Look No More – You’re In!

No Place Like HomeSo often we look for a home, a place to settle, somewhere to fit in, to be seen……totally unseeing that as a Christian, we are IN Christ. He is our abiding place.

People rush here, there and everywhere trying to fit in and be part of something that will identify their purpose. Many seek associations of various kinds to justify their life and their call.

Look no further than Jesus and you will find the WAY in the Spirit that He calls us to walk. No matter where we go or visit, the simple realization is that no man calls us, promotes us, or sustains us in life. It is Jesus alone. So often we wait for the right ministry, network or person to give us some measure of affirmation and it is basically a waste of time. One can get what they desire if they cry out long enough, don’t we? We may find that we get what we really don’t want.

Our identity, purpose, calling…everything is In Christ. From that point Holy Spirit leads us in relationships with others to affirm and to form community with, often flowing forth in ministry.

I don’t identify my life, my being by any outward alignment but by an inward alignment – first in Christ and then with people He connects us with. It is becoming quite simple to me day by day by day.


In Christ,
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A Tiny Place of Restricted Creativity – The Mundane Middle

The Tiny Range of Motion
Seth Godin – Linchpin

“I watched author and conductor Roger Nierenberg teach a session using a symphony orchestra as an example. First, he asked the group to play the piece as well synchronized as possible. Then he had them do it again, asking each person to go to their own personal edge, engaging the music the way they wanted instead of the way the group wanted. 

To the untrained ears in the room, the two versions were difficult to tell apart. 

That’s because we teach people to stick within a tiny range. We don’t want the lows to be too low, so we limit the highs as well. The people in this orchestra couldn’t even visualize themselves racing outside the box that had been established for them. Creativity is not choosing to wear a pink shirt to an office where only blue and white are standard. That’s merely window dressing. 

We see this in organizations of all types. We ask someone to do something wacky or original and they change the tiniest surface element instead of finding the root of a creative solution. That’s no accident. That’s what we taught them to do. The opportunity is in changing the game, changing the interaction, or even changing the question.”

Oh my. So much revelation is hidden within these words. There is so much to say about this. I see so many Christians and Christianity in general stuck in the middle of the mundane. Thank God that His grace is the oil on the road that is calling us forth to forsake the mundane middle and to walk into a broad place of freedom and creativity in Christ. Thank God for that.

Green DoorLimitations press us on all side. Don’t go too high or too low. Stay in the safety zone. But did Jesus do that? Of course not. I love his words above. There is a great Kingdom message whether he knows it or not.  Each of us in Christ must venture to our own personal edge of life where Jesus calls us to risk, jump, be, walk, stay, be still…….it is a personal way in Christ – creative for all of us and when we walk it there is perfect unity in the Spirit.

We settle for so much less than living the life of Christ that is within us. Jesus was radical, revolutionary and creative in all ways. His life is our  life. We walk in a broad place of revelation, creativity, adventure and journey.

Open DoorCreativity does not just tweak the norm or enhance the mundane. Creativity – radical thoughts and revelation of upheaval and then penetrating the mundane middle, walking it out in faith in the Son of God

Have I always been this way? No, it’s been a bit suppressed by an internal gauge within me of trying to be everything to everybody. It feels good to be out and to call others into this broad place of freedom in Christ.

My wisdom for today – don’t stick within that tiny range of motion because of fear. Move out to discover who you are in Christ. I thought I knew but each day I am asking the Lord, “Who is Debra, Lord?” And, He is walking and talking with me as we sync it out together.

DebraIn Christ

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