Time to Move On – In Time – Let the Light In!

Hi Everyone!

This week it’s time to rest, think and meditate on the year ahead. So I hope you enjoy reading some great posts from 2015.

Trapped In Time By People’s Judgements – Move On!
Have you ever felt that no matter what you did, you could not break free from what people thought of you – their judgments and opinions? When that happens, I realized a long time ago that it is because people entrap you into a place in time, a moment where something happened between you and them. There is pain in that moment in time for whatever reason – failure, betrayal, anger and more. I may have been a part of it. I may have even caused it. But, as I repent, ask forgiveness and forgive, I am free to move forward. Yet, that does not mean others will. Therein lies the problem. Read more…..

Adventure AwaitsMoving Through Time At God’s Pace
In this season, I find myself gliding through time observing and watching the moments- without an internal presumption of want to know or need to know. Often there is little interaction as situations swirl around me. It seems I am restrained from fully seeing but instructed to just keep on moving, keep on observing. Don’t speak…….yet. Read More…..

Open the Door! Pull Back the Curtains! Let the Light In!
The darkened areas of our lives, those places filled with fear, memories of abuse, sexual addictions, emotional destruction, substance abuse, alcoholism – all those places are like rooms yet to be opened in a house where Christ dwells. He sees them. We see them. We know they are there but we won’t confront their reality, let alone open the door to let the light of Christ into these dark areas. Read More…..



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