Walk Into Your Future – Be Present – Live A Seamless Life

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Look Around – Who’s Walking With You Into Your Future?
It’s a sad fact but some people, no matter what we do, will not walk with us into our future. We may want them to with all of our heart, knowing that the fit seems perfect, at least to us. Yet, they stand resolute in the now, seeing us as we were but not as we are. Everyone and I mean everyone is capable of change and restoration in God’s grace. In Hm there is hope and restoration. Read more…..

To Be Positioned To BE Present
To me this is just normal Christianity – filled with supernatural experiences that are in sync with my eternal reality, being seated in heavenly places. From this place, Holy Spirit leads and guides me in the natural realm with heavenly vision. For those who looked at me over the years and often indicated that I was bit ‘off,” I would like to just ask, “How’s your Christianity going for you? Has it settled into a mundane reality or are you living in the adventure of journey in Christ?” Read more…..

Open DoorCreative Expression – A Seamless Life In Christ
Seamless – Flowing, Continuously, Living. Connected to heaven, living on earth. Before my salvation in Christ, I wandered into anything and everything that could or would give me meaning. At that time in my life, I did not want, nor did I seek salvation because I was a ‘hard-sell’, very cynical and rebellious. For me to even focus on the Lord, I had to see that He was real. He is. He offered me life and I accepted. And, in my Christianity, I never settled for anything so religious that it denied that I am a spiritual being in Christ, able to hear His voice and meant to walk in the supernatural, . The Word and the Spirit – that is Christianity that is my reality. People of two realms – that is a good way to describe it.  Read more…..


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Creative Expression – A Seamless Life In Christ Part 1

Christ Holy Spiritin me, Holy Spirit flowing through my life – life as a Christian is intended to be seamless, not fragmented, distorted or separated. I don’t relegate Jesus to Sunday morning. I don’t prophecy only in the midst of Christian gatherings. My life is a seamless expression in Christ as I live, move and have my being in Him. My life is lived listening to the sound of heaven, doing what I see the Father doing. I have not arrived but I am living in the reality of this expanding revelation.

Seamless – The addition of a routine or program that works smoothly with an existing system and can be activated and used as if it had been built into the system when the system was put together. It implies that the new feature can be installed and used without problems. Continuous/flowing.

Perhaps I am stretching this analogy, but hey, it’s how I learn, live and move in the day to day. I am in awe that heaven wants to download its revelation by the Spirit into my life. Heaven wants to continually reveal to me the awe, wonder and mystery of Christ in me, the hope of glory. I am created in Christ to interface smoothly with heaven because the Spirit of God is in me. I am not fragmented but whole in my salvation. Yes, I am still in process – healed but still being healed. Yet, now I am created to move in the Spirit according to the directives and words of love flowing from God. This is Christianity. How different from what I see around me.

It often seems that when one says they prophecy, or hear the voice of God, and respond to Holy Spirit that one is confronted with a look that may imply we are a ‘bit off’. How far have we come from the supernatural reality of BEING a Christian? I will gladly take the looks and the implications because I am created to be creative, in touch with my Lord, and moving to the sound of heaven right here on earth.

Holy Spirit GiftsHere’s a thought. When Apple wants to do a software update, it usually means that the system inevitably works better, runs smoother, etc. There is a seamless integration between the update working to keep all things in sync. I am not a computer expert but I am Apple to the max so I know that I can count on downloading a song, for instance, that I then can access on my IPad and my Mac. That is how I like it. All things in sync and ready to be accessed wherever I am and whatever I am doing.

Can I compare that to Christianity today? Many gatherings are not open to any new updates. They keep moving on with an old system yet it is not working. Instead it is fragmenting the church into parts that never function as the ‘whole’. Church as it is simply does not seem to work effectively. Why? Holy Spirit and the beauty of His flow. How often have I been in gatherings where there are basic components: teaching on grace, emphasis on the cross, discipleship, study of the Word, prayer, etc. Yet how little do I see the spontaneous flow of the Holy Spirit who, in a moment, can impart something to us that can change things that we, in and of ourselves, seem to take forever to accomplish if we ever do. Oh, how we need Holy Spirit.

In Christ, Debra Westbrook

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