Hope Revisited

Hope. I keep thinking about hope. I wrote about it in a previous blog post. Then a clear message of hope came out in the Creative Renaissance Conference I attended this past weekend at Upper Room Dallas.

Hope flowed out through several prophetic songs. A prophetic word declared hope in the midst of delay. It also wound its way through the preaching.

Hope in HandHope restored in our lives, singing it out or speaking it out or dancing it out, all implying the same thing – many need to hear a message of hope. God breathed hope throughout the weekend. He’s right here, within me, around me – He is faithful, no matter what it looks like.

Hope embeds itself in the foundation of my life so as to combat the lies when I think about delay. Tweet That

When fog encircles me with accusations of insignificance, telling me that I am forgotten and left behind, I stand on hope. At times, it is all I have because nothing in the natural realm indicates that God’s promises are near to being fulfilled. I contend for hope in personal warfare through worshipping Jesus and by standing firm in the reality that He is faithful.

There is a present delay in promises fulfilled in my life. Whether it is a long-standing need for restoration in a family situation or finances for the ministry, I need hope to keep going, to keep walking one step at a time. I keep looking up and out at the horizon when I can’t see any fulfillment in the present. At those times, when hopelessness seems to be right there, waiting to be acknowledged, He surrounds me with His presence and His unfailing love. I keep walking.

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when the desire comes, it is a tree of life. Proverbs 13:12

How many times have I heard that over the years?

Hope Filled JournalHopelessness is a powerful tool in the hands of the accuser. The enemy (and hopefully, you all realize there is a devil) loves to stir up hopelessness to demean the goodness of God. See it for what it is. Delays come and go but He is faithful.

Hopelessness feels like I am walking through a field that is stripped bare, dry ground with no sign of life apparent upon first glance. But then I keep looking. I look down and around to notice any small burst of life in seedling form. Anything at all. One small glimpse of something green coming out reminds me that He is with me, not against me. I may not understand His ways but I understand His love that He is for me, not against me. My vision syncs with the One who is faithful and I rise up and keep on walking.

His ways are not our ways. Ever heard this from someone in the midst of the struggle? It’s so cliché at the time but it’s truth. God forms my life through His eternal lens. Timing is not as important to God as it is to me. I want it now. Why? Fulfillment implies favor and favor implies success, acceptance and affirmation. Delay makes me feel I am without favor and definitely without a sense of purpose, out of the mix, and forgotten. Delay……..it sucks.

But I choose to hope and I keep walking. I emphasize that I must keep walking towards the horizon. To stand still is paralysis and with that comes fear that erodes my faith. I hope at what can’t be seen but at the One who is faithful.

Any delays in your life right now? How do you walk through those times, keeping in your heart that God is faithful to complete that which He started in you.



In Christ,
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Breaking of the Dawn

Waking up early to clear my mind and engage with the Lord. It has been a hellish 5 years for many of us but it is a new day and a new year. So I am going all out prophetic in this blog. For the past few years, I have gone one way and another way only to find myself full circle back to who I am – creatively prophetic moving in Holy Spirit engaging in the awesome adventure of Christianity, hoping to enlist a generation to join me along the way.

Man in rising sunFor many years, I listened to prophetic words come and go about breakthroughs and shifts but then came this year……..I can’t explain it nor do I want to but I sense deep in my spirit that God is going to do beyond what we can even imagine this year in our lives, our families, dreams, purpose destiny. It is a shift that has taken place in the Spirit and it is real, substantial and true.

A shift in the Spirit is just that………heaven manifesting on earth in Holy Spirit through Christ Jesus in fresh, new ways. Example: For many years, I developed a cynical attitude about anything prophetic. In doing that, I actually fought against my own DNA in whom God called me to be. Not good.

Cynicism cut my supply line to eternal reality. I kept writing it all out here on the blog as to what I deeply desired but living it lacked the spontaneity, adventure and love for Jesus that I so desperately needed in my daily life. Cynicism internally attached itself to everything and actually killed passion and hope in my life for a time. The antidote to cynicism is repent and believe again. I have done that. Passion is restored and hope sets a path of light in my life.

Each day as I wake up to the breaking of the dawn, I sit and worship, pray, read Scripture and wait on God to talk. And…..He does…. in glorious and marvelous ways. The word comes alive as I believe and I see small things begin to transpire in a new day.

EyeFor instance, I had 2 distinct, clear visions. One was of China where I stood in the land and walked the land, praying. I then saw myself taking a sheer scarf and waving it over the land in an intensity of prayer. This back up many prophetic  words from times past about a journey into China for ministry and intercession.

Truth: God is bringing back many things from our past (people, promises, dreams), placing them right in the present in order to open a door to the future.

The other vision involved an increased passionate heart for Europe where I saw a black veil being pulled over the nations. Yet I knew that when darkness increases, light increased so much more and His glory rules and reigns. The darkness is real. Yet there is coming resurrection power that will sweep through a remnant of people that will not bow their knee to that reality but will rise and shine in the power of light and sound to establish the Kingdom through Europe. Great days for Europe. Great days.

Shortly after getting these two visions, an invitation came to go back to Poland to minister prophetically. Here was the manifestation – heaven on earth.

Each day I wake up to something new taking place in my life…….small things, bigger things and everything in between. From this place of faith in the goodness and glory in Christ, I step into what God reveals and believe. From that place, He opens up more and more to me in the realm of connections, a few open doors and increasing revelation.

He is soooo good. Believe and receive…..let Him reveal Himself to you in ways that are awesome and true. Take steps of obedience, small at first, and He guides, leads provides and definitely surprises us along the way.



In Christ,
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