I Am Teaching You To Occupy – Chuck Pierce

courageChuck Pierce: Prophetic Word:

“My actions will begin to surprise you! In the midst of My surprising, nations and kings, cities and you—you will begin to see Me in a way you’ve not seen Me. I will reveal Myself in a way I’ve not been revealed. You’ve been asking Me questions, you’ve been seeking Me, and now I will show you! I AM the Possessor of Heaven and I will possess the earth. I AM teaching you to occupy. I will say ‘Step your foot here, and occupy here!’ and I will show you the structures that will fall around you. This will be a time of falling. This will be a time of things parting in front of you. This will be a time that old strongholds will come down. This is My day of beginning! So enter in with Me and you will see a facet of Me you’ve not seen. What you’ve been warring for—- those spoils are before you. Do not hold back! Go all the way in and watch that which has resisted begin to say, ‘Here…have back! Have back! Have back! Have back!’ You will present a gift to Me in days ahead! You will be surprised by your giving ability! I will unlock your giving. And then I WILL unlock your resources. So know that I AM the Possessor of Heaven and Earth, and enter in; My possessions, I will trust with you!”