Creative Expression – Time For Some Action, Don’t Ya’ Think?

“Words, words, words, I’m so sick of words. I get words all day through, first from him, now from you. Is that all you blighters can do? Don’t talk of love burning above. If you’re in love, show me. Tell me no dreams, filled with desire. If you’re on fire, show me.” My Fair Lady

Words Words WordsEliza Doolittle sang this song in My Fair Lady. She basically says “If you’re in love show me.” She confronts her beau’s excessive words which express his love for her, by exclaiming that words alone won’t cut it. There is not enough expressed and manifested action to back up the words. Like Christianity in many ways, don’t you think? At least that is what I think for my life today in my own Christianity.

Let me continue to connect the dots for you in this blog post. Follow along by reading this verse.

20 For the kingdom of God is not in word but in power. (1 Corinthians 4:20 NKJV)

I have been on one heck of a journey in my Christianity. Haven’t we all? After years of performing in religion and more years after that, I run from so much word based Christianity that I can’t see any movement of the Spirit. In case we have to remind ourselves, Christianity is formed in the word (the Living Word) and the Spirit. Both are necessary to be formed for a life in the Spirit. The kingdom – talk and walk.

I read this post by Sarah Bessey yesterday and I saw so much of my own feelings in it that I want to share it here. I loved her post. We may differ in many ways but the foundation of her thoughts seem to line up with my own beliefs.

I lost something. I am getting it back. I have been saying that for some time now but each day things get clearer and clearer to me.

Facebook is glutted with excessive words. So I went down my feed and simply unfriended many people, not out of anger or any emotion. I just don’t see the point anymore. There are so many words out there. Grace people, prophetic people, evangelical people, and more and more. As I have said before, my weariness in all of it has reached a point where I just want to be free from it all. Hence the need to purge my list and to be me, even if me is the only one listening to me or reading me. That’s good enough. I am not blogging to convery some irrelevant ideas but to share my life, walking down a path of life, that is taking me somewhere in Him, Jesus Christ.

Since when has Christianity built up on words and words alone? On understanding or needing to be understood? Since when has truth been deconstructed to a message packaged to meet the needs of people or to make them feel comfortable or more secure? Since when? The life of Jesus was so messy. He walked around making everyone feel uncomfortable but yet so unconditionally loved if they would take it.

I love life. I am a passionate adult. I was a passionate child. I am giving up all justification and explanation as to why I feel the way I do about some things. That hinders growth. That is also for treatises, or discourses and this is but a mere blog. I am a woman of the word and I seem to avoid speaking of my experiences or my life in the Spirit because I still fear that I will seem flaky. Hey, I am quirky but not flaky. And the way I see it, I am in good company with many other quirky people in Scripture.

What happened? I remember some years back going to Italy and just walking the streets of Rome, praying, praying and praying led by the Spirit. Or what about that Detroit trip that I took years ago where the Spirit led me into places and meeting people that made me feel like I was in the book of Acts. There were many more trips and so much grace and glory. What happened?

I feel this constant tension in me that I am learning to live with day by day. Great tension blog.

I still feel that I am being deconstructed to get to the basic of Debra’s. Great deconstruction blog.

I am leaving all the camps. The grace camp, the evangelical camp, the Baptist camp, the Pentecostal camp, the prophetic camp. I am not starting my own. Haha! I am detoxing from it all and looking at Jesus and learning of Him by the Spirit in this season. I am not anti-church. We are looking for one right now, a community in which to share our life and to bring life to others.

Why leave the camps? Because it’s the same ole’ same ole. All these grace guys….just that. All the guys…..need I say more. No woman. Hmmmm, I’ll stop there. God will make a way to get past that stuff. I love them.

The prophetic camp. I still love them. I am part of that quirky stuff, seen by many as detrimental to the health of all Christianity. Yet, I won’t be part of the incessant crying out for more, devaluing my positions and experiences in Christ.

I am generalizing, not judging, all of this but I know you get the picture. I feel inside myself there is still a tension, a God ordained tension, breaking the membrane of my limited vision and helping me to see again with new vision. I am fighting to find my voice amidst a world with lots of noise. It is essential for me and you to find our voice. What if we don’t? Well, I guess then I can spend my life on Facebook liking all the iconic people who simply say one sentence and get 100-500 likes. I can become a groupie who may only parrot ideas rather than voice internal conviction. A bit of sarcasm perhaps? I don’t mean to, but it is true.

I am not fighting for individuality at the expense of peace or rest but I am seeking my brand in Christ. I am seeing myself in Christ alone. That is not contrary to grace or an add on to dilute its message. Had it not been for grace, I would not be at this place of awareness? I am living in tension, yet in rest.

Just a bit more of my ramblings here. Tension is a good thing. Tension blog again. I am not at war within myself. It’s just so darn easy to fit in… and to be part of a rising template of clones. I can’t do that and yet I don’t see myself as rebellious. I am in the fight of my life, in a good way, of course.

I was called to be a prophet. I did not want to say that out of shame, guilt and condemnation by others. So, in not at least saying it at times, I lived in a loss of identity, trying to latch on to anything but not really fitting in. Yet how can I deny that night and that experience, that voice of God to me? I can’t deny that experience of being called as my reality.  Today is my breaking out, not breaking bad. Haha- could not resist that.

I am called as a prophet but I have no platform to speak so I speak to myself, declare to the heavens, and write. II walked through wilderness training, being healed and set free in many ways. I have walked one step close to a line of humiliation and misunderstanding most of my life. The fight to fit in has almost killed me. Where does this take me? Well just saying it sets me free to be who God called me to be. I am a Debra in Christ, not Debbie, Deb or Deborah. Great post here below.

Onward and upward.

In Christ, Debra

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Nothing to Prove, Nothing to Lose – Quotable Living

IMG_4825“When you have nothing to prove, you have nothing to lose.” Anonymous

I’ve been given that quote many times in my life. Right now, it forms a strong foundation in me. Now it is truth, but not always. Getting to this place involved a lot of stripping away of non-essentials that I actually believed formed the essence of Debra. Now I know Debra, all the quirks and imperfections and there is nothing to prove about my person, my substance for I am in Christ, in union with Him. There is nothing to lose anymore and that is freedom. Here is my life in one verse.

Colossians 1:27 –  “Christ in me, the hope of glory.”

I am in union with Christ. The me in Him is flowing each day in creativity and beauty. My life flows in action through the person of Christ in me. I don’t lose myself in excessive qualifications and justifications of who Debra is or is not anymore. Life is way too short for that. I found myself in Him, in His life and now I have nothing to prove in the midst of my life.

But, for years before this, there was a battle raging within me. In fighting to be accepted, I usually found myself out of the mix of the action. I did not like that at all. There was an inner emptiness in me formed from feeling alone and insecure that rejected this person called Debra. So I fought my life from a defensive position of trying to fit in or form myself to be accepted. Truth – I never was. I really never was. This only set up a circular motion of trying harder to prove my being to only be rejected again and to start the process all over again. I worked so hard at it that I lost myself in fear and shame. And, this happened as a Christian. And, this happened even when I walked in ministry. That just goes to show you, God anoints us despite our blatant imperfections.

For years, I walked into a room feeling so uncomfortable. I did not know how to have relationships. I did not know how to actually love people unconditionally. I lived behind a mask of fear – fear of being told that somehow, in some way, I was not right. Not in my actions, but in my being. That inner voice that consistently said that I was not right – my life, my looks, my voice, my thoughts, my beliefs. The funny thing about all of this is that most people think I am an extrovert because I can be outgoing when I need to be outgoing. In actuality, I went through all the motions at times because I was trying to find the Debra that I believed I actually was, and I was wrong. In finding Christ, I am finding me, the me He created me to be.

IMG_4726If you only knew some of my struggles, you would laugh. I do. Who is Debra? Ask that question to yourself. Who are you? Don’t try to prove anything. Be honest and forthright. I will start and then you write something out for yourself being totally honest. This is not self-indulgent okay. After all, it’s my blog and I hope this is helping you to be honest with yourself.

Debra is:



Passionate, yet can sometimes get quite angry and let out a few cuss words at times


Creative and spontaneous

Thrives on change and travel

A wife who loves her husband

A good but imperfect mom

Too loud

Too moody

People actually can tire me out if I am with them too much

I love solitude and times to be alone to read

I get bored so easy that I then get frustrated

I hate to cook

I love to read

I love reality shows

I despise condescension in any form coming from people

I love the underdogs because I am one

I absolutely love music of every type and every genre

Dogs are easier to be with then people at times and that is why I love Chloe, my French bulldog

I love to sit at dinner and really talk with my good friends over a great bottle of wine

I can’t live inland for the ocean makes me come alive

I love my friends because they really know me, really know me

I am a city girl married to a small town Texas man for 38 years and I believe it can’t get any better than that

I like confrontation and a good argument

I could go on forever but I will end here with a smile. Nothing to prove, nothing to lose. Oh yeah, one more thing…I love Starbucks, French fries and pizza.