Alternate Routes – Walk This Way

PaintbrushAlternate routes – another way to go rather than the one currently traveled on in order to arrive at our destination.

I journey in Christ, His way, His path for my life. Often I get so set on the path that I forget about the journey. The journey in Christ is more important than a focus on destination. It is in the journey that I grow and mature in faith, hope and love.

What happens when I focus on the path, walking my way when I suddenly hear Holy Spirit whisper, “Alternate route. Change of plans.” What then?

Here’s what happened to Paul in the book of Acts:

They went to Phrygia, and then on through the region of Galatia. Their plan was to turn west into Asia province, but the Holy Spirit blocked that route. 7 So they went to Mysia and tried to go north to Bithynia, but the Spirit of Jesus wouldn’t let them go there either. 8 Proceeding on through Mysia, they went down to the seaport Troas. 9 That night Paul had a dream: A Macedonian stood on the far shore and called across the sea, “Come over to Macedonia and help us!” 10 The dream gave Paul his map. We went to work at once getting things ready to cross over to Macedonia. All the pieces had come together. We knew now for sure that God had called us to preach the good news to the Europeans. (Acts 16:6-10 Message)

The Holy Spirit speaks words of life, often giving us a new directive from heaven. Sometimes we understand, Sometimes we don’t. Sensitivity to hearing His voice and obedience to His way is what is important at that moment. We often face alternate routes in life. Enjoy the journey

We hear, “Change of plans!”

Our mind immediately rushes in to rationalize the new directive. This is often just fear. Is this you, God?

Our wisdom kicks in to discard any notion of an alternate route, justifying all the hazards in changing plans at that moment.  This again is often just fear.

There are many logical reasons to not follow through on this new way. Yet I am not talking here about logic but about the voice of the Spirit. In these times, many think this is crazy to hear the voice of God yet alone to act on it. Others think it is too far out to respond to the whispers of God. Today I am talking to those who are in Christ, who have relationship and growth in maturity in our lives. Today I am challenging many that a change of plans may be coming our way.

Be still, know His voice, and then respond to a change of direction, an alternate route.

Perhaps it is a road less traveled…….less crowded……..follow Holy Spirit. There is a voice behind saying, “This is the way, walk in it.”

One step out, then the next step and the next step…………it will be clearer and clearer with each step but if we don’t step out in faith, we don’t know.

DebraIn Christ,

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I will be speaking in Oakdale CA on May 17 and Cordell, OK on May 31. Praising God for both of these opportunities.

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Walk This Way? Will I Miss It?

Little Guy With PostitsAll of us, at some point, struggle with knowing God’s will for our lives and then walking in the revelation of it. Should this even be a struggle? No. Yet it is to many people. As I drop my religious façade, I realize that knowing the will of God is quite simple and is entailed on the simplicity of walking in relationship with Christ, not some agenda all worked out for us. There is a strong quiet momentum gained in realizing that I live, move and have my being in Him.

It is perhaps religion that has tethered me to thinking that Holy Spirit is like my GPS. (I believe I have even said that before – sorry, grace, grace, grace to me.) I just put in the coordinates and BAM…I arrive at my destination by a series of turns, left, then right, then straight, perhaps back, then left…do you get the picture? It actually doesn’t happen that way. I thought it did but this ‘move’ taught me some profound, deep insights into walking with God. I am in process, still learning. And, perhaps, there may come another shift in the destination of our move within the next month. Perhaps. God is not entirely interested in me ‘getting it’ or apprehending the lesson of the moment as He is in just loving me through the process. As for today, there is perfect peace and rest in Christ.

“There have been many teachers, gurus, religious founders and philosophers in the history of the world. All of them have taught moral words of wisdom, laws, doctrines, in effect, “Go this way.” Jesus Christ, in contrast is unique. The center of His teaching was not “Keep these rules,” or “Go this way,” or “Follow these practices.” Jesus always pointed to Himself and simply said, “Follow Me.” Walking in the Will of God – Steve McVey

This is grace, founded in relationship. There are no religious formulas to finding the will of God. There is no set path where we are guaranteed success every step we take. Relationship with Christ forms the way in Him, and He lights up the path with being the Living Word of life. In relationship, He walks, teaches, shows us, speaks to us…relationship.

What's nextFor months now, each day, I looked to an old paradigm that I learned through years of charismatic indoctrination wondering if I was missing something. How else do I say it? In years past I fasted, prayed, cried out to find that perfect path in which I would be guaranteed to find the Lord’s pleasure in me. The more I did to seek His will, the more I would be assured that at just that right moment, VOILA!!! – revelation would pour down on a suddenly moment.

Revelation will rise up within us BUT it is not because I am trying to prove something to God or performing so that He looks down and rewards my performance with some answer. Here’s the news – He is pleased with me, on all accounts, at all times. I don’t look outside myself as if a drone is going to drop something into my front yard with a document that details the steps I must take. At times, yes, that would be easier but that is not the point here. It is the relationship with the ONE who I love and who loves me. There is great courage in being still and knowing He is God, day by day by day.

This desire to ‘get it right’ caused frustration, lack of peace and a deep restlessness in me to find out where to move, why we were moving there, for what future purpose, etc. It basically came down to the fact that unless I discovered the right way, somehow God would be displeased with me AND….

I will miss it.

What is it? My future. My destiny. Being in the right place at the right time.

In fact, this is so BIG in me that on my recent trip to Calgary something happened. A woman walked up to me and said, “God says to tell you that you won’t miss it.” This fear of missing it is ingrained deep inside of me. God is dealing with that.

What if I flyNow, I truly do believe I should be in the right place at the right time but the onus is NOT on me to get me there. My desire is to focus on Christ, living in Him and He will make my paths straight. AND, if I get into a mess, even well-intentioned and well-meaning if not a bit determined and hard-headed, He will show me how to get into the right rhythm with Him. It’s all about relationship.

The crux of my life is no longer to wake up in the morning hoping I get it right, fearing I will miss it, or even wanting to know that somehow I make an impact on the world around me. The crux of my life is Christ. And I can see the fruit of this in this very day.

When we made the decision to take this apartment, we were at the end of all our own good decisions. Absolutely nothing worked. Each place we tried to be positioned according to where we thought, ended up being discarded or lost to another applicant. Or, I would get home and second-guess myself thinking we could not afford it. Or, I would ask myself if this is where God really wanted us – lost in suburbia never to be found again – somewhere in the San Fernando Valley. Yes, I hate to admit but I am a bit hyper at times………..

Then we walked into this apartment, believing it was not ‘it’. Bells did not go off. A shofar did not blow. An angel did not sing. It simply felt right and within 10 minutes we had an apartment that came with peace, great peace. I may have made this all a whole lot harder than it needs to be. Now, I don’t believe it could have happened sooner because then this lesson would not be learned. It happened this way to show me that Jesus’ love for each of us is so profound, so real that the very light of His life, does indeed form a path beneath our feet as we walk forth each ordinary day.

There’s more to say but that’s all for now. Oh, one more thing. Now, just this morning, Marvin got a call about a job in Texas. What does that mean? Well, actually if this had happened just a few months ago, I would have frantically paced the floors saying over and over, “God, I don’t understand. What’s this? It’s all too confusing.’

But, I am quite happy to say that I did none of that. I simply smiled as God also smiled, I am quite sure, and said, “Here I am God, send me.” We are still headed for Oxnard/Ventura at the end of August. Sometimes, God does want to know if we will turn on a dime if He calls. I will. There is peace in today. That is good enough for me.

In Christ,
Debra Westbrook

Walk This Way – Quotable Living

light,,,path,light,sunset,lighting,nature-41f773f8f24c6fffefc6516030b7503b_hI am enjoying the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Writing every day is clearing my vision and opening my eyes in new ways. Here’s more. Enjoy.

Isaiah 30:21 Your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying, “This is the way, walk in it,” Whenever you turn to the right hand or whenever you turn to the left. NKJV

Visions, dreams, and revelations are part of my Christian walk in Christ. Today as I was contemplating what to blog about, I kept seeing a visual picture in my spirit that speaks to my heart. I hope it also speaks to you as you read this blog today.

Have you ever taken one step that led to another step that led to another step? You walk forward but you don’t really understand what is taking place at the time. Yet, you know that you know you have to go that particular way. In hindsight, I now ask myself “What would have happened if I never took that first step? Where would I be?” Thank God for His grace that repositions us through the beautiful sound of His voice that says, “Walk this way.” He is the master of course correction.

I keep getting this picture for me and possibly for you, too. I keep seeing many of us in a room, standing. All around there are beautiful vines that appear to be covering up some things. Suddenly the Lord says, “Look for the door!” Here I stand today, simply because I took that first step on a journey that started long ago.

I believe that one step can place me in a position to discover an open door that remains hidden to me if I did take that step. All around me, I look closely at the thick growth of vines. I seem to know that there is a hidden door somewhere amidst the vines. This door is small and obscure and can’t easily be detected through natural eyes, until I begin to search wholeheartedly.

God is definitely behind this game of hide and seek. He wants me to find that door so I may go through, crossing a threshold into a new place destined for me. Over the years, He consistently spoke to me, gently urging me to go right, then left, and then straight. Trust me, it did not always make sense. I kept thinking I was walking into a dead-end, but it was not. I see that now.

images-14When your move or shift your position, you see things you have never seen before just by moving over, up, or down. Something that was blocked is now in full view and we think to ourselves “Wow, I never saw that before!”

In the spiritual, many of us are constantly shifting our position and seeing Jesus Christ in new, fresh ways, unveiled by walking away from religion. In the process, because He is in the shift, we move up, down, over, or out. Something that was blocked is now in full view and we think to ourselves “Wow, I never saw that before!”

The process to that is long, sometimes discouraging, and even filled with regret, thinking we are heading one way, when God says to go another way. He is doing that so we don’t get caught in a rut and keep doing the same old thing day in and day out. At least that is how it is for our lives. I am excited about it. I am created for this adventure. God has been teaching me through this whole process. I think I am finally getting it.