Open the door! Pull back the Curtains! Let the Light In!

Freedom in ChristThe darkened areas of our lives, those places filled with fear, memories of abuse, sexual addictions, emotional destruction, substance abuse, alcoholism – all those places are like rooms yet to be opened in a house where Christ dwells. He sees them. We see them. We know they are there but we won’t confront their reality, let alone open the door to let the light of Christ into these dark areas.

Even as Christians, there are these dark areas or internal rooms that need the confrontation of divine love to be healed and to be set free. Yet, we avoid pain at all costs. We worry about what others will think.  We wonder if God can be trusted. We don’t like suffering. We want what is easy and we love what is fast and doable. But that is not authentic Christianity. That type of Christianity is tailored to a Western mindset.

There is increasing chaos and darkness in the world. At the same time, the glory of the Lord will rise in His people. It is essential that as Christians, we face our own darkened areas, submit to the Lord, and receive healing and deliverance  in order to shine brightly in the earth. Receive His love and allow Him to deal with our lives, to reveal and heal those areas that are hidden in those darkened rooms.

In those dark areas the curtains are drawn tight, held in place by shame, guilt and condemnation. The truth of God’s grace and mercy in Christ wants to flood the room with light but we won’t open those doors. Therefore, we remain in the shadows of half-truths and subtle lies perpetrated by the enemy, keeping us bound, not trusting God.

CrossJesus Himself calls you out of the darkness and into His marvelous light. He calls you to be habitations of His glory, shining bright in His presence.

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, His own special people, that you may proclaim the praises of Him who called you out of darkness into His marvelous light; 10 who once were not a people but are now the people of God, who had not obtained mercy but now have obtained mercy. (1 Peter 2:9-10 NKJVS)

There is a simplicity in Christ that is missing in the church today. It is hidden underneath layers of cultural add-ons that work in the world, fueled by man’s wisdom, but have no power in the church. We thrive on process – the unending path of needing more than Jesus – more conferences, more books, more seminars. In all of this, the Body of Christ is still immature and lacking in supernatural power and authority.

What would happen if we actually believed in the Gospel message, walk out the truth revealed in the Epistles, allow the Holy Spirit to lead and believe all that God gives to us in Christ? The church would rise up to BE in Christ instead of some other form and template.

To confront the evil outside of us with the authority and supernatural power of God, we must confront any evil within.  It time to grow up and allow God to change us from within. Going deep, not wide.


As Christ confronts us in love at our deepest level, there is pain. We will suffer in the flesh, which always tries to maintain its position, avoiding any pain or suffering, but we will be alive in Christ, free and filled with greater measure of light and life.  Submit to His way. It’s worth it. Walk in the light, as He is in the light and the blood of Jesus continually cleanses us, empowers us and sets us free. Open the doors to the closed rooms. Let Him in and He will heal.

Quiet down. Get a journal, a Bible, a pen, a computer, the beach, the couch…wherever…just be still, know that He is God and the simplicity of the reality of Christ Jesus is real. I am not trying to oversimplify this in any way, but there is only so much I can say in a blog. I know pain is real. Yet nothing is greater than Jesus Christ. He is all in all. He is faithful in all things.

DebraIn Christ,

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Courageous Creativity

creativity-courage“Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse

Breaking away from the pack of the status quo takes courage. Think about breaking out. Suddenly, from within yourself, you have two voices talking to you. One is a voice of fear and the other is a voice of creativity.

Fear paralyzes. It speaks through uncertainty and anxiety. It asks questions that perpetuate more fear and more anxiety. Questions that you can’t answer like, “What if? How? But? Can you? Will you? What then? Do you know what can happen? What will people think?”

Creativity opens a door, wide open and says, “Walk through. Break out. Live. Move.” The voice of creativity is the voice of Christ that says, “Trust me. Take my hand and trust me. You know you are not satisfied where you are right now. Let’s walk.”

Why is this important to me as a Christian? It is important to everyone but why is this so important in my life? It’s simple. Christians actually lag far behind in creativity and innovation. I shouldn’t be bored as a Christian with Christ in me but when I go into most meetings, churches or conferences, I am bored.  Church is changing and shifting and moving into a new form, with its centrality in Christ. Hopefully, with that new shift, comes a new focus on walking in a new level of creativity.

My individual identity in Christ is not static but is flowing as I live, move and have my being in Him. When I move in Christ, I stir up the spiritual atmosphere around me with passion and possibility. Corporately, when Christians move in innovation and creativity, the Body of Christ shifts into new places that we have not been before. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever, but there is so much to learn of Him and His ways every day.

Finding my identity and my purpose to innovate and create is not self-indulgent. When the revelation of Christ bursts open within me, a river of life begins to flow. That river flows through the body of Christ as people are joined in the reality, centrality and supremacy of Christ Jesus. The world takes notice, not of us, but of Christ.

In my life right now, ministry is simply not working in its current form. So I am praying with renewed vision and purpose, going outside conventionality to see with new eyes and hear with new ears. I want something new and fresh. I believe that is possible. Not wanting to fit into a system, I suddenly realized that there is no going back into an institution. Until I realized that as a pioneer there is only one way to go, forward, I kept looking back seeing how I can bring the new “in”. Now I know I am taking Jesus “out”.