Look Around – Some People Are Not Walking With You Into Your Future

Open RoadIt’s a sad fact but some people, no matter what we do, will not walk with us into our future. We may want them to with all of our heart, knowing that the fit seems perfect, at least to us. Yet, they stand resolute in the now, seeing us as we were but not as we are. Everyone and I mean everyone is capable of change and restoration in God’s grace. In Hm there is hope and restoration.

Our heart is still linked with their heart. We ask forgiveness, seek reconciliation, a second chance – and all the while time goes by without the slightest indication that the situation will change. They still stand and won’t move any closer to where we are.

Open DoorA choice has to be made, a sad choice but a true one. It is time to settle things within our hearts, look one more time, and move on. We have done all we know to do.

Reconcile this fact within yourself, focusing on the good in the situation, at least one good thing. All of us can find at least one good thing if not more in life’s difficult circumstances. It is time to reconcile with our self, our dreams, and our vision. Time to be restored and move ahead.

There may be a measure of grief in the parting- loss on many different levels. We can’t keep holding on. Standing too long in this place develops an inner hopelessness – a river of regret constantly flowing, looking back at possibilities that never came about over time.

PaintbrushThe future holds hope. Let’s walk. We don’t walk alone. Jesus walks with us in sync with our steps, healing, restoring in His  great abundant grace. He walks slowly at first as we come to terms with this loss that grips our heart. Filled with grace, He knows our pain and our sorrow.

He walks in sync with us for a bit but at some point down the road He picks up the pace and says, “Let’s go! You’ve spent too much time in introspection, deep reflection….let’s move. It’s going to be alright.”

This is truth, no matter how deep the pain there are only a few choices to be made – walk on or stand still. Don’t stand still focused on the now which links itself to the past in constant memories of regret.

Those people standing around us, whether in real life or in our constant memories – they’re not going with us into our future. We can’t make them go. It’s their decision now and perhaps one day they will meet us down the road but we can’t wait. Time is moving on and so must we. Be encouraged.

DebraIn Christ,

What’s Our New Normal?

Insanity EinsteinChoices, changes, risks – this is our new normal. Each way that I turn, changes face me head on. Change seems to be calling me from many different directions, at the same time.I did not plan it this way. (Thanks God.) I call it risk. He calls it faith and trust. “Walk this way,” He says.

This quote plays in my mind as often as my favorite song, Counting Stars by One Republic.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

I want change. I love change. The past year, though, has felt like a life overloaded with boredom. Stuck in a rut, doing the same ole, same ole day after day. Comfortable may sound good and safe. Yet, that is not my life.

I can fight change sometimes. It usually happens when I am on overload in the midst of choices, endless choices. Then, I want to sink into my couch and watch Jeopardy or House Hunters International for hours. Tune into the inane. Tune out the fear of walking into the unknown.

Choices all around but nothing seems to give me the ‘go ahead’ to move out. God is looking but not always speaking the way He used to speak to me. Why is that? Is this the way? Or is that the way? I ask God certain questions that may be based in fear, not faith. At this point in my life, He doesn’t often answer those questions for me. He just says, “Walk this way.”

(I will write about the prophetic stuff again, very soon, but right now, I want to process this change and adventure that is before us. This blog is writing ME….)

I often speak about change, challenging many of you. You don’t have to settle into a life that is formed from a standard template. We can each go a different route, led by Holy Spirit – uncharted, pioneering, and adventurous. We don’t have to go to the other side of the world to experience this. It may be right in your own city or neighborhood. For us, though, change is accompanied with travel to experience our life and purpose. Change starts within and flows out. Trusting God and responding to Holy Spirit. Change for change’s sake is not what I want. I want to be positioned in Christ with Christ and for Christ right where He wants me.

My prayers are being answered as I write to walk in an adventurous life. Now I am ready to walk on water without a life jacket. (Did I just say that?) That is my God, so awesome. Risk to me (with some fear because I am human) – faith and trust to Him.

I am wired for change. I have to keep reminding myself of this fact. I am wired for change, travel. That is why we don’t own a home. We don’t use the word retire. We don’t live like many 50 or 60 year-olds around us live. We are moving in Holy Spirit where God wants us to be. Each life has choices. We counted the cost to live like this – not always easy or understood. Sometimes lonely. Sometimes afraid. Always different.

So, God speaks and tells us to think out of the box. Don’t do anything like we usually do it, expecting the same results. That is insanity. Choosing what is normal and expecting it to be different. Doesn’t work that way most of the time.

Risk is not just some word I use, sitting comfortably in my living room, appearing to be cutting edge. Adventure is not somewhere “out there”. I don’t want to watch the latest version of House Hunters International where others jump out of the boat to move to Borneo or Belize, not me. I want life. I choose life, therefore I choose change. (I don’t want to move to Borneo, though. Nothing against Borneo.)

We don’t own a home. (Our choice) We don’t use the word retire. (We are not cut out for golf and cruises for our pastimes.) We (Marvin and I) are free to move out. That is what we are doing, right now. Many changes in store for us.

Lease up in July. Move to San Diego? We think so. Let’s see. It’s a bit over 3 weeks away and we don’t have anything clear right now. Perhaps our trip to San Diego tomorrow will show us.

Kenya trip in 8 weeks – new relationships, new form of ministry, so so glorious. It’s all good. I don’t want to do what looks the same, smells the same or sounds the same and expect different results. That is insanity.

I am beginning to walk out in real-time what is stirring in my heart and has been stirring there for many years – to live, move and have my being in Christ. This is the turning point I know is here, the turn around, to see, look and move in a different direction from that which we always did in times past. Just some thoughts for today. San Diego tomorrow.

In Christ
Debra Westbrook

466987_385067658200058_340338782_oRivers of Eden Ministry – God breathed this into my life many years ago. I have tried to define it with the typical Christianese language. I can’t. All I know is that our heart’s cry is to focus on Christ, the Tree of Life – to show forth His grace and flow in His glory wherever we are sent. Holy Spirit flows through us (Marvin and I), in creative expression, through preaching, teaching, prophetic flow – people are healed and set free. Divine connections are the norm for us. We go where God leads us – wherever and whenever He wants us to go. I have been on the back burner for a long time, losing my edge so it seem. That is a good thing for I am finding the reality of Christ in me, the hope of glory. Now, I am ready to move out again. Our first place – Kenya, August 18-September 2, 2014. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter. God may want to lead us your way – to your home group, church, gathering.