Whirlwinds, Truth, Engaging Time

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A Whirlwind Obstructing Truth
Sometimes I feel there is a whirlwind in front of me. It blocks my vision of the truth of who I am in Christ, a new creation. Being a visual learner and seeing things in pictures, I sketch things out as I am thinking. So here’s my sketch to show you how I began to pray through this obstacle of feeling like a fraud at times. Read More……

flowing blue waterTime To Engage
It is time to discern between a voice and an echo. An echo repeats, copies or imitates. A voice speaks what has been given to it in the secret place, hidden in Christ. This is a place where discernment to hear accompanied by wisdom to do, kicks in to sound out what is seen…and what is seen in the spirit often runs contrary to what is seen in the natural realm. Chaos in the earth – peace in Christ. Confusion abounds – clarity of vision hidden in Christ in heavenly places. There is truth in the secret place. Read more…..

When Words Jump Off The Page
Have you ever been reading a book when suddenly you realize that you are so in sync with the book that it is as if every word resonates within you? The words hold life, move in your being and serve as a confirmation for you, deconstructing any hopelessness you may be feeling inside. Change comes at that moment and you can hope again. Read more…..



In Christ,
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Creativity Declaration – A Creative Force

This word below is for Me and it is Me. Is it for you? May creativity and beauty be established in the Body of Christ.

Holy Spirit 1I am going to keep posting it on my Facebook page as often as necessary so that I keep reminding myself this is who I am, despite the dryness of these past years. So I will post and re-post as often as I feel the need to remind myself of this. This current blog post is for me and if you want to jump in this river, please do. I am not sure yet where it is going but I am in, all the way. Rivers of Eden.

I burst with creativity but the enemy has tried ever so hard to shoot me down and kill this in me. This creativity that is ready to explode in me that the enemy tells me daily that I am unqualified and unable on all fronts. There is so much to say about this but I believe and continue to believe that there are ‘creative forces’ ready to mentor creatives in Christ.

Ladder to skyThat is me. I know and feel I release this over people, over churches and over nations. So after years of wandering here and there, trying to hook into that ‘sweet spot’ in Jesus I am finding it. Also along the way, many have tried to deter me for whatever reason, even telling me that the creatives are irrelevant to the church. So here goes…………where? Not exactly sure except to say that it will begin in Kenya in April (our next trip.) It is a path that is somewhat here and there with the flow but it will be led by Holy Spirit to first build people up into their creative destiny and then set then loose.

Open DoorIt seems that in this blog, over time, I have said this before and then backed away due to increasing warfare and demonic attacks, to be quite honest with you. I can’t back up anymore for creativity flows through my veins. I am not content to see services run lackluster and boring when Holy Spirit leads and guides us in a beautiful heavenly artistic display of God’s glory and splendor. I am spending the next few days praying and fasting for one step in Holy Spirit’s direction. All I can say is this: Know your identity in Christ and then be led by Holy Spirit to flow in the direction He wants you to go. For too long, I have wavered. I know that. I see that. And if I don’t believe in myself, who else will?

A hesitation to proclaim who I am called to be has deterred me, distracted me and divided me. I hear you God. I am listening Jesus. Lead the way Holy Spirit.

Are You Called to Be a Creative Force?
Julie A. Smith

I heard the words this morning, “A Creative Force.” I saw in the spirit that some are called to lead creators and creativity. They are “marked” by God as a creative force to release creativity over people, groups, and nations… and nations who haven’t experienced the measure of creativity God destined for them.

I got the verses, “So God created…” and “God spoke…” and that’s the creative force some of these ones have been given from God to speak into hearts and atmospheres and release His creativity upon them.

New SoundI saw some even “overwhelmed” by the responsibility and said, “No God, I’m dreaming, I have an overactive imagination… it’s not me You’ve chosen to do this.” But He said, “Yes, it is.”

Some feel such a creative force inside of them that sometimes they feel like they are going to explode. And know this – that creative force isn’t just for you, it’s for the many who will receive this same creative force for themselves to create and to be creative.

As you “give yourself permission” to release this creative force inside of you, you give others that same permission.

You are “marked” by God to be a creative force. So… be the creative force you are called to be.

DebraIn Christ, Debra

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Blogs, Kenya, Dallas – In That Order

From now until October, my life is taking quite an orderly direction. I’ve not blogged for the past few weeks simply because I have not had a lot to say. A short break is good isn’t it?

For the next 3-4 weeks I am going to reblog some great posts, share some awesome prophetic words I’ve been reading and send out some other things that interest me. Hopefully you will like them too.

Kenya Girls with Bananas

Kenya Girls with Bananas

Kenya Trip – August-September. Really excited about this. These past few years has been quiet for Marvin and I, not a lot of traveling. I am happy to say we are back on the road again. Our call to Kenya beats strong in our hearts. I started ministering there in 2002 all the way up to 2008. Then God said to take a break and we did. Now the door is open again and our vision is clear for this season.

Our itinerary includes prophetic meetings, conferences, and leadership meetings, teamed up with Pastors Augustus and Peninah Mutua. I am working on a 4 day discipleship course that centers on a revelation from Acts 17:28 – Being in Christ, Living in Christ, Moving in Christ and Creative Expression in Christ. This course will take shape in booklet form in the days ahead for upcoming trips. We have a wide open door of ministry and it feels good.

TexasDallas/Fort Worth Area – October – Moving, moving, moving. After these past 2 years of being in Southern California, we are settling in the DFW area for our next season. After much prayer, there seems to be no doubt that this is where we are going and again, we are quite excited about it in every way.

So enjoy the blogs that are forthcoming and be blessed in the Lord.

DebraIn Christ,

I would love to speak at your conference, gathering, church or home group. Contact me here, on Facebook or on Twitter. Enjoy reading about Rivers of Eden and the Timeline of our Life!

My New Normal: One Little Word – Risk

Light on a PathThe inner cry of my heart may sometimes be – “I’m scared, Lord.” This inner cry flows in all of our lives at times. The economy falters. Our health takes a bad turn. Marital problems arise. Family disputes go unresolved. This can leave us a bit fearful of the great unknown which is always full of unanswered questions – What if? How Come? When? Why?

In my case, I long for change. I thrive on spontaneity. I blog about it. I am a thorn in my own flesh, fearful that I will sink into any form of normality that kills a creative life. Yet, there are those days where I, along with many of you, simply whisper, “I’m scared, Lord.”

Yes, me – the consummate preacher of change and creativity. I preach it but do I walk it without any fear? No, of course not. I’m human. Risk is what I talk about a lot. To me, Christianity is not static but an adventure in Christ. When we let it all go and just live in the Spirit there comes great purpose along with great challenge, great confrontation and lots and lots of questions. But, is there any other way to live? No, not for me. I think about this a lot because if I am talking about it, I want to walk it out. Authenticity, honesty and trust are very important for me.

Today I want to talk about risk – that little four-letter word that I throw around a lot. According to Webster risk means:

Possibility of loss
Exposure to danger
Possibility that something unpleasant will happen

Whoa…wait a minute……….according to this definition, risk means I face the possibility of losing something, facing danger and seeing something unpleasant happen to me. Is my Christian life actually about risk or is it really about walking in faith? Now I see two very different things. Maybe I need to examine this closely and change the word I want to use to describe my Christian walk.

Do I really risk or suffer the possibility of great loss in my ongoing relationship with Jesus? Well, yes, I do suffer loss in my flesh and my own desires. I like my life, a lot. I often want things my own way. When Christ asks me to lay some things down and walk by faith, I don’t always want to because I love my life. That produces tension in me. I am fighting within myself to accept His change or to go my way. This is so true right now in my ‘new normal’ as I am looking for a clear direction from the Lord where to settle. I get in the way many times. That is when fear can set in or confusion or just chaos.

I lose my life to find my life in Christ. I am promised an abundant and full life in Christ in great possibilities that may appear as impossibility right now. But, step out in faith. He is faithful so there is no actually no risk at all. My life is now hidden in Christ. That is not risk in the sense that it comes without great reward. An exchanged life comes with great reward to me– His life in me. Who could actually ask for anything better than that? To follow Christ is to accept the fact that to move in sync with Him, you will lose your life as you know it and come to know Him. No possibility, but fact. What are the alternatives? Keeping your life, living for your self, walking your way day by day by day. I don’t want that.

Do I expose myself to danger? Well yes and no, maybe, could be. Remind me to tell you the story of what happened to me in Uganda some years ago, that involved the military, large guns, a runaway matatu and a somewhat crazy American woman (that would be me) who did not feel it was her time to die so proceeded to take matters into her own hands at one moment in time. That is another story. So yes, there was danger in my obedience to follow God to the ends of the earth. But, He is in control and was in control all the way. I’m still here, aren’t I? He always provides a way out when we are walking His way. Not easy or predictable but there is safety under the shadow of His wing. Danger is as easy to come by walking the streets of New York, in the villages of Africa, or on the interstates of LA.

Does risk bring me headlong into the possibility that something bad or unpleasant will happen? Well, helloooooo…….isn’t that called life? I mean has anyone reading this not experienced something bad or unpleasant happen to them at times? Perhaps if you stayed hidden in your house or just keep your Christianity in a building on Sunday mornings, then, there may be no risk but again, that is not me.

So do I actually risk anything at all? Or is it just normal Christianity to walk out in faith (my new normal)  what seems to be impossible in my earthly eyes? I hold on with the sheer belief and trust that God is able, faithful, awesome, marvelous, in control, loving, kind, graceful, merciful………….all along knowing that He will finish that which He started in me. He does not leave me high and dry. He never leaves or forsakes me. Never. So perhaps I need to word this a bit different. Risk? Well, there is no risk in His love. It is sure, real, true and absolute for you and me. Adventure? Change? Yes, love brings me into that everyday. That is what makes life and my own Christian life filled with possibility in Christ.

So now I face this day. My other blogs reveal that I am walking in a faith that is not my own but is the faith of the Son of God who is leading me forward step by step. Yesterday was not really a good day for me but today looks a bit better because life goes on and I am determined to keep walking, keeping my eyes on Him. It’s all so good.

My challenge to all of us today – don’t see our Christianity as a risk filled with chance but see it as an adventure on a sure path that is laid out for us in Christ in faith. It changes our take on our life if we see it that way. You risk nothing for He is our great reward. You gain Christ. He is our life.

In Christ,
Debra Westbrook

10511315_794327653940721_886065626280149819_nGod breathed Rivers of Eden Ministry into my life many years ago. I have tried to define it with the typical Christianese language. I can’t. All I know is that our heart’s cry is to focus on Christ, the Tree of Life – to show forth His grace and flow in His glory wherever we are sent. Holy Spirit flows through us (Marvin and I), in creative expression, through preaching, teaching, prophetic flow – people are healed and set free. Divine connections are the norm for us. We go where God leads us – wherever and whenever He wants us to go. The reality of Christ in me, the hope of glory, is alive and well. Now, I am ready to move out again. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter. God may want to lead us your way – to your home group, church, gathering.

My New Normal: There’s No Room At The Inn

When you declare that risk and change are the new normal in your life, be prepared to see that statement challenged. So it goes with me. And you? I know some of you out there can relate.

As I write, I write about prophetic lifestyle. I don’t believe that to speak for God, one has to always say, “I the Lord say this” or “Thus saith the Lord”. Or to go on and on about what I believe God is saying, hoping the repetition somehow adds validity to the statement I am making. Or to qualify every statement with “God told me” or “I heard from God”.  I am going to speak out of the flow of my prophetic life. Yes, I live a prophetic life, which means that Marvin and I follow the flow of Holy Spirit. I speak what I walk. I walk what I speak.

Take_RisksSo our new normal is risk and change. I said it. I believe it. And, I still believe it even though our trip to San Diego yesterday did not pan out – nothing, nada, nothing – every door closed on every place we looked to rent. So, what do I do? I was soooooo discouraged but a little sleep and a bit of time of just looking at God saying “Okay, what now? Do you realize that we have only 2-3 weeks left to move?”

I always sense His smile even when I am a bit askew, out of sorts or out of sync. I am walking in change and risking it all to follow Him. There is no plan B. There is no turning back. So San Diego only produced a long ride through hellish LA traffic to spend hours riding around looking for that perfect place. Not a perfect place on the outside. That perfect place that just glows and God says “Settle here. I have a work for you to do here, right here.”

I can’t go the normal route or what I used to do. Remember what I wrote yesterday:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

And then there is Kenya, our upcoming trip that keeps getting pressed back each month. Right after I declare the new normal is about risk and change – $2200 in car repairs. I know many of you know what I mean. Okay, I am still smiling through it all. I really am. But, reality does set in hard and then it is necessary for me to rise above the reality to see the promise and hold it tight.

A hard decision was made. At this time, we simply can’t afford to go to Kenya unless we get a miracle in the realm of finances. I once heard John Eckhart say, “The apostolic/prophetic funds itself.” That is true. All along this journey, after years of walking in ministry, we rarely get donations. God always seems to finance these trips through a raise, a promotion in job, and other ways. We will not beg, hype things up, or coerce. I can’t do that. I have never done that and I won’t start now. (Here’s a little aside. I am human you know with feelings. Over the years, we give and give and give to many many people. There I said it. It’s true. A lot of seeds sown but not a lot of harvest. Many walked away or stole from us, yet we forgive and walk on. This small testimony is just the tip of the iceberg. I am not one to major on this or rant and rave but sometimes I need to say it to be authentic and truthful about this side of our Christianity.)

Woman So what does God do now? Three hours back in that hellish traffic of LA and I am totally disgruntled. I am sitting in the car, marveling at why anyone wants to live here and suffer this commute. Griping inside and complaining, I get a full-fledged vision. (God’s grace, grace, grace.) Did I just say, “God said”? Didn’t I say above I don’t like that or don’t do that to qualify my own heart? Well yes and no. I saw a vision, which is common for me. I take these visions to heart. And, the vision is from God. Here goes.

I saw Marvin like Joseph and me like Mary, wandering, pregnant to the max with possibility after a long long year of a mundane walk in pregnancy. We wandered here, there and everywhere, looking for some place to stay. No where. We tried going every possible route to birth this baby but all we met with were doors slammed in our face and a lot of:

“There’s no room.”
“What did you say your name was?”
“Where are your credentials, your resumes?”
“Who’s your covering?”
“Who did you say you were?”
“Who you?”

Well the prophetic is now syncing with our reality. In other words, we are walking what we are talking. We are the message right now. So, stay tuned. There is more coming.

I am so pregnant (only spiritually folks, my kiddos are 31 and 34). So pregnant, Christ forming and moving in me, ready to birth that which has been prophesied over me for a long time. But, now there is no room for us at the inn, physically or spiritually.

So what to do?

We search for our ‘stable’ where we expect wise men and shepherds to visit us. Africa is on the back burner but only temporarily………the promise does not die.

More coming. Another trip to San Diego in the next few days…I know this is where God wants us. He will supply. Love you guys.

In Christ,

cropped-10177248_755497004490453_3881209406351311543_n.jpgRivers of Eden Ministry God breathed this into my life many years ago. I have tried to define it with the typical Christianese language. I can’t. All I know is that our heart’s cry is to focus on Christ, the Tree of Life – to show forth His grace and flow in His glory wherever we are sent. Holy Spirit flows through us (Marvin and I), in creative expression, through preaching, teaching, prophetic flow – people are healed and set free. Divine connections are the norm for us. We go where God leads us – wherever and whenever He wants us to go. Christ in me, the hope of glory. Now, I am ready to move out again. Our first place – Kenya, August 18-September 2, 2014 (God willing with a clear miracle) . Contact us on Facebook or Twitter. God may want to lead us your way – to your home group, church, gathering.