Can You Hear It? It’s Time to Listen Carefully for the Sound Within a Sound

SpeakingThere is a sound within a sound, or above a sound or behind a sound. Listen carefully with the ears of the Spirit. Sounds can easily mask a reality that lies underneath or around them. I need spiritual ears to discern from what direction the sound comes. What is its source? What is it really sounding out? What should I really be hearing in all of it?

Moses heard a sound within a sound.

When Joshua heard the sound of the people shouting noisily, he said to Moses, “That’s the sound of war in the camp!” But Moses said, Those aren’t songs of victory, and those aren’t songs of defeat, I hear songs of people throwing a party. Exodus 32:17-18 (MSG)

Do you see this? He discerned a true sound.

Jesus often said, “Hear what the Spirit is saying.”

Now is the time to listen carefully.

There is a sound above all this noise that permeates social media, the airwaves, TV, radio……….It is a sound that tries to dictate what I believe. It is a sound that distorts or completely annihilates truth in order to conform me to the image of the world.

I need to rise above all the noise to not only see from a Kingdom perspective but to hear what the Spirit of God is saying. Noise attempts to drive me off course. What course? My Kingdom path of righteousness, peace, joy, wisdom, discernment.

There are peculiar sounds out there that try to lead me astray, taking me into caves of fear or anxiety, trying to drive me onto paths of hesitation, procrastination or confusion. Don’t go there.

There is a so-called king of sound (little k) who sits on a throne, trying (and I say trying because he is defeated) to throw us off course into the path of bondage and imprisonment. He throws out fear into the wind, hoping it catches a wave to cover the earth in chaos. Oh, did I say……there is a devil. The media mocks this idea as quaint and archaic. The politically correct crowd sits with arrogance and condescension at any mention of his reality. Yet there is darkness and light. Let me say right now, light overcomes all darkness. In Christ there is light, life, hope and love.

It’s a good time to realize that spiritual warfare is real. Yet, it is essential to KNOW that we are seated in heavenly places and live IN CHRIST, victorious in every way. We fight this battle from a victorious position in Christ. But, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t keep trying to capture us in his grip. Be very careful what you believe, what you listen to, what you watch. Our spiritual senses are under attack.

Listen carefully to a heavenly sound, a higher reality that flows with revelation from a greater throne. A King of Love who speaks and all of creation responds, listens and even claps their hands.

Shout your praises to God, everybody! Let loose and sing! Strike up the band! Round up an orchestra to play for God, add on a hundred-voice choir. Feature trumpets and big trombones; fill the air with praises to King God. Let the sea and its fish give a round of applause, with everything living on earth joining in. Let ocean breakers call out, “Encore!” and mountains harmonize the finale— A tribute to God when he comes, when he comes to set the earth right. He’ll straighten out the whole world; He’ll put the world right, and everyone in it. Psalms 98:4-9 (MSG)

Listen! Learn to listen carefully! How do I fine-tune my hearing? In His presence.

Worship the Lord in the beauty of His holiness. Be still and know that He is God. Spend time alone – you and Jesus.

Why are you worried? Why do you fear? What sound are you listening to?

Jesus says, “My sheep hear my voice.”

ListenGod shouts and He whispers. His voice is carried on high from the heights of creation while at the same time, whispering within my life, Christ in me, the hope of glory. What a paradox. A God who shouts and whispers at the same time. His sound covers the earth in glory.

Today. This day. Learn to listen. Chaos will increase in the earth. Where is your path of clarity? How do you even find it? How do you know which way to turn?

Again I say, be still and spend time in the presence of the Lord. In this place, He calibrates and aligns your hearing to the beat of His heart. His sound will direct your steps onto a clear path. You will be led forth in wisdom and peace despite chaos all around. People around you will wonder, “Why are you joyful? What is that peace in your life?”

Learn to listen. Be slow to speak and quick to listen. Selah.



Living with Passion and Purpose In Christ,

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The Journey Out Is By Settling In – Part1/3

Jeremiah 29:11The Story – Jeremiah 29 – A Desire to Escape At any Cost – There they were, thousands of Jews in captivity. This was a physical captivity but it affected their life – spiritually and emotionally, too. Their reality in life felt like a prison, something they did not want and were not used to. Could they have wanted a way out so bad that their only possible escape route was to believe ‘positive press?’ Positive press meaning exiled false prophets who were quick on the draw to prophesy…positive things, a way out, or an escape clause.

“You my dear friends, will be released soon and a breakthrough is coming. Can’ you see? There is a fall coming – the fall of Babylon and you, you, you all will be restored to all that is pleasant in Jerusalem. Keep focused on moving out. It will happen before long.”

In the midst of this positive affirmation, Jeremiah comes along and simply says, “Wait patiently for the Lord. He has not forgotten you. Settle into your current circumstance, yet focus on God, His goodness to you, His faithfulness. He sees you all and knows your condition BUT you are not going anywhere yet.”

IMG_5481Two conflicting messages. Of course, the Jews wanted to believe that which was more positive, encouraging, uplifting. I mean, who wants to face suffering, pain and trial, right? But, then again, isn’t life a kaleidoscope, constantly changing, moving, shifting often beyond our understanding and just out of our reach to change anything. That can be very frustrating.

Jeremiah was a prophet. He loved God and he loved the people of God. Sent with a challenging message for the times, he burned with a fire within to speak the truth. There was no other option. Yet, he faced a false narrative being spoken all around him by a group of false prophets who were prophesying only good things. Two conflicting messages, for sure.

IMG_5478Jeremiah keeps speaking.

“Build houses and make yourselves at home. Put in gardens and eat what grows in that country. Marry and have children. Encourage your children to marry and have children so that you’ll thrive in that country and not waste away. Make yourselves at home there and work for the country’s welfare. Pray for Babylon’s well–being. If things go well for Babylon, things will go well for you. (Jeremiah 29:5-7 Message)

Jeremiah keeps speaking.

This is God ‘s Word on the subject: “As soon as Babylon’s seventy years are up and not a day before, I’ll show up and take care of you as I promised and bring you back home. I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out––plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for. (Jeremiah 29:10-11 Message)

Jeremiah keeps saying, “God loves you. He has not forgotten you but my children; you just have to stay put for a bit for this is God’s will for you. Don’t fight me on this. I know what I am saying. As much as you would love to move, change places, just BE somewhere else…just BE where I have planted you, for a season.”

IMG_5479Jeremiah’s words rang true outside of abounding clichés. His words rang with truth, in love, but truth nonetheless. The clichés spoken by the exiled prophets of the day can only hold water for a while and then they show to be without power.

Jeremiah was speaking truth. I can only believe he was thinking something like this. “Don’t look at circumstances. Know that God IS faithful in all things and in all ways. Don’t make god in an image that is manageable. Sometimes, my children, things don’t go the way that you think they should go. Just be still and know God IN this situation, not out of it. There is great learning to be had in this place and great wisdom to be had. Be still.”

We do not like to hear that, today or any day. It is hard to stay in a place of suffering let alone to allow the Lord to use that suffering for His glory. What to do? That is the next blog post. Think about this okay?

DebraIn Christ,