A Word for Kenya – Build Habitations for His Glory


A Word for Kenya:

Please know that I do not place myself above this word as if I am without fault or in need of changing in my own life or that America is somehow perfect in any way. That is not the case. This is simply what I heard on my walk this morning as I prayed for Kenya and was instructed to speak out. Please receive with an open heart and spirit.

I heard the Lord say, “Corrupted files.” Please follow me in this. There are many ways to speak this out but I want to keep it as simple as possible.

There are corrupted files in the ‘system’ in Kenya where a download from the Lord is being distorted or even perverted as it begins to be revealed. In other words, the corrupted file is in the heart of man where, as revelation is presented, man then works it out for his glory and not the Lord’s glory.

Think of this in the same way that this type of file corrupts a computer system. A corrupted file is a file that has become damaged and refuses to open properly. God’s download is unable to open correctly in its full measure of grace and glory.

This file is corrupted due to man’s wisdom and thirst for power. What God intends for good, the enemy will always try to distort or pervert. And, it is easy to use humans in this way. The Lord desires to reach out and restore, heal, and work in power and glory through His people but corruption rules and reigns.

Because of this corrupted file, what the Lord desires to do in His grace and mercy is being distorted in its outworking because of man’s need for recognition, power, and even greed. His revelation can’t get through or won’t pass through what is initiated in the flesh. What does come through is man’s interpretation of God, not God’s revelation of Himself or His ways. Yet, His desire remains strong and true towards this nation and its people.

This word is for those willing to allow the Lord to delete these corrupted files from man’s heart through repentance and a change of direction It is time to realize that God’s desire is that we are conformed to the image of His son and with a corrupt file in place; every download will be distorted to give man glory and not God.

God’s glory is destined to shine through Kenya and yet, God will share His glory with no man nor be usurped by their interpretation of Him as they want Him to be, not as He is…the I AM.

What to do? Submit yourself to God and allow Holy Spirit to have His way with you – in your life, your churches, and your communities. Listen to Holy Spirit in what to release, what to keep, what to change. Many may have to allow God to bring it all down to nothing to build a habituation for His Glory in His way. There is so much more to say as I love Kenya but I will leave it here for those willing to pray this through and see how God reveals Himself to you. The cost to receive this revelation and take it further in your life? Total submission to be conformed to Jesus Christ.

In Christ,
Debra Westbrook

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