Creative Friday: A Visual Feast – Prophetic Artist Karen Martin

Welcome to 1st Friday and a Visual Feast. This blog, riversofeden1, flows in creative expression in Christ. For me that flows through words, stories, and prophetic insights. For others, like Karen Martin, creativity flows through art. Enjoy!

Karen Martin – Lover of Jesus, Artist, Music Teacher

For an artist, inspiration comes from many sources. I can see a beautiful flower, a pond filled with Koi or some simple pots. My vision immediately focuses on the beauty of God’s creation in many different forms. This stirs my spirit to create.


My abstract works are often painted during a church service. I focus on Jesus and ask Him to guide me in what He wants me to paint that day. At that point, I can feel both excited and overwhelmed when I realize that the whole congregation may be watching me through the process. I often ask myself “What if nothing of His glorious nature shows up on this canvas?” Then I realize that I have to get out-of-the-way and remember that He will guide my hand and my heart. I paint and trust.


Other times, God challenges me to feel His heart for certain issues. I focus on abortion or human trafficking. This stirs up my emotions for some time and then at some point, an image emerges in the conscience part of my brain that reveals the issue to me in visual form. “How do I do this?” is often the cry of my heart. I feel incapable of painting something so gloriously revealed with my existing skill set. So, the challenge is on. How do I paint what I see in my mind?


Art seems to be in my creative DNA in Christ. I started painting as a child. My creative pursuit of art is enhanced by many various passions and hobbies in my life. Marriage, family, teaching, acting, and music – they all enhance my work.

Painting is always a struggle for me to this day…but it is a glorious struggle where I place this gift in God’s hands and both of us flow together in creating something that will bring Him glory. He is the ultimate artist, isn’t He?



Karen Martin
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Creative Expression – Missing Pieces and Restoration Part 1

This week, I want to sound forth some ‘random thoughts’. These are like puzzle pieces, coming at me from all different directions trying to find their place to fit into the bigger picture. I want to start seeing the whole picture for this ministry that I am carrying inside of me. I want to see that perfect picture that God has ordained for my life and Rivers of Eden Ministry. My thoughts are prophetic in nature, breathing life into me by Holy Spirit. I pray they do the same for each of you reading this.

When God plants a seed in your life, and when that seed is indeed God, it cannot be aborted, denied, or disregarded when you are passionately in love with God and what He has planned for your life. For me, there is no way I would or could disconnect from His life growing inside of me. Carrying this for so many years, I have learned to live in the tension of waiting, wondering and at times, losing hope. The tension of carrying it within me but seeing no outward manifestation according to the promise, gets tiring.

It has not been until  today, this very morning, that the ‘light’ went on. I don’t say that lightly. I have been in charismatic circles long enough to know that much was declared forth and sounded forth that was not necessarily God over the years.  In my life right now, if it is not God, it is better for me if I just look at it from a distance. But, this ministry, Rivers of Eden is a seed inside of me. I remember the exact moment in time when I received its name by the Holy Spirit. I was on a plane from San Francisco to Atlanta when I heard, “I am giving you a ministry and its name shall be Rivers of Eden.” Immediately I turned to my friend and repeated these words, not even knowing what to make of it.

For years I pondered and reflected on what Rivers of Eden meant. I knew that it was unique and creative, dependent on a team concept of people entering into the river with their creativity and their process. I am called to mentor creativity in Christianity, challenging people to break out of any template imposed by religion. I will go forth and minister anywhere God wants to take us. In other words, I challenge people to break out their clone mode and to find their creative bent in life in Christ. To me, that task seems outrageous. I feel the least qualified due to intense shame in my life over the past years. Yet, it is a new day and God chooses the ‘foolish things’.

I knew instinctively that I could not do this alone. Yet I also did not see it coming to life after years of rejection, anger and insecurity. Oh yes, also fear. So I kept trying to birth it on my own for many years. So many years later, I was still trying. I stopped. And, it hurt. And I was disillusioned and feeling abandoned by God and alone. Did I leave anything out?

Then God said “February will be a turning month for you.” Yes, that proved to be true with new connections and new doors – even an opportunity to relocate. We are contemplating that right now.

Then God said (since He does talk to us, you know). He said, “For you, March will come with a restoration of missing pieces.”

Something is innately different this time. I am just entering in to these words with faith, not striving. I am seeing God bring them to pass. That is why I wrote what I did about Rivers of Eden on Facebook. It is shifting, changing and coming into view right before my eyes, right here and right now.

Each child that is brought forth into life comes with unique characteristics and DNA. There is no one person like another person.  In regards to ‘ministry’ and I say that word without any religious connotations, God also births unique out flowing of our lives in Christ.  Perhaps you are waiting on a promise. Perhaps you don’t want the standard fare that is ‘out there’. I surely don’t. God not only puts the pieces together. He arranges connections and relationships between people. Then, He positions you in the right environment where there is community and celebration of what is in you. I am ready. Let’s see what the rest of March brings my way.

Can you relate to this in any way? I hope you can and will share some comments below. I pray that this challenges you to know that God is faithful to fulfill that which He promises each of us.

In Christ, Debra Westbrook

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