Moving in Truth or Anchored in Opinion

TruthWe can be enslaved by opinion or moved by truth. Opinion shifts and changes hourly or even by the minute, depending on how often we open up social media or glance at the news. What’s out there, perceived as truth, is often revealed to be opinion, coated in a fine layer of distortion back up by clouded facts.

Where do we find truth? Unshakeable yet moving. Firm yet fluid. Is that possible? Doesn’t’ that seem to be somewhat of a paradox? Can you have both or is truth stoic and immoveable?

Truth is on the move! Truth calls out to each of us to move along with Him and invade territory captured by lies and distortion. Can you see it? Chaos abounds all around. We question everything and hold onto nothing, shifting our beliefs with whatever is trending or whoever seems to make a case we can hold onto. I believe that we are desperate for truth but many don’t know where to find it. They turn to every conceivable thing to alleviate their fears or calm their nerves.

All along truth calls to us within the person of Christ Jesus. Who is He? A liar? A lunatic? OR is He really who He says He is? I believe He’s truth. That forms the basis of my writing. I point the way and you choose to receive and believe or keep searching. Trust me. I kept searching and searching for many years, looking for rest and peace yet rejecting the One who offered it me. Why? He loves me.

Way Truth LifeJesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.’ John 14:6

Jesus and the Father are one and He longs to reveal the Father to us. He cries out, “I am the way”. He speaks unashamed and without pretense. He has the audacity to say it, because it is true. I live, move and have my being in that reality. Truth moves and I move in sync with Him.

It’s not time to batten down the hatches or hide in our personal Christian fortresses, complete with lights, camera and action on a weekly basis. Don’t hide behind closed doors afraid of the world and its opinions of what a Christian looks like, sounds like or acts like. Get out there and be truth in a world of chaos. I don’t hide waiting for the Apocalypse. Where did the apostles ever do that?

Truth shapes my life in courage. I rise and stand tall in the reality of Jesus Christ. He moves – revealing, expanding and exploding on the scene of my life to show me who He is and who the Father is. This is a grand exciting journey, moving parallel to the fear in the world but destined to overtake the darkness with the light of Christ within me.

What is truth? Let me meditate on this today according to Scripture. More in the next blog.

As I said before, please join me on this journey as I write. I am not going to settle things in one blog post but they will form a journey into the heart of Jesus Christ, the Father and Holy Spirit.



In Christ,

Speak the truth, Or Say Nothing at All?

I have a book – “Come Away My Beloved” by Frances J. Roberts. I’ve had this book since the early 90’s but it was written in the 60’s.  Set in a devotional format, this book speaks to the heart. Along the journey, I wrote dates, thoughts, and words of revelation within its pages. So many times, Holy Spirit directs me back to read something again. Here is something for today. Some of the words are written in a thee and thou style but look beyond that and be encouraged.

The Truth Will Set You FreeSpeak the Truth
Frances J. Roberts

“Lo, I say unto thee, be not intimidated by anyone, but speak forth My Word, even as I give it unto thee. Ye have written freely and fearlessly. Now speak in the same way. Thy spoken word must be brought into conformity with the work I have done within thee. This ye need for your own personal sense of unity. This ye need for your own strength. For the house divided against itself cannot stand; neither can ye so long as ye bear one testimony in thine heart and another on thine lips. 

Thou art not pleasing Me, but trying to please men. They will detect the inconsistency in spite of your best efforts, for in one way or another, the truth will break through. Ye need not say all that is in your heart, but ye must speak the truth or be silent. If ye cannot bring yourself to speak the truth without apology, then speak nothing.

Let the life and witness of Jesus Christ be your guide. If ye are willing to attempt to emulate His honesty, I will come to your aid to give you wisdom also; so that the answer may be not only true but forceful. For ye wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against the unseen opposition of satanic forces. These may at times be arrayed against thy soul even through thy dearest friends, so that ye may have to reply as Jesus did to Peter on one occasion. (Mk. 8:33)

Set not out upon a mission to convert the world to your convictions, but rather to hold you own convictions inviolable against the forces of the opposition. I will be with thee, and will keep thy mouth. Trust me”

As we walk through life, we are not alone. Greatness has preceded us and greatness will come after us. Many came before us, imparting great wisdom in revelation through their encounters and experiences with God. Many more will come after us. We are all on life’s journey in Christ, each of walking in a unique destiny and calling. We all have something to give as the creative expression of Christ Jesus in the earth today. Let’s glean from those who came before us, never lifting ourselves up in pride or arrogance to believe that we have it all, know it all, and that there has never been a time like this.

Read and enjoy this today. I will blog over the next few days some thoughts from this wonderful devotional.

DebraIn Christ,

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