About Me – My Timeline of Life

Life in Christ – drawn out from the world in my 30’s – not religious and certainly not raised in the church. Since then, through all the ups and downs, I follow Christ, living, moving and having my being in Him.  It has not always been easy. At times, this walk proved to be hard and definitely impossible without His grace and strength.


While praying in our family room in Benicia, CA, this vision came alive as I was transported to another place in Holy Spirit.

I was standing on a map of the USA, with my feet firmly planted in the San Francisco Bay Area, which is my home and dear to my heart. It was dark over the States – not just dark but pitch black. I looked up and looked east, to the East Coast. Suddenly, I saw rising up from the ocean a huge tidal wave, a tsunami that coming without warning. It rose up with strength over the state of New York and proceeded to rise higher and higher as it covered the USA. I could not determine if I should be fearful and run for my life or if I should just stand still. His grace placed me in this position, so I stood, watching it draw closer and closer.

It then landed at my feet, right at my feet. At that point, this gigantic wave proceeded to roll back over this dark land, and in the wake of the water, I saw diamonds stretched out as far as the eye could see, all over the country. I watched as they were unveiled, bright and shining, in the midst of perverse darkness. I then heard the voice of the Lord say two things to me:

“Follow in the wake of the anointing, going where I tell you to go, speaking what I tell you to speak, and trusting me with your life.”

And then I heard:

“No man will lay the foundation of the ministry I give to you.”

At this point, I was newly saved and had no ministry. That vision formed the foundation of my life and has never left me. To this day it is as clear as the day that I stood in my family room.

Growing up in Christ

Several great churches (Church on the Hill, Lighthouse Fellowship) contributed to my growth. I honor the pastors and leaders that helped me grow in Christ. Many great men and women of God came alongside me, mentored and encouraged me.  This was a season of service – teaching, praying, leading prayer groups and more.


Associate Pastor, Lighthouse Covenant Fellowship, in Benicia California. Our multicultural church was diverse and exciting. In its diversity, I learned deep life lessons about working alongside many unique people of every age, color and gender. As the associate pastor, I preached regularly, taught, developed a strong prophetic team and altar ministry, and also administrated cell groups.

The Traveling and Ministry

In 2002, while sitting in our living room and praying, Holy Spirit said, “Go to Helsinki, Finland.” A few months later, we hopped a plane, landed in Helsinki and prayed throughout the nation, all the way up to Oulu, where we stayed with some great people. From that initial visit, doors began to open as Holy Spirit led the way. I preached in many churches, 2 Lutheran conferences, and hosted Rivers of Eden prophetic conferences. We rented three different apartments and obtained a residence visa – Finland became my second home. I miss it and I love it still.

During this time, we also traveled and ministered extensively throughout Kenya (Kitale, Nairboi, Webuye, and Eldoret.

Simultaneously, Marvin’s job took us to live in Abu Dhabi from 2006-2010. So from that point, we traveled throughout the UAE, Oman, and Bahrain and to Egypt.

Prayer Journeys

Traveled with a few intercessors to Detroit, MI, Syracuse, NY, Sioux Falls, ND, Miami, FL, Wichita, KA, Harrisburg, PA, Raleigh, NC and Phoenix, AZ to pray, walk, declare and watch Holy Spirit work as we moved out in faith. I saw glorious things happen during this time. Holy Spirit led us to places to meet people to deliver a word of encouragement. We laid hands on the sick and more. This was a time of a Holy Spirit journey.

This is my life in a nutshell for you to become better acquainted with my heart for adventure and journey in Christ Jesus. I would love to bring my passion for Christ into your gathering, conference or home group, speaking from the heart of the Father. Please contact me on the Contact Page. 


In Christ,
Debra Westbrook