Summer in Wyoming – A time of recalibration, re-creation and re-invention

This is a summer where I’ve spent 2 months in Wyoming with my husband who had a short-term job as senior construction manager in Rawlins, WY.

God ordained this special time. I call it my summer of creation. It’s interesting as to how it developed into a transition between where we were and where we’re going.

Panorama WYI marvel at the beauty of Wyoming.  Sincere thanks to our friends Charlene and Johnny and their fantastic all-terrain vehicle which took us high up in the mountains to truly be immersed in silence and the beauty of God’s creation.

I stopped writing this summer as God simply said to me “This is a summer of watching, observing. Just flow with Me.” Now I am ready to BE again, to write more and to walk in the beauty and glory of Christ Jesus.

What He’s purged out of me is to be in the mix or to be in the forefront of anything. To be a bit obscure and hidden in Rawlins- small quiet town. To watch Him as He watches me and gives me this summer to recalibrate, re-invent and co-create with Him for the next part of our journey.


In Christ,

2 thoughts on “Summer in Wyoming – A time of recalibration, re-creation and re-invention

  1. Grace and Peace be multiplied to you Debra and all those the Lord has surrounded you with to love and be loved by In Abundance 🙂
    It is Delightful to me after losing contact with you for SO long and Now, Today, I read you are in WY. doing almost the same thing the Lord is doing with me, as He has me here in Rapid City (The Black Hills) South Dakota, and we are only 5h 39min – 372mi. apart
    We should meet for lunch 🙂
    Although This is the place of my birth “in Him” back in 77 . . . .
    Perfect, right 🙂
    I haven’t been back here since 1989

    And the Word for us today is “It Is Well”

    Matthew 19:29
    No one leaves “houses or brothers or sisters or fathers or mothers or children or lands”
    For Jesus sake, that you won’t receive 100 fold More – in this lifetime!

    Just B R E A T H E and Enjoy God. . . .enjoying you ❤


    • Hi Brenda! I am so sorry to be getting back to you so late. We spent the summer in Wyoming on a job assignment but are not there any longer. Loved it while we were there – such beauty, great weather in the summer, and wonderful people. May be back there next summer and will definitely love to get together.

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