Can Your Unique Sound Be Released Right Where You Are?

I’m speaking – no one seems to be listening. It’s as if the sound is going into a void that diffuses it, sending it into oblivion, lost forever in nothingness.

Sound Waves From Mouth

As this happens over and over again, I begin to sense that my words aren’t hitting the mark. I watch this happening right as I am speaking. Here it comes, a sense of disconnect. That sense of no one really hooking into what you are saying –deep detachment from the conversation. Words seem to vaporize in the atmosphere.

What’s worse than feeling like you’re not being heard? What’s the outcome here? I can disconnect from everything with the attitude of ‘Why bother?” That leaves me a passive observer, no longer engaging with the atmosphere or environment I am in. I shut down. I’m quiet. There’s nothing coming out even though the well deep inside is full and flowing with ideas and creativity. Frustration builds and builds inside of me.

In contrast to this, I determine that nothing will stop me from being heard. I speak. And I speak. And I speak some more. My intent is to be heard, no matter what. Ever been around people like that? I have and I believe I was someone like that in past seasons. In this type of situation, it seems that everyone sees your insecurity but you. It’s best to quit while you’re ahead when you see people disengaged from what you’re saying and making every excuse to get away from you.

What’s the problem here? Let me give you something to think about. It may be best to read the blog that came before this one to get a feel for where I am going in this series of blog posts. I want to say again that this particular post is a journey in this topic. I throw out the thoughts and you run with them in your own creative way in Christ. That is essentially the heart of the true prophetic – to stir life inside of you so that you seek the Lord for yourself, hearing His voice.

The sound I carry within me, the voice deep inside, cannot be released in the spiritual atmosphere in which I find myself. Therefore, I become frustrated when it appears that I am ignored passed over and somewhat out of sync with everything and everyone around me. Be careful. That can lead to anger. How can they hear when their spiritual ears are closed to your sound? Remember Jesus?

You can relate this to a physical environment you find yourself in, but right now I am talking about my God ordained sound, my voice which flows out of the depths of my being, bringing forth the message that God has placed inside of me within the spiritual atmosphere. My bent. My being.

Train up a child in the way he should go [and in keeping with his individual gift or bent], and when he is old he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 AMP

God raises up His children in the ‘bent’ into which He fashions them. Each of us has this bent, the way He makes us, forms us in His image, unique, creative and gifted. He wants us to be who we are in Christ. Within that bent, we each have a unique verbal expression. That’s a bit hard to see in the world today where words are devalued all around us. We repeat what others say. We mimic what others say. But how much do we actually spend time with the One who created us to find out our inner voice that expresses His life through us.

A radical sound is not necessarily the choice of words that we use. It is the sound that emanates deep from within our being, the flows like a river from our inner substance, formed in Christ.

I actually heard Holy Spirit whisper this to me.

“Your sound can’t be released here.”

That set me on a journey that will define these blog posts. I realize that the place where I now find myself in a spiritual climate of believers is not the place where I can release my sound until I get a clear directive from Holy Spirit. That saves me a lot of frustration. The enemy can get into this frustration by making me feel that I am being rejected. For me, when I heard the Lord say this,  I relaxed. I quieted inside. Why fight it?

This is not compromise on my part. It is submission to Holy Spirit. And it comes with peace. Deep peace. We are not entitled to speak in every situation, to have the right answer, to prove that we are cutting edge with a current word of prophecy or to rely on an outflow of words to keep people focused on us.

Perhaps I am on a path here which started in me a long, long time ago. It was at that time when I asked the Lord to anoint me with words of power, purpose, truth, life and healing. He asked me “Do you want to be a voice of truth in a world of chaos?’

I said, “Yes.”

This seems to my training process here. It starts with learning  when to be silent, not so much when to speak. I know that I know there are prophetic people reading this that can say a hearty “Amen” in agreement with this. For others starting out on how to flow in Holy Spirit, lots of wisdom will flow in life lessons in the days ahead in order to help you grow and mature in prophetic wisdom and grace. More definitely coming on this topic.



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