Our Kenya Years

Kenya Map

Kenya Map

The best thing about Kenya is its people, their joy, their resilience, and their strength. Our experiences in Kenya were the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, yet our love never wavers for this nation. God called us there for the first time in 2002. It has been over 5 years since we have been back. It is almost 2014 and I still think about it quite often. Waiting on God, I listen carefully should He open a door for me to return.

When I think about Kenya, I think ‘light’. There is a radiance and splendor shining forth from the heart of the nation. Amidst the villages and the cities, the Lord has blessed Kenya with beauty. Look into a Kenyan’s eyes and you see light, the light of hope that tomorrow will be better than today. They live with hope for the future, despite any attack that presents itself in the day. Kenyans are resilient. You knock them down, they get up. And, when they get up, they are still joyful despite everything that tries to come against them.

When I think about Kenya, I think “joy”. The joy of the Lord is their strength. That inner fortitude carries them into their future, investing their lives into their families and children. Joy flows through Kenya like a river. It flows through the generations despite outward turmoil or inward despair. Joy is inherent in their nature, as if God, by His hand, wove it throughout their DNA. They are joyful. It is who they are. It is how they live.

Kenya Girls with Bananas

Kenya Girls with Bananas

When I think about Kenya, I think about its greatest resource, its people, especially its children. Children are a living, running, smiling testimony that God is making a way from generation to generation. God manifests in the present His own hope for the future in the children of Kenya. God births life through children so that we remember; He is greater than poverty or lack. He is greater than despair and disillusionment. He is greater than disease. He is able to do above and beyond anything we can think or imagine.

Children are unique – simple, unique, shining brightly with joy. They are loved. They are wanted here. They are valued. Families loving children generation after generation. I can still see meetings where the children would gather at the front of the venue, sitting and watching us minister. I see their smiles –always smiling.

Kenya Marvin and Girl with Flowers

Kenya Marvin and Girl with Flowers

Before I jump into 2014 with passion and purpose, I remember where I came from in years past. I remember who influenced me and what impacted my life. Finland has changed my life. Abu Dhabi has changed my life. And Kenya has changed my life. Each nation has imparted strength into the fiber of my being. My life has been greatly blessed and enriched by Kenya. I feel quite sure in what I am writing. I am not rambling about my travels. I see God making a way through all of this to show me again that my call is to the nations. I am a nomad at heart for travel and adventure burn in my spirit.  In writing this, the Lord is speaking to me to remember His promises. Remember the doors that will open with the new experiences and the greatest adventures. Remember the call to go forth in His glory and grace. Remember that He who has called me is faithful, and He will do it.  

A Circular Flow – Creativity in Christ

quotes-on-adventure-2I preached a message once about Circular Christianity”. Perhaps I will blog about it in the future but for now, I will give you a one paragraph shortened version of it all. Jesus did not live life according to a linear reality such as a timeline. He allowed people and situations to impact His life along His journey. He knew that He came from the Father and was going back to the Father (Circular Rhythm). In this way of life, He stopped, led by the Holy Spirit, for anything that intersected with His life. He moved circularly if you get my picture visually. He lived creatively to the sound of heaven. So He valued the day-to-day, led by the Spirit. His life was full and quite busy, yet He moved in rest.

We, on the other hand, are driven and always complaining about having so little time. Our timelines go forward in time, with key moments that intersect our life – birth, marriage, babies, jobs, travel, and death. Sometimes, between birth and death, we really don’t actually live because we are driven from point to point. Why not allow the creativity of the Holy Spirit to impact your life? This may sound ridiculous if you are driven to achieve and work for hours on end each week, but quantity is not what I am talking about here but quality of life.

Look at Jesus briefly with me right now. He lived a life, moving in the Spirit, with a flow that was sourced in peace and rest. Can I say the same? In a way I can because I do live my life like this now, but I did not do this always. Jesus moved circularly. Meditate on this a bit. He knew where He came from and where He was going back to and everything in between had purpose because His focus was on an eternal purpose moving through His life in the earthly realm. That is life, abundant and full.

jesus_center-448x220John 4 – Jesus and the woman at the well. He stopped. Against all cultural constraints, He stopped and her life was changed forever more. Speaking prophetically over her life, He brought forth revelation that challenged the darkness in her life with the light of the Living Word.

John 9:6 – Jesus spit on the ground, made clay with His Saliva and anointed a blind man’s eyes. The man received his sight through this creative act. Jesus heard the Father give Him a creative revelation. This changed the man forever and the people observing this miracle.

Matthew 19:13 – Jesus calls the children to lay hands on them for prayer. Children love the circular moments of life. Have you noticed that they stop for the most obscure things that capture their attention? The disciples rebuked Jesus for this. Go figure right? Should not be a surprise. They lived linearly and were only worried about earthly cares and concerns.

Jesus chose 12 diverse, unique men from various backgrounds.  What more can be said about this right? Look at the church. Look carefully. The church honors uniformity and conformity. Jesus challenged this with diversity and creativity.

There is much more to say on this and so many examples. The rest is for you to explore as you pray. Jesus will reveal truth to you right where you are in life. So why am I writing on this? It is because I am a creative thinker, a spontaneous believer, and a woman who loves adventure. I know there are more like me out there. What to do? I refuse to accept man-made Christianity. I surrender to the flow of the Holy Spirit in my life. I listen to the sound of heaven, only doing what I hear the Father saying to me. It is not only possible. It is the only way to live.