Prophetic Focus in New Covenant Reality

Writing about prophetic transformation and the need for the prophetic to focus on Christ alone. In doing this, I am waiting, meditating and thinking. I took a week ‘blog breather’ to focus on what I sense God is speaking to me. I don’t want my words to come across as self-righteous. I want to speak what God is showing me, even when it cuts across the grain of prophetic words that I see “out there” – on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs. Even when it cuts across the grain of what established prophetic ministers are currently speaking.

The internal process and tension within me to shed this wineskin that forms my paradigm is becoming apparent to me day by day. I simply can’t go back into the old. At the same time, I feel as a pioneer in grace. Along with many others, I am walking into the new without actually seeing everything. I know that a sure foundation is being laid under our feet in Christ in the reality of the finished work of the cross. I am learning and in process.

This tension will be apparent as I continue to write and blog, mainly speaking to myself and the way I want my life in Christ to flow from this point forward. My heart desires to mentor prophetic people. Through the years, I see that this kind of mentoring is caught more than taught – Jesus being the perfect example with His own disciples.

There is a simplicity of focus needed in the prophetic at-large – the simplicity of Christ. For me to prophesy in the Spirit I feel that I must shift to a grace centered; finished work prophetic language that focuses on present truth in the New Covenant. In other words, I don’t want to hear the same things over and over and over that point to mixture of the two covenants.

For instance, why would I desire the mantle of Elijah when I am a daughter of God, Christ in me, the hope of glory? And, why would I feel the necessity to run to catch an anointing when the Spirit of God in me is all I need to teach, lead and direct me into an ever-expanding revelation of Christ? And, why would I hunger and cry out for an open heaven when the heavens have already been opened, the veil has been rent and I am seated in heavenly places?

I will blog more about this and much else over the next few weeks. My ‘blog breather’ was mainly to call to task the fear I felt of going against the grain and hitting at sacred cows. I should have done this awhile back but there is no better time than the present.

Over the past week, I filled my journal with thoughts that challenged me and filled me with hope and enthusiasm. Despite the current mundane condition of the church at large, God IS moving in ways that cannot be perceived through an old wineskin or through an old lens.

Mantles? New anointing? Open heavens? These, along with many other things are prophesied as entities in and of themselves, often devoid of focus on Christ in New Covenant reality. I am not judging or criticizing the prophetic but I see its need to change its focus and language reflecting this New Covenant reality. Perhaps others have tackled this before but for me, the path is opening for me to walk forward right now. Many prophetic terms are centered on Old Covenant principles, as if they are the focus of we who are now in a New Covenant reality. I want to stress that my own focus is a love of the supernatural gifts of the Spirit. I love the miraculous and life in the Spirit. But, I need to align my focus in Christ alone and prophesy from this position.

I guess the best place to start is to show something about the differences between the Old and New Covenant and then along will come the next blog. Let’s get this foundation right. Here are just a few examples for you to consider.

Slaves to sin/ Slaves to righteousness
Need to ask forgiveness/ Already forgiven
Self-sacrifice; human work/ Rest in Jesus work and sacrifice
Do Work – have to/ Do work – get to
Crying out for ‘More”/ Have everything we need
Hunger and Thirst for Him/ Satisfied in Him
Go to temples/ Are His temple; perfect union
Searching for open heaven/ Living under an open heaven
Searching for revival/ Live in revival
Destroys sinners on account of sin/ Destroyed sin in the body of Jesus
Follow signs & wonders/ Signs and wonders follow us
Performs these randomly/ Perform through His power in us
God is in a bad mood/ God is outrageously in a good mood

In Christ
Debra Westbrook

Debra NapaRivers of Eden Ministry is called to challenge people to live a prophetic life of creativity, revelation and intimacy in Christ. Marvin and I look forward to hearing from you, allowing us the opportunity to minister in the grace and love of Christ in your gathering, church, home group or conference.  Currently we are planning a trip to Kenya in August in which we are looking forward to establishing new relationships with leaders for a Kingdom purpose. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter for more information if you would like us to minister in grace and glory.

Creative Expression – Three Years Of Wandering; Prophetic Realignment

AdventureI thank you, High God––you’re breathtaking! Body and soul, I am marvelously made! I worship in adoration––what a creation! You know me inside and out, You know every bone in my body; You know exactly how I was made, bit-by-bit, how I was sculpted from nothing into something. Like an open book, you watched me grow from conception to birth; all the stages of my life were spread out before you, the days of my life all prepared before I’d even lived one day. (Psalms 139:14-16 Message)

It is hard to believe sometimes, as I look at my life, that I am marvelously made. I see the constant inconsistencies and contradictions within me. Who do I believe I am or desire to be?

At this point in my life, I need an ‘internal alignment’ this truth in Psalm 139. I need to line up my life with some essential truth. Here are those truths.

The One who called you is completely dependable. If he said it, he’ll do it. (1 Thessalonians 5:24 Message)

There has never been the slightest doubt in my mind that the God who started this great work in you would keep at it and bring it to a flourishing finish on the very day Christ Jesus appears. (Philippians 1:6 Message)

I know what I’m doing. I have it all planned out––plans to take care of you, not abandon you, plans to give you the future you hope for (Jeremiah 29:11 Message)

How often do I fight within myself to accept what God believes about me and how He sees me and where He wants to lead me? I often set boundaries in my limited understanding, defining who I am and thereby leading me into a path to get to my destiny, not necessarily to what God calls me to do for Him.

2014 is a year, for me, to come into alignment and agreement with exactly who I am in Christ, or rather, who He is in me. It is better said that way. For the past 3 years, it appears I have been following a path laid out in my own wisdom. Follow along on this prophetic path today and see if you can glean anything in it for your own life.

Chuck Pierce, Glory of Zion. I respect this man as a prophet. A lot of what he says works its way into my being as truth. When God wants to captures my attention and speak to me, he often brings me to prophetic people who impart something into my being. In this case, some things that Chuck said in a recent prophetic message, grabbed hold of me, loud and clear.

In 2010, Marvin (my husband) received a clear word from the Lord. God spoke and said to him, “ONE WAY.” That’s it. At the end of his job assignment in Abu Dhabi, we left to go back to Northern California simply because we did not know where else to go, and Cali was our home. Marvin retired at this point. So for 2010, we shifted into our ‘normal’ and assumed, after a few months, that God placed us there to start a work. We rented a beautiful building, furnished it, bought sound equipment, advertised services and more. After 6 months of trying to build, no one came and we closed up shop.

So the next idea seemed to be obvious. Since nothing was going on in Cali, we would head back to Finland since we hold a residence visa there. It seemed clear that 2011 was a year of wandering in our good ideas. 2012 seemed to hold promise. Off we went. Eventually, I had another good idea. Build in Finland a spiritual house of grace and glory to raise up a people, healed, delivered and set free in Christ. The same scenario began to play itself out. We rented a great place; furnished it ourselves, did all the right things, and preached great life changing messages. Over 3-5 months, a few came and went, and eventually there was no one coming so we closed up shop.

Now let me say this. I know some may be thinking that we stopped short of the breakthrough and that we should have persisted in holding on. That was not even an option at all. Nothing we tried worked for us. Is that God? Can I believe that God was in it? Now, yes, I can, looking back.

Okay so then what? I have covered 2011, 2012, and now comes 2013. We are done with Finland so we are officially without a plan or purpose, beat down through and through, without hope and feeling a bit lost after years of this. The only place we knew to head was Southern Cali to be near our son, only this time we did not start something. We sat in SoCal in our townhouse, and sat and sat, wondering if all the years and promises were a thing of the past. Our lives pretty much seemed without any purpose. So here we sit……….and then along comes the message from Chuck Pierce one day last week.

I can’t relay the whole message but here is the main word for me, and possibly for you.

“Work both sides of your brain. Some of your order can’t permeate into a new creativity. There is something you missed 3 years ago in what God was trying to do in your life to prosper you and to begin to see the call of God on your life. Go back and think, 3 years ago. What have you not allowed to permeate into a new creativity?”

So I did just that. I saw that for 3 years, we have wandered in our own good ideas – just wandered, without a purpose, or so it seems to me. I believe that we can’t go back and redo the past. Yet, I can redeem my future by realizing that perhaps some mistakes were made that a gracious, loving, awesome God wants to bring to pass through a course correction. I go back and align myself with His wonderful promises, submitting myself to His will and His ways.

Now some may be wondering – “But couldn’t have God told you that 3 years ago and you could have avoided all the wandering?”

Well, yes He could have, but He did not and God works mysteriously at times.

The shortest distance between two points for God is not always a straight line. Perhaps there was lot to learn during this time that will become apparent to me as I continue to meditate on this word and see where God is leading NOW.

So back to Marvin’s word, ONE WAY. Let’s see what pans out in the next year. Will write more on this in the next blog.

In Christ, Debra

Please pray and consider having Rivers of Eden minister in your gathering, home group, conference or church in 2014. This is our year of release wherever and whenever God opens His doors bringing His grace and His glory through us to those to whom we are called in this season. Feel Free to contact us on Facebook, Twitter, or on our Contact Page on our website.

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