Too Much Information?

Words Words WordsDo we lose our ‘edge’ through excess words and non-stop talking? Does excessive talking erode our sense of spiritual authority?

It seems that in Christianity as I see it at times, we have lost our “edge” and perhaps lost our way, being defensive many times as we speak forth truth in Christ. Are we aware that an offensive strategy is more powerful than a defensive strategy? At least to me it is.

We often use our words to:
Try to prove something
Try to justify our belief
Attempt to qualify our belief in why we are right in the face of opposition
Explain and explain our belief, stripping it of power
Defend our belief, almost sounding as if we don’t believe what we are saying

Excess words, which many of us are guilty of, can often stem from insecurity within ourselves. Do we really believe what we are saying or through excess words are we trying to convince ourselves? Jesus spoke words that were spirit and life, infused with eternal glory and power. It is time to speak less but to speak with power. Speak the truth that is in Christ or say nothing at all. Say what needs to be said, be quiet, and let the Holy Spirit do the work.

An example:

MakeItWorkHave you ever watched what typically happens during an altar call at a church, assuming there even are altar calls for salvation anymore? The leader wants the atmosphere just right – darkened lights perhaps, people put at ease by soft music. Then inevitably, words flow forth something like this:

“Close your eyes everyone. Now don’t be embarrassed and don’t look at anyone else. Relax, Jesus loves you. With every eye closed, Jesus is calling to you today. Do you want to receive Him as your Lord and Savior? Lift a hand right where you are sitting. Come on – just lift those hands. (After a few minutes of silence with gentle music) It’s your day. Just lift those hands. There I see one, I see another. I’m waiting. Do you know that today is your day? This is the day for you to meet Jesus Christ. I’m going to take five more minutes – I know there are more of you out there.” (Then at this point in the waiting, there may be words, words and more words.)

I dislike this for many reasons. To me it seems contrived at times, like a bad script that is played out without any thought of revelation being in the mix or resting in the power of God, without excess words, allowing Holy Spirit to do His work in the hearts of those listening.

Excess words can erode spiritual authority. I am not saying that we should just be quiet. What I am saying is to allow Holy Spirit to direct the course of our words – knowing when to speak and when to be quiet. I am saying that we have the reality of Christ in us. Therefore, being sensitive to His Spirit, through the gifts of the Spirit, accompanied by discernment and wisdom, fewer words can do it and in the process glory is given to the Lord. Paul says:

And my speech and my preaching were not with persuasive words of human wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power, 5 that your faith should not be in the wisdom of men but in the power of God. (1 Corinthians 2:4-5 NKJVS)

Sometimes we just give too much information after the initial revelation. Silence is wisdom. Why is this so deep in my heart today?

It goes back years ago while ministering in a church in Finland. I remember looking out at the congregation, thinking to myself that Jesus’ words held power. Sometimes, all He said was “Be healed.” Healing flowed into the reality of His words. He did not explain, justify, prove or qualify His actions. In effect, many times He was enigmatic and completely misunderstood. But, He did and said what He saw the Father doing and saying.

Apart From MeIn this service, I walked up to a person, laid hands on them and without one bit of fanfare or Pentecostal excess, I laid hands on their back and said “Be healed.’ I don’t remember all that happened that day. For me it was not the point. What was important to me was that when faith is strong in my heart, I just speak, simply believing in Christ. Faith in Christ, not faith in my ability to do anything. My focus shifts entirely into Christ and I just do what I see the Father doing in Holy Spirit. I speak. I sing. I prophesy. I focus and just walk in the Spirit, responding to the Spirit and God receives the glory.

In Africa, we lined people up at the altar, turned down all the excess noise, and sang over people, not even touching them. We stripped the atmosphere of any attempt to take attention away from God’s glory at that moment and let eternity flood in, flowing and powerful. Words of wisdom flowed, words of knowledge and prophecy and in the presence of eternal words, healing, restoration and renewal flowed.

My purpose in writing this today: Just to remind us, as carriers of His glory – we hold this treasure in jars of clay. Christ in us = reality. Quiet down, release control and allow Holy Spirit to flow in and through our lives.

But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellence of the power may be of God and not of us. (2 Corinthians 4:7 NKJVS)

DebraIn Christ,

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Time To Engage!

It is time to discern between a voice and an echo. An echo repeats, copies or imitates. A voice speaks what has been given to it in the secret place, hidden in Christ. This is a place where discernment to hear accompanied by wisdom to do, kicks in to sound out what is seen…and what is seen in the spirit often runs contrary to what is seen in the natural realm. Chaos in the earth – peace in Christ. Confusion abounds – clarity of vision hidden in Christ in heavenly places. There is truth in the secret place.

The spiritual takes precedence at all times over the natural. It is my reality. I look through the lens of Christ to truly see. What is seen in heavenly places helps me engage accurately in what is taking place on earth, giving me passion and purpose to walk out my faith, believing in Christ Jesus. It’s time to engage in Christ and speak!

This seems to lead into what is on my heart today. I am going round about to get to my point. Have you noticed some people drone on and on and on, talking, talking, completely oblivious to you? Words flow forth in quantity, yet hold very little quality. Here’s my Facebook post about it.

In this day and age, it is not wise to give credence to any sound. In fact it is very detrimental to our well-being to give affirmation to just any sound. People are talking, and talking, and talking. I pass over so much of the echoing noise to find the voices, those speaking light into dark places, speaking life into places filled with chaos and death.

People all around seem to be demanding attention to be heard. It’s hard to engage with this endless talk and that is why this statement struck me so hard.

“People drone on and on about things they’ve done even when they are normal things the rest of us do all the time.”

I am not obliged to listen anymore and my discernment level is up as to what I actually want to spend my time on. I do not presume to think that everyone will want to hang onto every word I say but I do know that I am called to be a voice and those with ears to hear me, to engage in what I am saying, will walk alongside me as I will listen and walk alongside them. It is not a time to gather the masses. Since when have true voices even gathered the masses? It is a time to gather those of quality, not quantity. And it is a time to gather people in the reality of Christ Jesus.

I weigh my words carefully but I was not always like that in times past. Like the Facebook post, I actually learned this while living quite a long time in Finland – the value of silence. Silence in Finland can be quite wonderful or quite intimidating. This is a place where words, unless they are of value, are not presumed upon to be spoken into the atmosphere just because one is able. There is an unwritten rule of conduct in Finland. One is not allowed to invade another’s space randomly or haphazardly. There are positives and negatives about this but I want to focus on the positives. I learned to just BE without the need to talk and talk and talk, which is basically seen as an inalienable right to most Americans. That is not always a good thing. We tend to talk and drone on but our listening skills and our ability to communicate are immature at times, many times.

Visual representation of a soundwave

“A time to tear and a time to sow. A time to keep silent and a time to speak.” Proverbs 3:7 (NKJV)

“The more talk, the less truth. The wise measure their words.” Proverbs 10:19 (Message)

“Even a fool is counted wise when he holds peace. When he shuts his lips, he is considered perceptive.” Proverbs 17:28 (NKJV)

I am not against conversation, fellowship or just being with friends, talking and laughing. God, we truly need that. I am talking about a necessary need in these times to weigh what we say carefully, neither to let fear or arrogant presumption guide us as we speak. There is a time to speak and a time to be silent. It is wisdom to know the difference.

This whole blog developed because over the past few years, as I talk to people, I see how much I am changing as I listen to hear what is being said and what isn’t being said through observation of actions. As I sat through telephone conversations where people did not even give me a chance to break in, or meeting people who asked to get to know me only to spend the majority of the time talking about themselves, or meeting people who interrupt, talk over and demand to be heard.

Silence learned in Finland and also in my times spent in the wilderness, God taught me and is teaching me to know the value in true conversation and the importance of voices bringing forth a true sound in this day and age. Let’s learn the difference.

The tables are turning and many that find themselves coming out, so to speak, after years of wilderness training and alone times with God, will have an aversion to sounds that do not speak truth with clarity, flowing in light and life. My ears are being trained to hear beyond the lying spirits of this age. My ears are being attuned to that which is an illusion or a deception. I have quieted down amidst the ever-invasive noise of culture at large to seek to not only see but to hear. Be still and know. It is a process that requires discipline on my part – turn off the TV (except for Downton Abbey of course), read (yes readers are leaders as TD Jakes quotes), meditate on Scripture, pray, listen and spend time with the Lord.

DebraIn Christ,

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