To be Positioned to BE Present

God speaks to me with visions, dreams and prophetic words regarding where I am to go, to live, or to travel. A vision is what brought me to Helsinki in 2002. “Go to Helsinki and pray throughout the nation!” I went along with Marvin and another friend. Led by Holy Spirit, we prayed and traveled throughout Finland.

This Way That WayThere were many more directives over the years.

“Go to Italy! Here is how I want you to walk the land and pray!”

“Go to Detroit and pray over this area! I’ll lead, you follow! ”

To me this is just normal Christianity – filled with supernatural experiences that are in sync with my eternal reality, being seated in heavenly places. From this place, Holy Spirit leads and guides me in the natural realm with heavenly vision. For those who looked at me over the years and often indicated that I was bit ‘off,” I would like to just ask, “How’s your Christianity going for you? Has it settled into a mundane reality or are you living in the adventure of journey in Christ?”

As for me, despite all the ups and downs in the journey, I believe my love for Jesus Christ and my walk of faith is passionately alive and stronger today. I don’t want it any other way. Even through the years in the desert wilderness, I finally learned to be present in the moment to discover God’s hidden beauty in present time. All that dryness in the desert – I fought it at first. Over the years, and there were many, I finally saw the beauty of the moment. It was then that God finally said, “Okay time to move your position again.” God’s positioning of my life is always for a present purpose that He reveals to me over time as I obey and go forward. God is not random. He is purposeful for our lives. And the good thing, I don’t have to sweat over the details. I just need to be tuned into Holy Spirit.

As God positions my life in the natural, He also spiritually births within me a love for the land, the people, the city or the nation. This love is intertwined in my heart so that even as I walk throughout the land, I sense a unity with my purpose for being placed there. There comes intercession and prophetic visions and dreams for the land and the people.

In Finland, as I look back in hindsight, I loved the land and the people. Still do. This enabled me to travel throughout this nation, to see and to know it beyond a superficial understanding. Same thing in Kenya for me – a sense of being divinely positioned by God for such a time as I was there AND will be there again in August of 2015.

I have never just randomly lived anywhere – picked a place on the map and said “Oh that’s nice. Let’s go there.” God is so awesome. Even Marvin’s job assignments were in areas ordained by God.

This is my life. Welcome to it. I am a woman in love with the Living Word of God, Jesus Christ and totally excited about all Holy Spirit has for me.

When we came back from Finland in 2013, we ‘settled’ in Southern California. This is when things seemed a bit different for me. For the first year, we felt lost, alone and not truly connected to anything or anybody. This was new for me. I felt no connection with anything. After one year in Santa Clarita, we moved further west to the coast. This is where I find myself right now as I sit blogging this in Starbucks.

Yet, over the past few months, I see something forming in the distance. I see new things, new assignments and I am walking toward them right now. These past few months have brought preaching assignments and divine connections with some great people. Driving along the coast road from Santa Barbara yesterday, I looked out at the Pacific and my spirit stirred within me about this state. The judgments against this state are so strong from other parts of the country but as one prophet just said “God is NOT through with California!” I believe that with my whole heart.

I Drove A Lonely RoadI am positioned here now to BE present and moving in God’s purpose for the hour i this location. Yet I discovered yesterday that fear began to rise up in me over obstacles to living here. The natural realities of actually committing to God’s purpose here for me in present time came with natural obstacles – finances, affordability, and more. When the natural tries to override supernatural directives, we can find ourselves pulled out of the moment with a million excuses.

“It’s too expensive Lord!”

“How do we do this?”

“Help Lord!”

I actually started crying as I was riding in the car. It was all a bit strange for me. I have always jumped when God said “Go!”

The tension of fear in me fights against trusting God and His purpose. There is a lesson in this for me. I am letting  you share this with me in the journey.

“Lord, how about Dallas…….a lot cheaper. How about that?”

Hope this is making sense for those caught in the moment……more coming…….

DebraIn Christ,

Rivers of Eden will be ministering in Oakdale, CA on July 11-12. We will also be ministering in Kenya for the month of August. We expect great and glorious things.

I would love to speak at your conference, gathering, church or home group. Contact me here, on Facebook or on Twitter. Enjoy reading about Rivers of Eden and the Timeline of our Life!