No Turning Back – War, Whether We Want It Or Not

6068181763_0cee4d7523_zWords hold power……Scripture teaches us that over and over.

Mr. Obama spoke from Turkey this morning. I listened carefully, not only to what he said but at the overall tone, quality, strength and conviction in his words.

I heard his words drone on, sounding vacuous and vague, without power, direction and clarity. My ears are tuned into the Holy Spirit to hear. Isn’t that exactly what Jesus tells us to do?

He who has ears to hear, let him hear! (Matthew 11:15 NKJVS)

It is our responsibility to listen and hear what the Spirit is saying. There is always a sound within a sound. At least that is how I hear it.

Mr. Obama spoke yet there was no power in his words, no leadership, no strength, no direction……just droning on and on. Irrelevant words, weak and without conviction. In effect, He said nothing at all.

I have been praying all weekend about what is going on. I will contribute my small part in a few blog posts that I will write.

Isis is like a monstrous evil with one massive head, many limbs reaching out. The head directs the flow of the limbs. Unless the head is cut, the limbs, when cut, just seem to grow back. If the head is attacked and cut off, since the head is based on an evil ideology, someone else will just take the place, someone filled with passion to kill and push an evil agenda. Evil anti-christ ideology just infuses those waiting in line to push the radical Islamist agenda.

Spiritual warfare is rising in the world to an extent that we can no longer deny it, go around it, or even post hashtags and social media posts and then walk away one week later and forget about it. That seems to be the extent of involvement – short sound bytes, here today and gone tomorrow. But, this is not going away.

War is here whether we like it or not. As Christians languish in introspection in the midst of fear, we are in a war. As many are paralyzed, turning away from reality because they can’t wrap their brain around this type of evil, we are still in a war. It is a massive war in the spiritual realm that can only be fought in Christ with spiritual weapons and it is the responsibility to fight this battle in prayer, resting in our identity in Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit.

This battle is being played out in the natural realm throughout the world, including within this country at some point. Of that I am sure. Natural solutions will be applied to combat this evil. They must be. That seems inevitable and we can’t avoid it or pretend that it doesn’t exist or that it will go away.

I was mentored in spiritual warfare years ago. Prayer meetings that shouted and yelled, pacing and crying out, and all the while I actually knew very little of my own authority and identity in Christ. I look back and see these were often times of presumption and immaturity. Times are now different for many of us. We are wiser and more mature in many ways. The war is on and it is time to awaken the church to stand in position in Christ Jesus.

What did we expect? Has our version of American Christianity diluted truth to the point where we can’t conceive of actually suffering for Christ, dying for Christ? Is our focus on a gospel lacking in power and authority, wordy, culturally relevant but lacking power? That simply won’t cut it any more. It is not a time to fear. It is a time to stand in Christ. And that involves warfare – for our nation, our cities, our family, our neighborhoods…….

I was born for such a time as this and if you are reading this, so are you. Perfect love casts out fear (1 John 4:18) while the enemy roars around us seeking whom he may devour and kill (1 Peter 5:8) . It is not either or, it is both.

There is so much to say here to equip the saints to walk in power and authority that is ours in Christ. He did not say it would be easy but he did say he would never leave or forsake us.



In Christ,
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Prophecy in the Way called “It Is Finished!”

To repent is to change your way of thinking. There is a barrage of noise out there that continually prompts us to repent to produce right action in our lives to be more acceptable to God. The focus is on the right action as opposed to what we already have in Christ – right being. To strive to be better in order to receive God’s approval negates the finished work of the cross.

How does one repent to be better? Do I run to altar calls consistently challenging me to cry out, to pray more, to work more, to study harder in order to present myself approved before God? That is a way and that way is called “never enough.” I used to walk that way. I prophesied from that way – into people’s lives, into churches, into nations, into everything around me. Why? Because my own path was forged on a way called “never enough” – never coming into the revelation of God’s grace in Christ in the finished work of the cross. My journey is changing day by day in Christ’s unfolding revelation to me and through me.

To repent is to change your way of thinking, not to produce moral action or improved behavior but first and foremost to change my way of thinking about Christ Jesus. Who He is. What He does. How He moves. How He lives. The reality of God’s love in Christ that flows in my life in Holy Spirit. A glorious salvation – my life in Christ. To repent, to change my way of thinking in Christ will bring transformation into my life.

I can only prophecy from this way called “It is finished.” Jesus is the Way. This way is the person of Christ, the way of life in Christ and He Himself is the path that is every expanding day by day. This way does not look for more to do, greater ways to achieve, and more ways to be accepted. This way walks in the unforced rhythms of His grace.

Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me––watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill–fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly. (Matthew 11:28-30 The Message)

On my pathway out of religion into an awakening to know Christ, I see a pattern. I don’t want to know about Him or what denominations say He is through ascribing to selective doctrines. Not to even know Him through a constant mixture of grace and law, which dominates the prophetic on many fronts. First, I eschew all the notions of becoming or striving, which propels me into a constant whirlwind of receiving based upon my performance. I simply walk in seeing Him, Christ Jesus and in knowing Him through a revelation of Holy Spirit.

However, when He, the Spirit of truth, has come, He will guide you into all truth; for He will not speak on His own authority, but whatever He hears He will speak; and He will tell you things to come. He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you. All things that the Father has are Mine. Therefore I said that He will take of Mine and declare it to you. (John 16:13-15 NKJV)

In this reality of grace and glory, I then begin to see and take hold of purpose, plan, passion and path for my life. I am created to BE in Christ and to flow in His workmanship for my life, in that order.

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them. (Ephesians 2:10 NKJV)

My prophetic voice is changing. I prophesy while walking in the Way of the person of Christ. It is a way called “It is finished.” That is the Good News. How am I starting to walk in this, sloughing off all religious mixture of law and grace? I simply focus on Jesus and filter all I hear, read and see through Him.

I am personally mediating on God’s eternal purpose in Christ, and therefore in me. Where do I flow from that eternal purpose in time? How do I prophesy that life into other people, aligning their life with this reality? How do I walk this out as I manifest His grace and glory through my life?

Let me give you a simple example. Hopefully it will not be askew or off course but this is how my mind thinks. I think of Apple – my MAC, my iPad, and my iPhone – all in sync. Apple soars into the realm of impossibility and hopefully will continue to do that. Its employees, for the most part, seek to be involved and integrated into something bigger than themselves. They have passion and purpose and direction. Why then, if this is possible for Apple, do Christians get earth-bound, needs based, bogged down into religion rather than walking in the reality of someone infinitely greater than any earthly kingdom can build? As Christians we must dream and launch out into risks and live in the Spirit. There is eternal purpose in Christ but how do I see it when I am bogged down by the mundane that is currently pervasive in Western Christianity?

To me, who am less than the least of all the saints, this grace was given, that I should preach among the Gentiles the unsearchable riches of Christ, and to make all see what is the fellowship of the mystery, which from the beginning of the ages has been hidden in God who created all things through Jesus Christ; to the intent that now the manifold wisdom of God might be made known by the church to the principalities and powers in the heavenly places, according to the eternal purpose which He accomplished in Christ Jesus our Lord, in whom we have boldness and access with confidence through faith in Him. Therefore I ask that you do not lose heart at my tribulations for you, which is your glory. (Ephesians 3:8-13 NKJV)

Prophecy will flow from within me as I walk in the reality of the expanding revelation of God’s eternal purpose in Christ Jesus. I am just getting started here. Isn’t it time we look outside of our circumstances, our situations, our own earthly lives and gaze upon Him who will give meaning to it all? I am moving out of prophetic mixture into grace and glory. Consumed with Christ. Still moving, still processing, enjoying the journey.

In Christ,
Debra Westbrook

Debra NapaThis expanding revelation is what Marvin and I are bringing to the table of the Lord. Will we gather a people? Will we bring truth and healing to the nations? Yes, to it all. Rivers of Eden Ministry is called to challenge people to live a prophetic life of creativity, revelation and intimacy in Christ. I look forward to hearing from you, allowing us the opportunity to minister in the grace and love of Christ in your gathering, church, home group or conference.  Currently we are planning a trip to Kenya in August in which we are looking forward to establishing new relationships with leaders for a Kingdom purpose. Contact us on Facebook or Twitter for more information.