Revival Myths? Let’s Get Our Focus Right

While reading Normal Christianity by Jonathan Welton, Chapter 2, Revival Myths opened my eyes in marvelous ways. Every point was spot on but it was Myth #2 that grabbed me wholeheartedly, opening my eyes to a glorious revelation for my life.

Myth #2 -God will sovereignly move when He is ready.

Seeing God as relational and responsive is a major key to living as a Normal Christian. This is the difference between waiting for a sovereign distant God to finally fulfill His prophetic words, versus a relational God who comes upon hearts that are turned toward Him.

I remember going to conference after conference, crying out, waiting for some prophetic word to be fulfilled to give me the go-ahead to move out, to do something, to be something. Attending 2-3 conferences per year were the norm for me. I needed the impartation, the direction, and the prophetic word. So often, the underlying imparted focus was sovereignty, the supreme and ultimate power of God, His self-governing essence over the universe. In other words, God was going to move when He wanted to move and until then, we should consider waiting to get in His flow. Don’t move. Not yet. Wait for God to give the go-ahead. Listen to more prophetic words, more times of crying out, more waiting.

AwakeSo what then? What happens until that ultimate moment? Attend more conferences to get more impartation to discern greater focus. And the circle goes round and round, never-ending, never arriving. All of this seeking denied the simple reality of an awakening of grace in me to focus on Christ in me, now, at this moment directing my life to move each day in His Spirit. Now.

In previous times, I felt so out of the mix, sensing something lacking in me because I believed I needed someone or something to endorse God’s moving in the earth in order for me to do what God called me to do. Looking outside myself, I consistently sought to glean the next impartation or the next prophetic word.

I was waiting, always waiting. I needed some type of external impartation or prophetic word for God to speak and say, “Ok Debra, it’s time.”

Now, let me put in a small qualifier here. I believe there are God ordained times of preparation and waiting but these are seasons of intimacy and depth where Christ Jesus is revealed to us in Holy Spirit taking us from glory to glory in maturity in grace. They are not seasons where we are to be dependent on a current movement or ministry to pave the way. Jesus is the way; Holy Spirit leads me in Him in the way my life moves in Christ.

Some great excerpts from this book:

God is first relational, not first sovereign.

The heroes of the faith have interacted with God on the basis of relationship before sovereignty.

Smith Wigglesworth was known to say, “If God is not moving, I will move Him.” A statement like that may sound presumptuous or arrogant to those who have overemphasized the sovereignty of God. But seen correctly, Smith Wigglesworth was referring to the fact that the depth of his relationship with God would cause Him to respond and act because Smith had moved His heart.

This is incredible to me. This is probably why I kept thinking in my last blog that the time is now in Christ, enough waiting, just move.

Jeremiah 29:11In prophetically being motivated to look ahead, to wait, to pray, to seek, to enter into that perfect flow at that right moment, I lost focus of Christ in me, now. My process in life is the unfolding of the reality of Christ in me in Holy Spirit. The outflow of this expanding revelation moves me in process in my creative calling, glory to glory to glory. The unfolding of my creative calling does not magically or mystically happen in one day for me – it grows, evolves and moves each and every moment.

I realize that apart from Him, I can do nothing but in Him, each day is a new adventure. Old lies and myths are exposed to bring a greater sense of freedom.

I will admit that each time I write about something like this, I sense that I am only scratching the service, leaving out parts, skimming over others but I pray that you get the picture. The prophetic, apostolic and everyone else are being aligned into a revelation of Christ Jesus, away from the peripherals and into the center of who He is and the way He is constantly moving throughout the earth.

Our intimate relationship in Christ moves us right into God’s sovereign flow. In this place of intimacy,  I find myself living, moving and having my being in Christ. Each day is a day of glory for those in Christ Jesus.

DebraIn Christ,

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I’m Awake!

Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? For those of you living overseas, here’s a clip from that movie. Bill Murray is caught in a moment of time – one day that repeats itself over and over and over again. He wakes up each day and it’s 6 am. Frustration and anger rise within him and he starts to do some pretty bizarre things. It’s quite funny and one of my favorite movies.

I can relate to this movie – my own groundhog day. Waking up, hoping and believing yet nothing changes and it’s the same ole’ same ole’. Just like Bill, my nerves were on end this year and out of the abundance of my heart, negativity, complaining, and anger frequently flowed out. Then something happened. I can’t see it or prove it but just like Bill, I woke up today and  knew “It’s a new day.”

In fact, several friends confirmed this on my Facebook feed, feeling the same way despite overwhelming circumstances in their own lives right now.  Don’t worry if you don’t feel it or can’t relate. The prophetic needs to declare what is seen despite outward manifestations that may appear to be going in the opposite direction. It is a new day and 2015 will be an extraordinary year for many of us. Only believe. I mean, how was 2014 for you? For Marvin and I, 2014 has been like hell at times along with 2013 and 2012. It was some hard times, which we often did not talk about to many people. But we did walk it out on a daily basis. But today? It’s a new day.

So back to the movie. Eventually, Bill gets tired of the sameness, the ever-repeating day and slowly but surely, He starts to rest in the beauty of the moments. Things start to change. He gets happy and hopeful again. This is also what I did along the course of this past year. Somewhere in the midst of 2014, I realized that no matter how hard I tried, complained, got angry, nothing changed. God’s hand seemed to be restraining me for His purpose and His purpose was to teach me rest. Rest in Him. He knows me and He knows the way I walk. So I learned to rest and I am still learning this. My vision is clearing up and my hearing is also quite refined.

Then one day, Bill wakes up and the clock is not stuck on 6 am but moves to 6:01 am and 6:02, time moving forward minute by minute. He is out of the rut, the sameness. That also happened to me today. I got up, stretched and felt a bit different. I was a bit wary at first, I must admit. What is this? Joy. Peace. Rest. It is real and I can sense it.

Today – I’m awake.

Now, let me qualify some things if you appear to feel a bit wary that this may be another one of those clichéd religious words, without substance. If you have ever moved in prophetic circles over the years, words such as breakthrough, new day, revival, destiny – they’ve all been thrown out, over and over again. Over these years, I have become resistant to these clichés because over time, they seemed to be unable to hold any weight of glory in Christ. I wanted more. I wanted the person – Jesus Christ more than any thing else. These words are all meaningful but these words have their substance in Christ, the living Word. You can’t speak these words outside of the reality of Jesus Christ.

So this is what came to me on Facebook today.

Words like breakthrough, destiny, and identity – they are all very important. But, they cannot be removed from Christ as if they hold a separate identity apart from Jesus. When we get our priorities straight and our focus is corrected, extraordinary things happen.

So today I realized that I broke through the reality of the clichés into the person – Jesus and His great love for me.

It is a new day. I am not sure exactly what that means in its totality yet. It is a prophetic word for me and I hope for you too. So I declare what I see now believing it will work itself out in light and life over the coming days.

One good thing that manifested in the flow of the word. Kenya, 2015 – we finally are released to go back with the right connections and in the right time, August 2015. It did not happen in 2014 for some reason, but it’s a new day. So, in my life, the fog is lifting. The horizon is clear. The now is filled with a measure of hope. It is all in Christ.

Debra 2In Christ,

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