. We see. We know.

Comprehend the beauty that lives within us. Understand the flow, form and function in our lives. Creative expression in Christ.

Look at the darkness. Look at it closely. It cannot comprehend this beauty, yet it is fearful of its reality. The darkness consistently tries to keep us in the shadows…away from the light that reveals who is inside, who we are…….in Christ.

So come out from the shadow today all you beautiful sons and daughters of the Most High God. Gaze upon His beauty. Reflect His glory. Now.



In Christ,
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