In Obscurity? Hidden For This Season? Listen, A Fresh Wind Is Blowing!

Here’s a short video worth watching before you read this blog. It’s about being in the doldrums, which is a state of inactivity or stagnation. We stand still in the water with no wind blowing against the sails. There isn’t any movement. Ever feel like that? Watch this and read on.

Here’s my personal prophetic takeaway from this video. In the midst of worship and prayer on Sunday, I wrote this in my journal.

Obscurity proves to be a welcome reward to those who are willing to be tempered by the silence!

In the midst of obscurity, it’s not easy to see that this place is a welcome reward. The accompanying silence is also part of this reward. It’s a transition in between where we were and where God is taking us. It’s a passing over, a going through, not a place we camp out to make a comfortable home.

To be tempered is to be brought to strength by the process.

It also means to be put in tune with something or someone.

Obscurity tempers, strengthens us, and puts us in tune with God.

So obscurity is a point of passing over where we settle into the silence of preparation for the next phase of life. We are getting in tune with the ONE who places us in obscurity, AND I say place because it is God who puts us in this place for a greater reward of maturity. Let’s not fight it.

How does silence temper a person?

Silence attunes the ear to hear the voice of God. The constant noise of the world is a distraction to the whisper of God. Have you noticed that God wants our undivided attention? Our Father doesn’t want to shout at us nor does He want to be just one of many ‘things to do’ on our bullet list for the day.

Silence reorients our ear to hear the direction of His voice. It is a time of turning to respond to His voice and the revelation that it brings to us. Response is important for with each revelation there comes a time to walk it out in faith in action. I heard this message in my time of Sunday silence. The action taken was to bring it as a source of encouragement to those who need to hear this today.

Ship in DoldrumsSilence is a door into revelation with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. So many people I meet either don’t feel they hear from God while others place it as a low priority in their life. We can’t sidestep relationship. There are no short cuts. Spending times of intimacy with God allows the door to heavenly realties to be revealed to us. God is clear. His sheep hear His voice.

Silence is a time of exploration, journey, and discovery. How is that so? In the silence, we are called to ‘settle’, to breathe, and to BE. Christ in us, the hope of glory longs to reveal Himself to each of us. Do we realize how necessary this is for us today in the midst of a world of chaos and noise? Being led by the Spirit with keen discernment is the reward of spending time with the Lord in obscurity for a season and in the silence of meditation and adoration.

Silence is a time to BE. Be still and know. (Ps. 46:10) There is no excess movement, nothing pulling at you or in you to DO. Here, in this secret place of intimacy, it’s a time to listen. Everything else can wait. Trust me. Take the time in this season to be with Him.

It was in the silence of my Sunday morning that I heard His voice give me this message. How much more revelation awaits me when we take the time to be with God? The door calls me to come away each day to be with Him.

This is not a time to ask ‘why’ as I talked about in the last post. It is a time to be still and allow Holy Spirit to lead the way. The wind is not blowing and we are still in the water. Don’t fight it. Lean into the silence and you will hear the whisper of God.


In Christ,
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