Stretch Out Into Today – Time Is On Our Side

ImageJesus threw Himself into the moment and sanctified time for us now by flowing in the Spirit. Our time on earth is holy, precious and filled with purpose. Do you see your time this way? I will admit that I didn’t always see it this way.

In my life, I felt like time passed me by. I felt pulled back or paralyzed, often lost in my own life, without direction. Now, I wake up and do everything for the glory of the Lord – no matter how big or small. Time is on my side and infused with the glory of eternity. I access my time by faith and obediently walk it out. I throw myself into the moments and in doing that the rush of freedom in Christ overtakes me and eternity beckons me to open my eyes to see, to stretch out into today. I walk by faith, not by sight.

Therefore we do not lose heart. Even though our outward man is perishing, yet the inward man is being renewed day by day. 17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, 18 while WE DO NOT LOOK AT THE THINGS WHICH ARE SEEN, BUT AT THE THINGS WHICH ARE NOT SEEN. For the things, which are, seen are temporary, but the things, which are not seen, are eternal. 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

There is no time like the present so stretch out into today. With each passing moment, Jesus attuned His ear to heaven to hear the Father and to see what He was doing. He seized the moments and moved in eternity’s call – stopping for the woman at the well, healing the blind, raising the dead……… Each moment in time presented opportunities for Him when He captured them in faith.

He surrendered His life in time so that time would have no control over our lives. We live in time as eternal spiritual beings. Each moment I have is infused with eternity when I choose to believe and see with the eyes of faith.

Francis Chan QuoteA fear of time breeds anxiety and worry. Time tries to capture us in chaos and uncertainty unless we know, truly know that Jesus opened the door of heaven for us and invited us to live in time, within the boundless beauty of eternal glory. NOW.

So rather than wait, ponder, hesitate, procrastinate…stretch out into today. We have all we need in Christ to move in Holy Spirit to do what He’s called us to do.

Time levels itself out as we stretch out in faith. As we walk forward in faith, time presents itself in various ways.

There is the immediate in which we grasp heaven’s direction now. Moments in time overwhelm us with His beauty and glory. What was is gone and something new is here, breakthrough now.

There is that which is right ahead. We walk towards it as faith lays the path but we have to start now or we won’t get there. We see in the Spirit and walk to the sounds of a different drummer.

There is the future on the horizon. We glance at it, look at it and believe it but always remember it is the now moments in time that take us there. So time presents itself NOW and asks us the question, “What are you going to do with TODAY?”

Time is on my side and God asks me what I am going to do with it – each and every day. (Ephesians. 2:6 and Colossians 3:1)

So go ahead – dream, imagine, live it out in Holy Spirit.

Wisdom draws the boundary lines of what to do, where to go, what to believe for. Without Wisdom, we can easily get distracted and be drawn into places that are outside our heaven ordained purpose.

Jesus hems us in on all sides as Wisdom teaches us how to navigate time within wide-open place of exploration and adventure in Christ.

Wisdom walks with us, sets the pace and directs our steps in a glorious adventure. Sometimes we run, sometimes we walk, and sometimes we just stroll along with Him. Time is on our side.

Stretch out into TODAY! Each day has meaning and value…don’t lose track of the moments. In the moments there are people waiting to be healed, looking for a prophetic word from you. In the moments there are doors waiting for you to open in visions, revelation and eternal treasures in Christ. Stretch out into TODAY!


In Christ




Short and Sweet Today – Life in Christ, The Greatest Reality

Peace in ChristThe problem of chaos and complexity in our daily lives, in this nation, in the world can be deconstructed down to one overarching reality – the simplicity of Christ. As we pursue answers to problems, chase new movements, try to analyze trends, our mind can be bogged down in the mire of confusion.

Let’s face it…what we are seeing around us right now is confusion and chaos on a massive scale. The more we try to define it or capture it and place it somewhere on a list of what we understand, we soon realize that there is no understanding to it all.

That is……apart from Christ in whom all is held together. There is a simplicity in Christ that opens a door to creations’s reality. Meditate, think on Jesus and what flows from that is glorious reality. The power of the blood. The finished work of the cross. And….so much more.

To bear down into the simplicity of Christ so that His life is lived in and through us opens a wide door of life in the kingdom where the answers are not as important as the simplicity of knowing Him and the power of resurrection life lived through us, quickened by the Spirit right NOW.

Some thoughts to encourage today. I can see that many are mired and brought down into the reality of an abiding confusion trying to steal peace, joy, and the action of faith movement. Jesus is the way…………His life in us is the way into living in the world but not of the world. We live actively, passionately dreaming but never in denial of the condition of what is around us at all times. But……this chaos is not IN us. I am in Christ, hidden in God in Christ.

Dream again and dream big, not in the reality of the limited nature of the world around us. Dream again with God in Christ in a limitless life that resides in each of us, the power of the Kingdom and the power of His resurrection, quickened to us in the Spirit to live, to dream and to move in faith into areas that open up to us in Christ. Jesus is the way. Think on that today.



In Christ,
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Creative Expression – Revelation Locations – What Do You Think?

San PanchoMarvin and I spent the last week in San Pancho, Mexico, a wonderful village about 40 minutes out of the ‘mega-tourist’ destination called Puerto Vallarta. I love the ‘out of the way’ places and find myself thriving in these locations. I feel dull in Valencia, hence I sense our move out of here soon, very soon. I felt alive in San Pancho.

This led me to start thinking about some things, thoughts that I have written about before and preached about in years past. Revelation locations. Sounds a bit strange but that is the word that I came up with as I thought about my trip this past week. We rented a beautiful house (quite cheaply) and had almost what would be considered a private beach. Each day I sank deeper and deeper into a settled peace which allowed me to take my mind off of what I considered inevitable chaos while in SoCal.  I found myself dreaming of the impossible. The what-if’s faded into oblivion and the possibilities starting moving into view. I loved it. This became my revelation location in which Jesus downloaded some amazing things into my heart. Where will there creative thoughts take me? Well, writing for one thing. Moving for another thing. And adventure is a sure thing. Marvin and I are surely up to it, most surely.

Have you noticed something in Scripture? Have you seen that people were in distinct locations when a heavenly download took place? I know that this may not always be the case but I am looking for some extraordinary exceptions in my life right now and not the same ole same ole.

John on the island of Patmos – vision after vision after vision – we call it the book of Revelation.

Paul on the road to Damascus – struck down by God, which then led to blindness and finally eyes opening on a street called Straight.

The Ethiopian on the road at a particular time and place and then along comes Philip. Go figure what happens next. The heavens opened.

The Samaritan woman – life changing encounter.

There are more that I can find but I will limit myself to just these few above. My point?

Well, for me the point is that sometimes a change of physical location lends itself to some incredible revelation.

Sometimes getting up and moving out from a boring complacent position opens a window in heaven. And, sometimes, as I can well attest to, staying too long in one place for too long, leaves one empty, drained and without vision. Thank God for restoration in this sense.

I am not saying that we should always look ‘out there’ to receive, but I am saying that God makes it pretty clear that I should obey His directives in Holy Spirit when given. Why? Because ‘out there’ there is something waiting to be poured out that may not happen where I currently find myself standing.

San PanchoFor me, it was San Pancho. Something shifted in me, again. These months of turning are quite excellent indeed. That shift followed me home to LA where I realized that this place, Valencia, is not where we are supposed to be. Sometimes in order for that first domino to fall, you have to move out, find yourself positioned in the place that God has for you and suddenly, things start falling down in a forward progression in time. Perhaps I may call it breakthrough. Perhaps I may call it progression. In any case, it works for me in my life and perhaps you may want to consider if where you are is where you are supposed to be.

Now meditating on this may require incredible leaps of faith in which you throw caution to the wind and launch out into the deep led by Holy Spirit but He who calls you is faithful and He will do it. He will do it. Surely and truly.

Now based upon what I have just written, how do I put this into practice in the physical realm right now? Well, there is something intense stirring in me. Yet, i can’t interpret it with natural senses for it is a spiritual shift that will cause me to move out in faith. So, I realize that God is faithful and will speak forth words of wisdom to me one step at a time. How does that work?

The dream lies before me in which I long to travel out to the nations more frequently. It does all begin with one step. What do I mean? Well usually when I am seeking direction and the necessary download of wisdom, I pray and worship from a position of rest and I wait and He is faithful to always answer and direct.

I will talk more about this in the next blog. What about you in all this? Any thoughts?

In Christ, Debra Westbrook

DebraRivers of Eden Ministry is called to prophetically minister into the nations, challenging people to a life of creativity in Christ. We (Marvin and I) travel into gatherings, home groups or churches as led by Holy Spirit. in your gathering, home group, conference or church in 2014. We look forward to hearing from you if you sense that Rivers of Eden is called to minister in your area. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter.