Sounds Within Sounds – Speaking Truth, Bringing Healing and Confronting Contradictions Part 1

Heart MonitorA variety of sounds cross a threshold into my life on a daily basis. God anoints me in Holy Spirit to hear sounds within sounds and the discernment to know what people are really saying behind a multitude of words. He teaches me to walk in humility and grace in this, knowing when to speak and when to be silent and listen. Just because God shows me something, it does not give me the right to speak. Lesson learned.

Moving in this vein, I listen to what people are saying, and then discern the root of what they are dealing with in their life. Once discerned, prayers manifest which display God’s power and healing into the person’s life. This is discernment on an individual level, person by person. All of us in Christ should be moving to some extent in this way. It is normal Christianity.

As God forms my voice and my sound, I see something else happening in my life. My ear is being attuned to discern a sound that is coming forth in a larger wavelength, across a wider spectrum of people – a corporate expression of Christianity today. Many are answering a question: “Who do you say that I am?” How do we see Jesus? How do our words actually flow from our heart in who Christ is? Does religion veil His reality, His preeminence from us, trying to keep us imprisoned to Christ out there? ? Or is grace awakening us to Christ in me? Big difference.

As I check Twitter and FB, I often see trends or patterns as new sounds emerge through writing, videos and images. These new sounds can be shallow and trendy, without substance or meaning. These sounds take flight; people hook up to them and pass them on, never truly experiencing the reality of what they are saying. Quite often they are immature birthed from a need for reputation and image.  They can also be sourced in anger, fear and frustration flowing from a religious spirit. A lot is being said out there.

New sounds merge with old sounds. Some die a quick death. Some hang on and are espoused as truth even though upon closer inspection they are error. Some even create a movement in and themselves. We need wisdom and discernment. And, we greatly need the simplicity of Christ and the power of the Gospel, the Good News. Too much has obscured our vision and suppressed or even killed the voice of Truth in the person of Christ.

Hearing, on a larger scale, is being refined within me as I pray for God to clarify my voice as it flows from my life, removing any contradiction in my sound that would contradict the sound of heaven and the Kingdom of God. I constantly think about Jesus saying that His words are spirit and life. (John 6:63) I am listening carefully. What am I looking for in the Spirit? Who am I saying Christ is in the power of my words?

The prophetic flows in sound  and image – words, visions, dreams, dance, art, music. The prophetic needs an upgrade at this time into a clear sound flowing from being in Christ. Right now, I hear a lot of remix or mashup of past sounds just for something to say – words like revival, breakthrough, etc. Then there is also a dissonance coming forth as the Old Covenant is placed on the same level as the New Covenant denying the present reality of the finished work of the cross and Christ in us.

The Light Goes OnThe sound of the prophetic should actually move in a New Covenant reality, confronting the contradictions that permeate an old sound of religion or an old sound of mixture. An awakening of grace is here to stay and will only grow stronger in the days ahead. While moving in the prophetic, I confront contradictions. Why? To prove my point?  No. I confront any sound, which denies the preeminence of Jesus Christ, His grace, the finished work of the cross and New Covenant reality.

Have you noticed something?

Listen carefully as people talk, expound, argue, and ferociously try to defend their words. Listen to the sound of it all.

Simplicity sounds forth in resonance – rich, clear, full. This sound flows into us, imparting to us a deep knowing in Christ. These are words of spirit and life.

Religion always complicates and adds the extraneous and the externals to its defense. It is a dissonant sound, one that lacks harmony and is simply noise. It is essential that our spiritual hearing be fine-tuned to hear what may not apparent to many. Hear the sound within the sound.

Part 2 tomorrow.

DebraIn Christ,

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New Sounds Break Old Cycles!

New ‘sounds’ break old cycles – Sounds flowing out create change in the atmosphere. Sounds flowing in music. Words of declaration coming forth from your life. Rising to a new place is greatly influenced by the words we speak or the sound that emanates from our lives. There is power in what we speak. There are many creative ways of expression that bring forth a new sound in the earth today. New sounds break old cycles, yet before they do, they often have to confront the current sound that pervades the atmosphere around them. Christ in me, the hope of glory – my sound goes forth from the reality.


By the way, new sounds do not solely belong to a young generation. Age has nothing to do with this. Gender has absolutely nothing to do with this. A new sound rises up from the depths of one’s being, overflows into the atmosphere around them, and challenges the status quo, which often says, “Don’t rock the boat!”

New sounds break old cycles! Prophetically speaking, this is the entrance into breakthrough. It starts with the sound that permeates the atmosphere in varying ways and degrees of influence.

A word of advice:

Don’t pull an old sound into a new sound through confrontation, comparison, or contradiction.

Stay with me as I prophetically work this out. Hear me by Holy Spirit. Lots of you need to hear this because freedom comes through a new sound. Something in us is unlocked and set free. We need this. I need this.

Bring forth a new sound. In doing this, don’t constantly spend any time or effort in challenging or confronting the existing sound!

This is a waste of energy and can get you off focus. Challenge and confrontation by a new sound against an old sound will come through its own virtue. By the simple fact of what is being proclaimed from the Lord, the new sound will eventually confront and displace what is permeating the spiritual atmosphere. Be at peace with the new sound and be in the rest of the ONE who gave it to you to speak. Just speak and leave the rest to the Lord.

Bring forth a new sound. Don’t constantly compare the new sound to the old sound.

Comparison is a trap. People may draw you into comparison by intentionally or unintentionally try to instill doubt within you about your belief in your sound. They do this through words or remarks that imply “Really?” or “What if? or “Come on, do you really believe this?” Don’t let anyone mess with your mind. You have something to say from the Lord. Say it without comparing it to anything else or anyone else.

There may be a transition between an old sound and a new sound coming forth. In that transition time, we may tend to think we have to hold on to a bit of the old sound and let it intermingle with the new sound. Don’t. Break free entirely. But, but, but, we have not arrived at this point alone. I never think I have the whole picture.  I journey in the company of those who have gone before me and those who will inevitably come after my sound is proclaimed. Walk in humility and grace, allowing the Lord to take His sound flowing through you, making it what He will of it and taking it where He wants it to go.

Bring forth a new sound. This new sound is not new to God’s ears but it may be new to our ears.


A new sound may appear to contradict the old sound, forcing these two sounds to contradict each other, to be at odds with each other. In the spiritual atmosphere there is a tension and an opposition that will arise from the clashing of two sounds. This causes dissonance. What is that?

Dissonance is a lack of agreement that may cause sounds to clash with each other. It may indicate the two sounds are at odds with each other.

This may or may not be the case. It may depend on the old not wanting to let go and make way for the new. Let’s not forget that Jesus Christ crucified is the foundation of any new sound. He is the testimony and the life in every prophetic sound.  Move in unity and grace. Allow the new sound, ordained by God, to move out in breakthrough, allowing the Body of Christ to go to its next appropriate level. Humility and grace in God’s people will allow a flow to go forth like a river, making a way through the darkness bringing light and hope into the earth.

(I am trying to bring forth words that are spirit and life to those who read. Perhaps you read this and don’t have a clue what I am talking about here. Well, take a few insights applying it to your life in Christ. That will be very good. To those, who, by the Holy Spirit, catch what I am saying, know this. So many of us have to break free of old patterns, old cycles, old ways of thinking – to break out of a place of invisibility, out of the hinterlands – to come forth and take our stand in Christ for such a time as this.)

In Christ, Debra Westbrook

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