Deep Cries Out, Deep Cries Out To You

After posting this week about prophetic sounding from the deep waters, I kept hearing this song over and over so just kept singing it. Have you heard it? Enjoy!

Enjoy these posts from this week. If you read in sequence, you will catch a wave of understanding on where I am going. Will continue this topic in a few days.

Prophets of the Deep

Prophetic Soundings – Deep Deep Water

Prophesy From the Depths of Christ in You

Anchored in the Deep – Prophesy!


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Anchored In Deep Water – Prophesy!

15956556195_55a183cc36_zFloating in deep waters – my feet can’t touch bottom – the waves bring me up and down. My supernatural anchor, the core of my being, the focus of my life and ministry – Jesus Christ. He keeps me here. He is my divine anchor in deep waters. He anchors me to Himself so that I may know him and the power of His resurrection. Are you called to come out? Are you? Then catch the current and ride out to that place in Christ where He is your all in all. The depths of Christ call to you – explore and journey into His person.

Great quote by Frank Viola From Jesus Manifesto: Restoring the Supremacy and Sovereignty of Jesus Christ

Christians have made the Gospel about so many things – things other than Christ. But Jesus Christ is the gravitational pull that brings everything together and gives it meaning. Without Him, all things lose their value. They are but detached pieces floating around in space. That includes your life.

The prophetic seems to disregard the finished work of the cross. Read some words that are floating around and listen to the current beneath the words. There seems to be striving to achieve something, pressing to get to somewhere, or surrendering to catch God’s attention. There is always a sense of movement into something to foster an atmosphere of pressing, pressing, pressing. It seems that during all this Jesus says, “Enter my rest.’ Yet all around the prophetic mantra seems to say, “Keep moving. Keep pressing. It’s here. It’s here.”

No more for me. I choose to anchor myself in the deep to the one and only – Jesus Christ. From that place of rest and peace, there forms within me a prophetic word of declaration of what is, the now of Jesus Christ. He forms my declarations. He fashions my prophetic being so that His testimony flows through me the spirit of prophecy is alive and flowing.

There is no lack in Christ; He finished it all on the cross. There is rest and peace in the midst of chaos. Therefore prophetic words should equip and challenge people to realize their identity in His person. In Christ we have all that we need so we simply draw upon that reality through the indwelling Holy Spirit and off we go into revelation that is centered, grounded and moving in Christ. The finished work of the cross is perfection in all ways. We enter into that perfection in Christ and prophesy from that perfection which greatly changes and transforms us.

As demonic assaults come and go, we rest in Christ. We counter every assault with reality – Jesus Christ – our High Priest, our Intercessor, the Lamb that was slain before the foundation of the world, our stronghold, our strength in time of need, our comfort, our healing, our restoration, our renewal, our power…and on into infinity. He is the well that never runs dry. I pray you catch this revelation. Turn your focus on Christ. That will be mine now and in the coming days.

Let prophetic words GO that are coated in striving, subtly keeping people focused on process –

You are getting there……….where?

Surrender, let go……..what?

Press in more and more and more…… To who?

What is the focus in all of this? Christ or the prophetic itself?

The sound of prophetic words spoken from the depths in Christ bring forth Person not Process.

Sound Waves From MouthListen by the Spirit to what I am saying……tune into this reality. I speak to the prophets, to the prophetic rising up in people, to the sound flowing in these times from the deep waters.

Meditate on Jesus Christ.

We look at this Son and see the God who cannot be seen. We look at this Son and see God’s original purpose in everything created. 16 For everything, absolutely everything, above and below, visible and invisible, rank after rank after rank of angels––everything got started in him and finds its purpose in him. 17 He was there before any of it came into existence and holds it all together right up to this moment. 18 And when it comes to the church, he organizes and holds it together, like a head does a body. He was supreme in the beginning and––leading the resurrection parade––he is supreme in the end. From beginning to end he’s there, towering far above everything, everyone. 19 So spacious is he, so roomy, that everything of God finds its proper place in him without crowding. 20 Not only that, but all the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe––people and things, animals and atoms––get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies, all because of his death, his blood that poured down from the Cross. (Colossians 1:15-20 Message)

Leave the Old Testament for a while and meditate on the new – John, Romans, Ephesians, Colossians, Revelation. You can go back to it later when you are able to see Christ in it. We must perceive the reality of Christ in the Old Testament. He is the divine thread weaving His person from beginning to end.

I am currently reading Jesus: A Theography by Frank Viola. Wow! That’s all I can say. Everything else has been laid aside. When I hear the sound of any prophecy that does not anchor back to Jesus and the finished work, I simply move on and put it aside. There is a depth in Christ waiting to be explored so hold on…’s going to be glorious ride.

If you read Scripture in a way that doesn’t point to Christ, you don’t have Christianity, you have religion. Jesus is God’s language. When God wants to communicate, He does so through His son. Frank Viola

Off I go – into the flow of His revelation so that I may speak of His glory and grace to a generation ready, so very very ready to SEE Christ, to KNOW Christ and to be formed in Him. Nothing else but Christ and Christ alone……He is enough. One more quote:

If the church does not REORIENT and become Christological at its core, any steps taken will be backwards. Frank Viola

In other words, I will reorient my direction, in life, in ministry and recalibrate the reality of Christ being my anchor in deep waters in the power of Holy Spirit. So much more coming……

We leave in a few weeks to minister for 12 days in Poland – Gdansk, Elblag area. If you are reading this from anywhere near in Europe, I would love to meet you. And if you want us to speak at your gatherings, no matter how big or small, just ask, okay? We are going out in Christ to bring the Good News to those whom God has prepared beforehand for us.



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Prophesy From the Depths of Christ in You

Sound Waves From MouthWords that are prophetically sounding out in the shallow waters travel quickly and often penetrate the individual in the emotions, whereby they quickly react to the word but it does not go deep. Words that are prophetically sounding out in the deep waters travel slowly down, down, down into the spirit where truth impacts and causes inner transformation of the individual. The deep waters – that’s our focus. Here’s the first post in this journey – Prophets in the Deep.

Here’s a bit of science? In the natural, sound travels faster in water than air because the atoms are closer together so it can jump from atom to atom quicker. The distance that sound waves travel through water is dependent on ocean temperature and pressure. The speed of sound decreases with increasing depth. At some point, they reach the bottom and the speed of sound increases and the waves refract back up.

Spiritually speaking, prophetic words spoken in the shallows travel fast. Prophetic words in the deep travel much slower until they reach a point of deep contact within an individual and then are refracted back up. Those words resounding in the depths of a person impact at a much greater level but they take time to meditate on in times of intimacy with the Lord.

Ladder to skyIt’s a great analogy for us who are called to speak through prophetic call on our lives. We desire to see life change not just a constant stream of words going out. It’s important to sound out from the deep, to raise up a mature prophetic people. Remember, the deep is our union with and in Christ Jesus. We speak from that depth of our living, moving and having our being in Christ to those whom God sends to us – words of spirit, life, and truth.

But, look around. There are not many people out here with us but there should be. What should that tell us? It’s time for the prophetic to rise up and mature. In our maturity, we speak out to others from our abiding place of union in Christ. This imparts words of the spirit to change people from within the depths of their being.

I am tired and weary of hearing the same remix of words over and over and over. I looked online to see how prophetic words have evolved over the past few years. Well, they really haven’t. The same things were being said one year ago, two years ago that are being said today. God is looking for quality and depth today. This is a sound of maturity flowing from within a prophetic community.

It seems that the current stream of prophetic words keep many anchored to the shallow waters rather than calling them out deeper. Why? There could be a lot of various reasons. Many seem to want to make a name for themselves and the quickest way to do that is to post a prophetic word that promises everything but the kitchen sink, capturing the emotions but doing little in the way of Holy Spirit. Others want to play it safe to keep the people dependent on their word or ministry, not Jesus, the living Word. There are a lot of reasons but anything that takes our focus off of Christ is idolatry.

Jesus was a man of enigma, mystery and truth. He spoke to the spirit not the mind of the individual. He did not appeal to the emotions. He spoke within the resonance of heaven’s directional call. As the words sounded out, He called a people into deep union with Him. He did not aim for shallow understanding but inner transformation. He spoke from His own union with the Father. Without a revelation of our union in Christ, we speak from the shallows, not the depths of our being. There are no short cuts to this. It is about intimacy with Christ.

I and My Father are one. (John 10:30 NKJV)

It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing. The words that I speak to you are spirit, and they are life. (John 6:63 NKJV)



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Prophetic Soundings – Deep Deep Water

flowing blue waterIn my vision, I saw prophets in deep water, resting in its movements, not treading water or trying to resist the continual flow. These men and women knew God Himself brought them out to the deep. Ridiculed, persecuted, and many times labeled rebellious because they would not follow prophetic protocol laid down by the current trend of prophetic networks, they flowed out to the deep, guided by the hand of God. These prophets obeyed, risking rejection, facing loneliness and most of the time being misunderstood, labeled independent or not wanting to submit to the proper authority. Over time, humility worked its way deep within the heart of the prophet. Silence permeated their lives because God’s hand restrained them from speaking or even justifying why they found themselves alone in deep waters.

“You are mine!” says the Lord.

It was a time of diving into the depths of the ocean. Where else was there to go? With no land around, there was nowhere else to go but down, down, down into the depth of His being. Flowing within the currents of the Lord’s voice, it was a time of being set apart.

After a considerable length of time, words began to form close to the surface of the prophet’s life and one by one, many began to speak. Deep words of the reality of Christ Jesus, being in Christ. This message flowed from substance, flowed from transformation within the prophet’s being. This message is one that is released in the deep waters. To hear it, one must choose to come out into the deep, away from the shore. These are words of transformation engaging with the spirit of the listener. These are words of Spirit, life and truth. These are words of Christ, being in Christ flowing out in creative expression through the prophets of the deep that are learning to live, move and have their being in the person of Christ.

“I am yours and you are mine!”

I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine (Song of Songs 6:3 NKJV)

Wait, what is this that I see now? I look back towards the shoreline and see so many people splashing in the waves. From a distance, they seem to like the excitement of it all, lots of shouting, declarations and laughter. Lots of noise.

Visual representation of a soundwaveI listen closely and suddenly through the noise, I can make out distinct words like revival, breakthrough, acceleration, and so much more. Lots of prophetic catch words and phrases that sound like a remix of what has been said over and over through the years. Yet, it seems that the people really like it.

“I’ve heard it all before.”

The same promises, and the same sound for years on end. They sound out and because it’s so shallow at the shore, the sounds hit the bottom and rise up quickly, appealing to the soul and the emotions to those content to dwell at the shoreline. Individual lives, ministries, and churches rest in the shallows, hearing the sound of the shallow waters. These words seem to ebb and flow like the tide – going in, going out. I have heard these same words being spoken year after year after year.

For Christians to mature, we must respond to a sound declared from the deep. And that requires leaving the safety of the shore to listen and venture out by the hand of God.

SpeakingI will speak from the deep to the substance of Christ within people. I will speak to the spirit within a person. Words of truth and life – something that the church at large seems unable to receive or understand in its current state, where preaching to emotion and need transcends everything else.

Where do you find yourself today and in what kind of spiritual atmosphere? Something to think about. There is so much to say about this that I will just keep writing. I know some of you are thinking some deep thoughts so please feel free to comment. This path that I am now in while writing this is long and expansive. Lots to say. Our journey in Christ in the deep waters. Hear what I am saying by the Spirit okay? Find yourself in these posts.

Debra And Chloe

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Sound Bites

Listen GrafittiJesus continues to speak to me about sound, prophets of the deep, and prophetic sounding in deep waters. In the process of this word forming in my life, there is a time to speak and a time to pray, worship and receive understanding of the Lord’s heart concerning the word. I am still processing the depth of the word that is being worked in and through my heart. I hope to post this early next week. In the meantime enjoy the blog posts from this week to think over so that God may reveal more to each of you.

As for now, keeping in the flow of sound, I read this by Garris Elkins on Facebook. It’s very good.

The Malnourishing Effect of Sound Bites

If you continually feed on the manufactured sound bites of politics and religion and consume them as reality, you will develop a malnourished intellect. Only a diet of unfiltered truth has the ability to transform your thinking. At first, truth is not the most obvious option. It can be shrouded in the noise of public discourse and missed by those who make choices without discernment.

Be careful what diet of information you chose to consume. In your journey, when you need strength the most, only God’s truth, not a sound bite, has the ability to feed you the spiritual nutrients needed to move you forward.

Evaluate the diet of information you are allowing to feed you soul and direct your steps. It may be time to change your diet. Once you have created a new menu invite others to the table and let them taste something new. Be merciful when they take their first bite. Truth can taste strange to the palate of someone only familiar with a plate filled with sound bites.

So much to say about all of this as we walk it out together.

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