It’s Time To Choose

Heart on timeline

When I hear a prophetic word that confirms what I am also hearing in my spirit, I meditate on it for a few days. I go over it a little at a time.  Holy Spirit speaks to me about how it applies to my life.

I stood at this intersection (referred to in this word)  for the past few months, paralyzing my forward movement. It suddenly dawned on me that God called me to trust Him in greater ways, moving in radical faith through obedience to His directions.

This word that I share with you today brought life into my spirit, freeing me from confusion and worry about our next move. I pray it also blesses you.

It’s Time To Choose
Garris Elkins

You are standing at an intersection trying to choose which way to go. You have reduced your life down to this single decision. It has stalled your forward progress. The stalling reveals a flaw in your understanding of God’s heart. This is not a decision about you following Jesus. You have already made that decision. You are on His right path. This is a lesser decision you should not give equal importance to like the decision you made to follow Jesus.

This decision is intended to be a learning experience. You are about to learn something profound about God’s heart for you. God is not nervous about the choice you will eventually make. He wants to use that decision to draw our your untapped courage and deepen your trust in Him.

As this word came to me, the Lord took me higher like I was gaining altitude in a helicopter. I flew over the place of your decision. What you now stand it does look like a fork in the road with two distinctly different paths. From Heaven’s perspective it looks very different. Viewing from above, I was able to see off in the distance. In the future these two paths actually come together to form a single path. No matter which way you go with this choice, God will bring it all back together again. Both decisions have His goodness waiting for you. God wants to give you the desires of your heart. That will only happen if you first trust His heart. Regarding which path to take, God said, “Choose one. I will make it work”



Living with Passion and Purpose in Christ,

Be Where You Are Supposed To Be

God always confirms His word to me in many wonderful and unique ways. (Even when He appears to be silent, there is a something being said in that, such as trust, breathe, and rest.)  After I wrote the past few blogs, Look For The Signs  and our Holy Spirit Adventure, I saw this on Facebook. Look for God moving in your situation and then receive the words that shine a light on your path, moving you forward with each step. Be where you are supposed to be and in that place, there is a deep sense of peace and rest.Eye

Chuck Pierce – Glory of Zion

Be where I assign you, when I assign you. There are new connections coming unto your path this week.

You will begin to experience life in a way that you’ve not known in the past. So be where you are to be, when you are to be there, and watch Me work in your behalf.

Put procrastination under your feet. Put laziness under your feet, and be where I tell you to be. Put shame under one foot and put disgust and lagging behind under the other foot.

Be where I tell you to be. It’s at that place you will begin to see.

DebraIn Christ,
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