Transition Into 2016 – Holy Spirit Journey To Texas

12314019_1072377059469111_6846878766577459281_nLots of prophetic thoughts rise up in me as I journey into 2016. There will be plenty of blog posts focused on that after the holidays.

But right now, it’s all about settling into Texas. Let me take you on our Holy Spirit journey in how we are walking in sync with the Lord, each and every day during this move. It will be great transitional writing for me leading into the next series of blog posts after the holidays.

Lots of ups and downs in this move,   leading me to trust and obey God with each step. Not seeing the whole picture leaves me frazzled at times but I keep going (along with Marvin).Frustration can set in at the little things – looking at 10 houses and never feeling like this was the ‘one’ for us. Endless hours of driving between El Paso and San Antonio birthed a new level of patience in me. 

I love Holy Spirit adventure, journeying into the heart of God, trusting Him to lead the way into a Christianity that is dynamic and alive, and yes, a bit scary at times.

Downsizing, leaving things behind – either I am going to walk by faith or live in fear. What kind of life is that? Travel and change is my norm. At least, that is what I keep professing isn’t it?

Truth – Left to myself, I probably would not have moved back to Texas. I truly love California. But, when God said to go, we obeyed. Yet, there is more to the initial act of obedience.

God spoke and told me to “Bless Texas.” And so that is what I have been doing – as I am walking country roads in Beaumont close to my mother-in-laws home, driving up to Dallas through, etc. I bless Texas.

And……when we do that…….God places a love in our hearts for that very place into which He calls us for a season – to see its beauty, to encounter its people, and to look with creative eyes to see your purpose here for such a time as this.

Lord, I pray that Texas is our small open door, opening wide, into the nations…only You can do this Lord, in your way, in your divine timing.


In Christ


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Creative Expression – For The Ladies (and Men) In The House

Below are some great quotes from Danny Silk. He wrote an awesome book, Powerful and Free, on the equality of women in the church. Even though I would like to say that we should no longer even have to deal with this, the reality is that we are dealing with this. So, I choose to keep on walking in my equality and freedom in Christ not letting anything hold me back. May these quotes serve as a source of encouragement for each of you, both men and women.

When Eve was taken from Adam’s side, she was formed as a suitable partner, she was given the same authority and mission as her husband. She was not diminished or limited by her relationship to Adam. She was fully empowered in their relationship

By valuing male characteristics more than female ones, we have created an environment where it is very difficult for a woman to be successful and influential without suppressing her femininity. When women have to become like men in order to be trusted and empowered, it is a lose -lose scenario. Men miss out on the dimensions of God conveyed by femininity, and women are not fulfilled because they’re trying to be something they’re not.

Women actually had greater perception regarding who Jesus was, and they acted on their perception while the men reacted to the situation in fear. Then men took off running, but the women kept following Jesus and stayed with Him even as He was crucified.

After Jesus died and was buried, the women continued following Him. Could it be, that women rather than men, were the ones to discover the empty tomb because of their spiritual intuition? Why else would they be drawn to visit and linger in such a dangerous place while the disciples were hiding in fear in their homes?

God told us that He created both men and women to bear His image, meaning that if we only allow men to have the influence in our churches, we are only valuing half of who God is and what He has place in humanity.

Equality is expressed through partnership. Women love the Church and want to be apart of it. They do not want to be regulated to a SIDE group. They need and want to run as equals with men.

Because God chose a woman to bring the Redeemer into the world, the devil declared war on woman. At a spiritual level, this is why we have a history for of underdeveloped and abused women. God deposited the solution to humanity’s hopelessness, the champion who would finally vanquish the deceiver and end his war, within a woman… without a man’s involvement.

“Let your women keep silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak”…….. In this passage of scripture Paul is not affirming a universal “SHUT UP” to all women in the church. In fact, in the same letter to the Corinthians, Paul referred positively to women praying and prophesying in church meetings, which definitely included speaking. Paul was addressing the disorder of CERTAIN women who are constantly speaking out and distracting the service and presentation of the Gospel. Paul was not dealing with the fact that they were speaking, but that they were keeping unbelievers who might attend the meetings from hearing a clear message.

It was only appropriate that Jesus commissioned Mary, a former demon possessed, outcast woman, as His first apostle to announce that patriarchy had received it’s deathblow and the new Kingdom of freedom, love, and restoration had been established.

In Christ, Debra Westbrook

DebraRivers of Eden Ministry is called to prophetically minister into the nations, challenging people to a life of creativity in Christ. We (Marvin and I) travel into gatherings, home groups or churches as led by Holy Spirit. in your gathering, home group, conference or church in 2014. We look forward to hearing from you if you sense that Rivers of Eden is called to minister in your area. Contact us on Rivers of Eden Facebook, Facebook or Twitter.

Creative Expression – Missing Pieces and Restoration Part 1

This week, I want to sound forth some ‘random thoughts’. These are like puzzle pieces, coming at me from all different directions trying to find their place to fit into the bigger picture. I want to start seeing the whole picture for this ministry that I am carrying inside of me. I want to see that perfect picture that God has ordained for my life and Rivers of Eden Ministry. My thoughts are prophetic in nature, breathing life into me by Holy Spirit. I pray they do the same for each of you reading this.

When God plants a seed in your life, and when that seed is indeed God, it cannot be aborted, denied, or disregarded when you are passionately in love with God and what He has planned for your life. For me, there is no way I would or could disconnect from His life growing inside of me. Carrying this for so many years, I have learned to live in the tension of waiting, wondering and at times, losing hope. The tension of carrying it within me but seeing no outward manifestation according to the promise, gets tiring.

It has not been until  today, this very morning, that the ‘light’ went on. I don’t say that lightly. I have been in charismatic circles long enough to know that much was declared forth and sounded forth that was not necessarily God over the years.  In my life right now, if it is not God, it is better for me if I just look at it from a distance. But, this ministry, Rivers of Eden is a seed inside of me. I remember the exact moment in time when I received its name by the Holy Spirit. I was on a plane from San Francisco to Atlanta when I heard, “I am giving you a ministry and its name shall be Rivers of Eden.” Immediately I turned to my friend and repeated these words, not even knowing what to make of it.

For years I pondered and reflected on what Rivers of Eden meant. I knew that it was unique and creative, dependent on a team concept of people entering into the river with their creativity and their process. I am called to mentor creativity in Christianity, challenging people to break out of any template imposed by religion. I will go forth and minister anywhere God wants to take us. In other words, I challenge people to break out their clone mode and to find their creative bent in life in Christ. To me, that task seems outrageous. I feel the least qualified due to intense shame in my life over the past years. Yet, it is a new day and God chooses the ‘foolish things’.

I knew instinctively that I could not do this alone. Yet I also did not see it coming to life after years of rejection, anger and insecurity. Oh yes, also fear. So I kept trying to birth it on my own for many years. So many years later, I was still trying. I stopped. And, it hurt. And I was disillusioned and feeling abandoned by God and alone. Did I leave anything out?

Then God said “February will be a turning month for you.” Yes, that proved to be true with new connections and new doors – even an opportunity to relocate. We are contemplating that right now.

Then God said (since He does talk to us, you know). He said, “For you, March will come with a restoration of missing pieces.”

Something is innately different this time. I am just entering in to these words with faith, not striving. I am seeing God bring them to pass. That is why I wrote what I did about Rivers of Eden on Facebook. It is shifting, changing and coming into view right before my eyes, right here and right now.

Each child that is brought forth into life comes with unique characteristics and DNA. There is no one person like another person.  In regards to ‘ministry’ and I say that word without any religious connotations, God also births unique out flowing of our lives in Christ.  Perhaps you are waiting on a promise. Perhaps you don’t want the standard fare that is ‘out there’. I surely don’t. God not only puts the pieces together. He arranges connections and relationships between people. Then, He positions you in the right environment where there is community and celebration of what is in you. I am ready. Let’s see what the rest of March brings my way.

Can you relate to this in any way? I hope you can and will share some comments below. I pray that this challenges you to know that God is faithful to fulfill that which He promises each of us.

In Christ, Debra Westbrook

Debra and ChloeRivers of Eden Ministry is called to prophetically minister into the nations, challenging people to a life of creativity in Christ. We (Marvin and I) travel into gatherings, home groups or churches as led by Holy Spirit. in your gathering, home group, conference or church in 2014. We look forward to hearing from you if you sense that Rivers of Eden is called to minister in your area. Contact us on Rivers of Eden Facebook, Facebook or Twitter.