New, New – Everything’s New In Our Lives

img_9281What better way to start the year off than to declare possibility in Christ. For the past few months, I’ve been somewhat erratic in posting. I felt in my spirit that God was about the business of shifting, changing, sorting, tossing, adding, restoring and just being God.

When He is about His business, I enter His flow. This led to times of watching, waiting, hoping, dreaming and being – day by day in His presence. Sometimes He was so quiet, just a whisper. Sometimes, I was out and about in my day when He would speak to me through the radio, a podcast or through someone saying something that just zinged in my spirit.

14390888_1287535451286603_1967818724484327146_n-1For the most part, I felt like I was just to BE. It’s quite a test when words are flying all over the place and people are talking and declaring around every corner. I grew comfortable with just listening and obeying Holy Spirit, even if was just to take the dogs to the dog park.

Peace settled in the midst of not knowing or even seeing clearly. Have you experienced His peace in the midst of not knowing anything? It’s a great feeling.

We sense, with all sincerity, that we are on the precipice of glory, looking at divine possibilities beginning to form. This is not just for me. I tend to carry a message for God’s people by often sensing what many are also going through. And I know for a fact many are in-between – that time of not quite knowing where you are going and why it is you went through all you went through. Anybody???

I took the whole month of December to define my life and this ministry with goals, dreams and purpose. It’s finally happening. Not so much that doors are flinging wide open to travel and speak through the nations (that is developing in the spirit, but what is happening is the settling in to ME…..the confidence to be exactly who God made me. What does that mean? How did I get here?

Adventure AwaitsProbably through the pain of eliminating what I am not………..and through the process I started to ask myself some questions. Why do I fear doing this? What happened over the past 5 years to me that brought this on? Why don’t I believe in what God has actually called me to be? What’s my passion? How do I get there? What needs to be changed, added, let go off? Frustration set in, big time.

Then one day, after many months of being sick and tired of always waiting and wondering……..God asked me this, “What do you want Debra?”

That began a journey of partnering with God with Jesus and the Holy Spirit to align my desires with His desires, to actually believe that I haven’t missed His call on my life, and to journey where He wants me to go despite what seemed impossible – not enough money, not enough time, not being seen or known……on and on it went.

There’s much more to this but this is a good way to start. We are moving…….again. Heading east. No questioning. No doubting. This is our life as we know it.

Rivers of Eden has a concentrated focus – creativity in Christ, prophetic living, preaching and teaching, traveling as a scribe to take picture and reveal God’s heart for His nations. By the way, I keep praying for Iceland – getting prayers and visions. This is what happened when God initially called us to Finland so I am putting it out there. I want to minister in Iceland when the time is right. I will be posting a few words on this nation within the next few weeks. If you happen to know anyone there, please let them know or contact me.

There are more blogs coming, possible video, travel and revelation and more. Me flowing out into my words and my actions. It took quite a few years to transition but it’s happening.



Living with passion and purpose in Christ,

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